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    Curiosity (Monster Hunter X - FanCharacter)



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    Curiosity (Monster Hunter X - FanCharacter)

    Post by Curiosity on Sun Mar 04, 2018 11:46 am


    Name: Curiosity

    Nickname: Curi

    Age: Adolescence  (most likely above 20 human years)

    Size: 1992.0112 cm (Nose to tail tip. Still growing and will hit a maximum of 2200cm)
    Height: 11ft. (Approximation. Casually walking on all 4 limbs)
    Weight: 980 lbs. (Unsure)

    Species: Silverwind Nargacuga (Deviant)



    The Nargacuga is a classified as a Flying Wyvern mostly found in great jungles and dense foggy swamps. In rare instances they can found in the harsh desserts and freezing mountains. Their wings/forearms have evolved for better strength and mobility on the ground. These nocturnal hunters have a pitch black body covered in strong fur and scales, able to protect them from slashing claws and biting fangs. Their powerful wings have grown sharp blades to cut through trees and vines, making navigating their territories easy. These wingblades are also used to hunt prey and fighting off invading hunters. When in a fit of rage, their nightmarish red eyes glow leave a trail of red lines as it moves. A Nargacuga’s vertebra, especially its tail, is extremely flexible making it prehensile and its favorite weapon to use in a fight. To top it all off their tails are cover in deadly spikes, which could be at flung at its next meal. The blade likeness of their wings and tail spines create some of the sharpest and most durable of weapons, making their weapon line highly sought after by hunters.


    The Silverwind Nargacuga has the same body structure as a normal Nargacuga, but it has a slight changes in appearance as well as added an ability. While most of its body remains pitch black, its limbs, tail, and head take on a white coloring and a higher defense. The white fur and scales that decorates these parts seem to be much lighter and stronger than its normal variant. This makes the Silverwind twice as faster and ten times more dangerous than the normal. The most note worthy evolution this already deadly creature has developed, aside from its lighter and stronger hide, but its new ability to throw not just spikes but waves of flesh ripping wind. A swipe of its tail is enough to generate a gale capable of slicing and causing grievous wounds that could leave prey bleeding out in the middle of the field.

    Bat + Cat + Wyvern = Nargacuga
    Nargacuga + Wind Power + White Markings = Silverwind Nargacuga

    His mother was a Silverwing and his father a Lucent, a very rare subspecies of Nargacuga that could shoot poisonous spikes and turn invisible in the moonlight. There isn’t much to say about his hatching and family. Curi was born the eldest of four healthy Nargacugas, most of which were Silverwinds. Their liter consists of two Silverwinds brothers, a Lucent eldest sister, and the basic youngest sister. They live deep enough in an ancient jungle, a place still untouched by man, so they were never met with any troubles in a form of hunters and humans.

    At the age of 10 years his white marking started to show more clearly, by then he was a skilled hunter and ready to leave the nest to claim his own territory. He found a tall dense jungle with a calmly flowing river owned by an old Yian Garuga. After his first attempt where in he had gotten chased off by the old coot Curi decided to lurk and try to learn more about it, without it knowing of course. Eventually, he had learned enough about it to exploit its weaknesses and kill it with a heady tail slam to the face.

    5 years later he had started to become curious about the other creatures that hunted and survived alongside himself. Unbeknownst to him the Hunter’s Guild had found a way into his territory and had started to explore it. They hunted and captured as they went through the dense jungle of Curi’s territory. When Curi found the bipedal creatures milling about his jungle and taking his prey, he was furious and slightly curious. So he followed them around to learn what they were, much like what he had started to do with the old Yian Garuga. It was unknown to them that they were being stalked and watched by the apex predator of this jungle. When he watched them take down monster much bigger than themselves he knew he needed to observe them more. He was so very curious about how such small and fragile beings hunted and took down much bigger creatures.

