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    Seeing The Sights

    Lightning Ray


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    Seeing The Sights

    Post by Lightning Ray on Mon Apr 09, 2018 8:59 pm

    Time: 11 am
    Date: April 9, 0008

    Finally getting things arranged with Livewire to see what was around and to get the shrinking ring she needed Lightning was more than excited. She was finally going to get some better understanding about this place and get a place to stay so that she wouldn't have to be on the streets again. That was the last thing she wanted since being brought to this strange yet interesting world. Deciding to meet Livewire at the same place they met the last time she told her that so she would know where to go.

    Driving down the street to where she was going to meet up with Livewire Lightning was humming a happy little tune, wondering where the first place Livewire was going to take her. Either way she was happy to be spending time with the little Cybertronian. She was really that that were someone of her own kind to talk to and get some insight as to how to survive here and make use of herself around the place. As well as showing her how to use the shrinking ring and how to get used to being a smaller size than what she was now. As she thought about it she thought it would actually be fun to be the size of the other organics around her. Feeling tickled at the notion she got even more excited and sped up to reach her destination and meet up with Livewire.

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