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    Advertisement: Spend Your Birthday at the Drive In!

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    Advertisement: Spend Your Birthday at the Drive In!

    Post by Knock Out on Sat Apr 14, 2018 12:25 am

    Time: 1 PM
    Date: April 13, 0008

    Friday the Thirteenth, what a day. If only Knock Out had thought ahead, perhaps there could have been a marathon of Friday the 13th movies! ...The good ones, at least. Ah well, there's always next time. For now, the mech marched through the sidewalk with a poster under an arm. April sunshine seemed to reflect off of his shiny paint job. This weekend's showings were on the fluffier, feel good side of 'movies'. A little something to enjoy while munching popcorn during these rough times. Unlike the flyers of the past, this advertisement had nothing to do with a specific marathon or theme.

    Fwip! Fwip!

    Fwip! Fwip!

    Each corner pinned with a tack, Knock Out paused to overlook the poster he'd made. In truth, he'd been thinking about this idea for a long time, but wanted to wait for special holiday marathons to stop in order to advertise it. Diana's little birthday party had been very profitable and enjoyable! Although he hadn't seen the woman in a while, it was still something that lingered in the mech's processor. A birthday party movie showing with cake and pizza, wasn't that just the best idea? Not many people had capitalized on the idea, so why not advertise it as an opportunity? Smirking to himself softly, Knock Out left the board and allowed the poster to do all the advertising for him.

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