    One day he came a cross a red haired huntress as she fought a large spiky amphibian creature with a lantern like appendage hanging over its face. He never liked the taste of their meat so he was content to just watch them duke it out by the water’s edge. Eventually, the little huntress managed out smart the creature with a trap and some tranquilizers. As the Gobul slept in the trap, the huntress was making preparations to return home with her prize. The young Silverwind Nargacuga deemed them interesting and harmless enough to step out of the shadows and get a closer look. She was hunting alone and her cat had run off to get supplies, not to mention her back was turned to him.

    She hadn’t noticed that he had crept up on her and was in biting distance from her. His well-practiced steps were so silent that the sounds of the jungle seem to swallow them up. It was only until he poked the spiky lantern fish with a striped paw and let out a yelp of surprise. The huntress had used a Shock trap which, and as it says on the tin, sent an electrical zap through his paw. After drawing back and hissing angrily at the electrical zap trap he turned his attention to the invader. The mentioned invader had let out a gasp of shock and froze in sheer terror at the sudden appearance of an apex predator. His dark furred body and scaled limb were a dead give away of what he was, but the white stripes were new and the fact that she was still standing there still breathing while she gawked at him made her think that he was different enough to be reported about.

    She was the first huntress he had seen up close, but not to first human. In his eyes she was interesting after all she was standing her ground, or thats what it looked like. Even if she was just a low rank hunter trying to get by doing the fishy quests, she was interesting. After taking a deep sniff of her and circling her to get a better look Curi took a vertical leap into the air and glided a way, the big Bullfango he had eaten earlier was making him sleepy and the sun was rising.

    Word soon arrived at the Hunter’s Guild about the curious white faced Nargacuga, so they quickly put an exploration mission to try and observe him. [A Quest for Curiosity] Many highly ranked hunters took on this quest but either they didn’t find him or had to be carted home in critical condition. After having dealt with enough invading hunters being carted away by their silly cats, Curi’s interest in humans got more and more specific. First, they had to be able to successfully hunt larger monsters like himself. Second, they needed to be able to last long enough against him in a fair one on one fight, or perhaps be challenging at the least. Having a group of three or more hunters felt unfair, but he liked the challenge as much as watching them get carted off all at once. Last but not the least, something of their appearance must catches his attention. Whether they had flaming red hair or ice blue eyes, perhaps a large fluffy tail? Or maybe they had an odd looking weapon.

    After noticing that his territory was being invaded by a highly contagious virus, Curi fled along with other large monsters that seemed to have sensed the sudden change. Still in his adolescence, Curi found that were more interesting creatures outside of his territory just waiting to be studied and hunted. Surviving during the epidemic was top priority, but learning about these new creatures as well as the tiny hunters who seem to have most of his attention. Their ability to be resourceful, cunning, and relentless in taking down monsters much bigger and stronger than themselves was amazing.

    By the time the mysterious virus disappeared or was dealt with, Curi had learned enough from watching tiny humans take down even the biggest of monsters. Watching them test for their subjects for weaknesses through trial&error and careful observations(and the inevitable carting), Curi had started to see their pattern on how they found these weaknesses. After some time he notices that different hunters, who smelt new to the game, used those same observation to get what they wanted from their chosen targets. The Silverwing couldn’t quite understand how they knew what the previous hunters learned, perhaps they were all just present and he didn’t notices? Impossible, right? That is just one of the things baffled him about these intelligent beings, all the while he treasured the tricks and knowledge he had picked up from them. Curi learned to use his tail as a hunter might use a great sword, but he noticed he was much faster than them. So if he wanted to he could chain his tail slamming into multiple combinations depending on his last move. His fearsome roar could be used like a sonic bomb to stun foes with sensitive ears, much like how th hunters used it on his kind. Pre dug holes with spikes lining the bottom made good on disabling prey for a finishing blow. The list continues to grow as he stalks these interesting prey.

    Curiosity enjoys fighting and hunting as much as the next Nargacuga, but what really makes him different is what gave him his name. Rather than attacking and killing prey on sight, like any Nargacuga would, he would stalk them if he found them interesting. He easily found many things interesting about his prey. Once when he was much younger, Curi approached a novice hunter after watching her capture a Gobul in his neck of the woods. Any normal Nargacuga would have jumped out and attacked both the Gobul and its assailant, but this oddball however decided to watch them from a distance instead.

    This particular Silverwing has developed an unusual habit of playing with his food before eating it. In some cases he would chase his prey around or pick fights with anything that moved until he got bored of of them or found something else that caught his interest. It was as if he was testing them before out right just flee when he has had enough. There was usually much easier prey elsewhere if he was really hungry and he could always go back to pester or hunt them down again when he was more into it.

    His curious nature has been exploited before, but rarely did the hunters return in one piece to report about it. If one was to compare any creature with Curiosity would be a large dangerous winged feline with a quick temper and large prey drive.

    Hunting and fighting are a few hobbies of his, if he wasn’t hungry his prey lives to tell the exciting and heart pounding tale. Even in his adolescence most hunters would notice that this sly creature was quite an odd compared to his species. If approached right he might actually befriend them if they pose no threat to him, but most hunters only cared about completing their quests or tend to get trigger happy when a large dangerous creature approaches them.

    “Nargacuga is highly aggressive and bloodthirsty, they attack without reason as they enjoy fighting, and it will achieve whatever ends to get its prey. With hunters it tends to be more aggressive than with its prey.”
    -Quote from the Hunter’s Guild about Nargacugas (Wikipedia)

    Silverwind Soul:
    As creature who’s armor set and weapons are highly desired, a Deviant quest requires a special permit. It wasn’t just that they were very rare, but because they were extremely dangerous and not just any hunter has the skills needed to take on the quest, but to survive it. The agility and cunning of a Nargacuga will challenge the strongest of hunters, but the evolved Deviants are a whole new level of lethality. With the lighter and more protective evolution they make dodging attacks look easy. Their developed sense and sharp eyes allow them to find a prey’s weakness and exploit it as they see fit. “Higher chance of Evasion and Critical hit”

    Cutting Gale:
    As a Deviant Nargacuga Curi can generate a cutting gale with an expert swipe of his tail. Unlike the normal Nargacugas, a Silverwind’s tail spines are always erect and are shaped in a way that not only throws spines but if used correctly can throw a bleed causing gale. The Hunter’s Guild has yet to gather enough data to explain how this works.

    Mother Flipping Ninja Stalker:
    As part of the Nargacuga family, stealth is just one of those things your learn as a kit. Whether it be from sneaking up and pouncing on your siblings to trying to surprise your parents when they come home. It’s used every day and especially at night for everything from hunting to sleeping and fighting to observing. Curi is a shadow that lurks in his environment observing, hunting and fighting to his enjoyment. After enough years evading and stalking what ever interests or is hunting him, Curi has learned to be one with the shadows. Mostly, he has used his stealth to observer without being noticed by his target. It’s so that he could learn from them or at least to learn their weakness and perhaps way to exploit these

    Elemental Weakness: (Fire & Thunder)
    The Hunter’s Guild has observed that Nargacugas are weak to fire and electrical elements. It is most probable that since their evolution for speed and agility developed fur rather than the heavy shells, which other Flying Wyverns have, make them susceptible to being burned with fire. Like the others in its species electricity is not a Nargacuga’s allies. Curiosity’s kind will take extra damage from weapons/attacks that have these elemental capabilities.

    Rage Mode:
    Curi after all is just one of the large and dangerous animals that roam his world, like a panther roams its jungle. He relies mostly on his wit, instinct and his fast adaptation to survive his environment(in that order). In a fit of rage however he may not be in the right state of mind to be more than just that, an angry beast. In his rage mode his speed and power will increase dramatically, but is it worth it?

    Curiosity killed the cat:
    Taking it from his name Curiosity may easily find things to be interesting and worth checking out or interacting with. Unfortunately, this has been exploited by hunters from his world, so he isn’t as forgiving when he finds out that he was lead into a trap. Sometimes in the middle of battle something will catch his attention and he may forget he was in a fight, until he catches himself. By then his prey has a better chance to escape or would have some time to try and take advantage of his lapse in attention.

    Communication is key*:
    Back in his world a monster doesn’t speak or understand spoken/written language. Other than body language he knew no other, but upon arrival to Portal Breach Curi was shocked that he understood what was being said by the intelligent prey around him. Unlike them, he doesn’t know how to speak or use verbal language. Perhaps he’d need someone to teach him? Or one of those special collars to translate his thoughts to speak? (Like in the dogs in Up?)

    (* can this be approved?)

    World:  Monster Hunter Generations (Monster Hunter X)

    Group(s): Fauna and Flora


    Capture Quest:
    [A Quest for Curiosity] G-Rank+:
    Capture the curious Silverwind Narga, Curiosity, for observation and research.
    Time: Night time
    Location: Tall ancient mountain range where there is a glacial river, and a dense jungle with very tall trees.
    Intruder: Gobul

    It was already night when they arrived at the dense jungle border that marked the location of their quest. It was a capture quest for a specific nocturnal beast, and before they could start hunting they needed to wait for the sun dip under the horizon. They were hunters, in a party that consists of five, who had freshly turned G-Rank and are strangers that didn’t seem to get along too well. A peculiar fact about this quest is that it allowed for more for than the usual number of party members. Four was the standard unless they were up against something like a LaoShanLung or much higher in the food chain.

    The first hunter, who was walking near the front of the party, was a stocky brute with a polished and heavy bowgun, something about this gun just screams thunder element and heavy damage. The next two hunters were more interesting as they were fraternal twins, one brother and one sister. They carried a matching set of dual blades, once in a while a buzz of electricity seems be generated causing them to zap each other and elicit a squeak/grunt. They were inseparable, quiet, and quite the mysterious pair of siblings, but between them female seems to be the voice for the both of them. The fourth hunter was a generic looking handsome male with a large hunting horn. He was the life of the party cracking jokes with his jovial personality and making sure that the group got along enough.

    Among the five hunters the fifth was the most interesting, she was a familiar face with a near spiky flaming red hair and curves where it counts. She carried a comically large sword that matched her armor, since it was from the same type of electrifying creature, the Zinogre. This creature had been the one terrorizing the Misty Peaks before she took the quest and discovered that there was more than one of them. Now the little town near the peaks was peaceful once more and she earned a higher grade of gear that was perfect for this kind of target. The mission seemed to mean more than just an expedition to her, after all she was the one that first meet the target.

    After the hardy group of hunters had set up a temporary camp, with the help of their Palicos, they had a bite to eat. It wouldn’t be long until it was time to start the hunt. They hadn’t noticed that ever since they arrived they were being observed.


    ~Few hours later~


    Deep in the jungle where the foot of the mountains clears into a glade before one reaches the fast moving waters of a glacial river is the perfect place to hunt for kelbi and other oblivious herbivores. Water was the source of life to everything, this river is the hangout of all the thirsty herds. For a predator it was the best place to snag a quick meal. A wide shadow lurked in the moving water, it was small than normal for its species but just as hideous. It crept up the river so it could adjust itself for lunge at what it considered its next meal.

    A herd of sleeping deer-like creatures had huddled up together for warmth in the nights chilly atmosphere. Their mistake was sleeping not to far from the banks of the flowing river. It was On a distant by tree lurked another shadow. This hidden creature was wide awake and furious that it had more intruders on its turf.

    A large white and black Nargacuga shifted slightly to better hide itself as it watched the fishy intruder noisily come charging out of the cold water on its stubby legs. The startling sound of the Gobul bursting out of the river woke the herd and caused them to scattered in panic. The lanternfish-like amphibian whipped its tail about trying to strike a kelbi with one of the many paralysis inducing quills. By sheer luck, its tail struck a medium sized elder kelbi, who was flung into a rock as the venom set to work. This caused the Nargacuga to glare as the prey, from his territory, was quickly collected and wolfed down whole. His muzzle twitched with amusement as he watched his oblivious intruder let out what sounded like a burp.

    The Deviant looked back at the direction he had come from, to where the five hunters were exploring and having difficulty cutting through the dense undergrowth that made up most of his claimed territory. He could faintly hear them complaining and making some type of beckoning noises to try and get him to come play with them. He would have casually dropped by to play with them, but this prey stealing intruder needed to be dealt with quickly.

    Turning back to face the mountain range part of his territory, he admired the scenery. This curious beast had conquered the mountains so that he could escape the jungle heat when it became too unbearable and to watch the dazzling light show that sometimes make an appearance up there.

    These days he avoided making an appearance at the river so that the prey would start to return in number, but it looks like he’d have to wait longer. The appearance of the fishy intruder had scared off the herbivores and made them more wary of the river. Returning his attention to the spiky lantern fish creature he let out a growl. It was time to deal with it, permanently.

    The Silverwind took a deep breath and let it out in a loud angry roar, which echoed off the mountain side and froze his foe before it started back into the river. The Gobul had been a few meters from the water’s edge when it heard him. For a split second shock lit its grotesque features as it learned that this territory had an owner and he was furious.

    The Deviant Nargacuga, named Curiosity by the Hunter’s Guild, kicked off the tree it was hiding on and landed silently before the intruder. He was much larger in size and noticeably different than norm of his species, not to mention at the moment he was itching for a warm up before dealing with the hunters. His instincts roared for him to chase the amphibian out of his abode or kill it and display its spikes in his territory, a warning to other unwanted guests. The latter suggestion was seeming more enjoyable than just chasing the stubby legged creature, which he doubted would get far. Gobuls were much faster in water than if they were on land.

    Once the initial shock wore off, the Gobul inflated itself to trying to look intimidating, but this Nargacuga wasn’t falling for it after all he had just seen how small and flat it actually was. Not to mention, this wasn’t his first time to see this type annoying creature in his territory and he had watch hunters fight them before. Following suite Curi to intimidate his foe, which consists of puffing up his fur and spreading his wings to really show off his size difference between them.

    The fish creature gave its own roar, using up the wind it had gathered eailer. Without warning or waiting Curi spun around hard slapping his spiky tail across the Gobul’s face as soon as it closed its mouth. Like all his tail based attacks the cutting gale did its work ripping a large painful looking gash into its target’s face and eliciting a gurgling howl. With it’s face bloodied the lantern creature drew back towards the water, its home turf. The organ hanging from its forehead started to blink. It was trying to use its lantern to stun its opponent.

    Having been watching for this warning flashes from the Gobul’s light organ, Curi jumped forward and spun a full 360 degrees. Once more whipping his tail across the other monster’s face, this time causing it to flinch and step back. He had timed it well so that when the fish faced creature’s light organ really flashed his ink black back was facing it. So instead of stunning him the Gobul gained nothing but another gruesome slash across its face. The light organ seemed dimer than usual to Curi, perhaps it was weakened and ready to be permanently removed. The Deviant waved his tail in the air, a sure sign he was about to use one of his signature moves, a pair of vertical tail slams.

    The Gobul had started to puff up into a rage mode when Curi’s tail drove home into its skull. The force of the attack drove out all the air it had collected, by the second hit to its skull it stopped moving. Curi snorted, clearly displeased that the fight had ended as quick as it had started, not to mention his tail was still stuck on the sluggish beast’s fresh corpse. He had his spine covered tail embedded in the creature’s flesh. It would be a hassle to get free with how slimy the flesh was.

    Curi walk around the body attempting to wrench his tail free from the Gobul, it was then and there that he noticed his terror-stricken audience. His nightmarish red eyes he slitted into a glare at the hunters, they seemed shaken after watching him deal with the prey thriving intruder. They have finally caught up to him and the main hunt can finally begin. Nothing else could interrupt them, or so he thought.

    Freeing his tail with a forceful jerk of his tail, Curi tapped the ground for effect and to clean off chucks of Gobul using the grass. He turned to fully face his new foes before letting out a fearsome roar, a warning and a challenge to them. It amused him to see that they flinched and covered their ears, sometimes the more difficult hunters found a way to block out the effects of his roars.

    While the hunters were busy recovering, Curi was already on the offense. With few gentle flicks of his tail, the Nargacuga sent them warning shots. The motion wasn’t strong enough to cause any cutting gales, but it was good enough to fling three sets of spines at the recovering group. The spines landed in the ground as their targets rolled off to the sides to avoid being impaled. Having seen how may attacks Curiosity needed to kill a Gobul, the hunters were on high alert and watching the telltale signs of his tail movements.


    ~An hour later~


    Soon the hard fought battle was reaching its end, the hunting horn user had carted first followed by the twins. Even if they confused and intrigued the Silverwind beast they had been too preoccupied with each other’s safety to look after themselves. A pounce here and a slam there and now all who survived was the blademistress and the gunner. The mentioned gunner had hidden himself away while his attention was on the huntress.

    Curi swiped his tail for a large horizontal gale which wasn’t meant to hit, but to buy him time to pounce and pin the huntress firmly into the shrubbery. The force of his attack had knocked her helmet off and allow him a better look at his prey. He paused before he could bite her, something about her was familiar. Her scent was one he has smelled long ago, it seemed to mingle with the stench of the Gobul and jogged his memory.

    What are the odds that the first hunter that he revealed himself to would turn up later to hunt him?

    An overpowering sense of curiosity took over him, Curi moved his face closer to have a better look at the huntress. She had grown since the last time he had seen her. Her once shoulder length flaming red hair was not mid way down her back and tied together, making it look like she had a tail to match his wild spiky one. An involuntary purr rumbled from deep within him, it sounded almost happy to see a familiar face.

    By now the gunner had thought his ally was being eaten so he metaphorically grew a pair and rolled out of hiding to deliver a barrage of Thunder shots. The fired shots hit Curi square in the face causing him to jump to the side and shake his face so that the numbness caused by the electrical bullets to fade. He was furious and it showed as his eyes lit up to produce the famous red trail as he spotted the one who shot him.

    Warning: RAGE MODE!

    With a wild angry roar Curi lunged at the scared to sh!t male holding the heave bowgun. Once his feet hit the ground the furious Deviant automatically spun a full 360 and followed up with a tail slam. The spines of his tail got caught on where they smashed into the ground, the gunner had been pulled to the side at the last second by his cat and was being carted off. From the look of it the human was out cold and in critical condition. Turning to the last remaining party member the trail of red seemed almost dramatically in slow-motion. With his mind lost to rage he was out of control and there was no slowing him down as a one woman team.

    The huntress pulled her great sword out to face the raging Silverwind, who only moments before was purring at her. Now she was in for a beating, brought on by the idiot that shot him into a rage mode. It would have been inevitable as the needed to lower his stamina and such so that they could capture him. Curi growled and leaped at the huntress, but as he got closer a shiver of blue light blipped into existence right into his aerial path.

    He didn’t have anytime to observe it or even blink, as swirling blue circle  quickly grew big enough to consume his entire body. It was a portal, but Curi didn’t know that was or exactly what was going to do. Heck the confused beast snapped out of his rage mode in time to see the light as he got spat out into a very bright place, a place he has never seen before. He was very sure that it was night time, but now he was blinded by the sun that seem to be at its peak.

    Panic over whelmed the Deviant causing him to spin around in circles trying to make heads or tails on what just happened, where he was, and what has be come of the red headed huntress. The force of his spinning did not cause any gale to be sent in any direction, though it did smash into object that were quite close to him.

    Noises and speech made by the bystanders around him confused, it was starting to make his head hurt as he was not used to knowing thee things.  He could understand them, just not very properly. He couldn’t before so  why now? Some of the being he saw around him looked like the hunters and humans that invaded his territory, but these people he could understand unlike those from his territory. Spinning around the Nargacuga was still trying to let himself adjust to the lights and and odd sounds that he has never heard before. Just where in the world was he???

    (To be continued : Must find a place for him appear at)


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    Looks great! Don't forget a colour code and an updated avatar. Welcome back to Portal Breach!

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