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    Post by Knock Out on Thu Feb 22, 2018 2:28 am

    Many Stellar Cycles ago... wrote:

    Life was difficult when one no longer has a home to call their own. After a long and tiring war, Cybertron's final nail in the coffin came in the form of Dark Energon. The hammer was Megatron himself. Once the Dark Energon had entered the planet's core, it had died. Life could no longer survive on the surface, and so everyone had fled to the stars. No matter what their allegiance, all Cybertronians were spread across the systems trying to make a living as best as they could. Some tried to go the moral route. While others, such as Knock Out and Breakdown, were a bit more...conniving. The crimson mech was humming to himself without a care in the world, no sign of remorse to be found as he began to poke and prod through the compartments of their new ship. His larger companion manned the controls, glancing back occasionally from the corner of his optics. "What're you doing back there?"

    "Oh, nothing!" Knock Out lied, talons clasping over something and wrenching it out of the storage area. For a moment, his optics lit up with delight! ...Only to be crushed once he had properly inspected what he grabbed. "Ugh! What an awful brand! This leaves STREAKS!" He tossed the container of wax over his shoulder and continued digging around, not so cheerful this time.

    "Hehehe...you really think that Neutral is classy enough to have anything that lives up to your standards?" Knock Out attempted to ignore his friend's chuckling, lips pursing into a small pout. He might have had a point... After being ditched on a spaceport, they couldn't exactly be too picky about where they got their next ride. Enter the perfect target! A neutral mech, loose with the credits and full of bravado. Neutrals were always best, since stealing from a fellow Decepticon would end horribly whereas tricking an Autobot was a one way ticket to the brig. Neutrals had no allegiance, and no allies. Perhaps that was why the mech had been so eager for their company. Sentimental fool. Didn't he know there was no place for that in times like these? Well, perhaps now he'd take that lesson to spark, after allowing himself to get overcharged, robbed, and abandoned on an alien spaceport.

    "I suppose it was a long shot...but can you blame me? I'm dying here, Breakdown! Positively dying!" He went limp against the firm metal wall, the dull blue lights overhead cascading down his body and barely reflecting. A demure servo pressed to his own forehead, optics shuttering closed as though he was going to shutdown on the spot!

    Breakdown wasn't fooled for a moment. "If you're so desperate, why not use that wax you found? Sure, it leaves streaks, but it'd still be better than nothing!" His bright yellow optics were now fully focused on the stars, a small smirk pulling at his face plates.

    Knock Out scoffed, flicking a wrist dismissively. "Puh-lease! I wouldn't use that scrap if it was the last canister of wax in the entire universe!" It was definitely tempting, though. He wasn't entirely sure how long they'd been stuck on that blasted spaceport, but it was far too long. The wretched organics that populated the place didn't exactly carry any of the supplies he liked, and so his paintjob had become...! Dull! Oh, the horror... The thought was shoved aside once the tip of his talon pressed against something firm. The Decepticon let out a joyful sound as he pulled something out.

    "Let me guess--did you find some good wax?"

    "No, better!" In a flash, the smaller mech plopped down into the chair next to Breakdown's and showed him a glowing cube! A radioactive blue, energy waves beaming off in a way that made the other mech suddenly very thirsty. Without even thinking, he reached over and snatched it from his friend's servoes. He drank greedily, almost to the very last drop, before pulling the Energon away from his face with a sheepish grin. Knock Out grinned back at him and waved his servo. "No, no, have it! There's more!" His friend finished the cube without a second thought, and the crimson mech leaned into the chair with a satisfied smirk. "The neutral may not have had any style, but he was definitely practical. From my calculations, this haul should last us a few cycles before we'll need to go hunting down more Energon!" How nice it was, to have some good news for once. He tilted his helm to glance back at his partner, and was surprised to find that he wasn't smiling back.

    "Knock Out...?" Breakdown set the empty cube down, facial plates stony as he resumed staring out at the stars. "You think we'll ever get back to Cybertron? Have a...home again, instead of scavenging like this forever?" The big lug's tone was wistful, optics probably trying to search for the dying light that was their home world.

    "Hm..." Knock Out hummed, optics calculating as he considered the facts. "No, I don't think so. Cybertron's a hollow shell now. There's nothing to go back to." It was an odd question, all things considered. Even more puzzling, was the way Breakdown's optics seemed to dull at his answer. The mech's talons twitched anxiously, wondering if he'd somehow said the wrong thing. But how could that be possible? "You...know that, right? That Cybertron's as good as dead?"

    "Yeah..." The burlier mech vented deeply. "I just wish it wasn't. Doesn't it bother you, Knock Out? Don't you miss home?"

    Metal brows furrowed, optics calculating once again as if this sudden interrogation was a test. After a moment, Knock Out shrugged easily. "Not really. I miss parts of it, sure, but honestly? I'm fine with this. Cybertron's gone, we can't bring it back. There's no use yearning for something that's gone. It's useless!" He reached out, servo resting on the other's bulkier shoulder. "Honestly, I don't know why you'd miss it. You were a laborer, now you can do whatever you want! Why would you miss a world like that?"

    "I don't miss what Cybertron was, I miss what it could be... I thought we were going to change things, you know? And I guess...we kind of did. But not...the way I pictured it." Breakdown made no move to brush off Knock Out's servo, and he took this to be a good sign. He shuffled closer, ever so much, and gave him a crooked smile.

    "So what did you picture, hm? Don't tell me that Breakdown, the first mech to go charging in a fight to wreck some faces, thought that the war was going to end with peace? With everybody holding servoes and being happy together?" For such a large mech, he sure could be naive at times. This time, Breakdown reacted to his teasing with a little glare that only made him smile more. Any response was better than these doldrums.

    "Well, no. Not exactly... But I thought we were going to change things. Get rid of the caste system! I had been saving up the credits so maybe--...nah. It's stupid." He made to turn his helm away, only for Knock Out to grab a hold of his cheek and steer him back.

    "Oooh, no you don't!" The mech grinned, smelling something juicy. "Tell me, tell me! What were you gonna use those credits for, hm?" This was gonna be good-!

    "I was--gonna pay to attend an academy. Become a medic." The confession came out stiffly, stilted. It was something the mech had never disclosed to Knock Out before.

    He stared, completely stunned. "...You...? Wanted to be a medic...?"

    Now the blue mech waved Knock Out off, tilting his body away from his partner grumpily. "I know how you feel about the Academy of Medics, I feel for you Knock Out, but you don't know what it's like. I would have given anything to have the chance you had! You and-" He faltered for a moment. "-and other medics, you make it look so easy. I wanted to know all the stuff you did. I wanted to do the things you could. I wanted to be more than some dumb laborer who gets told what to do and when to swing my hammer! Now that's never gonna happen...Cybertron's gone, and we're stuck in space, fighting for scraps." His shoulders drooped.

    All this time, Knock Out had never realized...! His stare burned holes into his partner's back. It never really occurred to him that Breakdown would miss Cybertron, but it made sense. Not everyone could be...well, him! He was used this life, he even thrived on it! Because so long as he had Breakdown, he was home. A thought suddenly struck him, and the mech cleared his vocalizer in a posh and self important manner. "Well, I may just be an Academy dropout, but I still have stellar  cycles of experience! If you'll have me...I wouldn't mind having an assistant."

    Breakdown's helm swiveled around with a force that he'd only seen previously during battles. "Wha-!? Y-you're not just pulling my circuits, right?"

    "Me?~" Knock Out cooed, the picture of innocence with both servoes framing his face! A skeptical stare made him stop, chuckling to himself. "No, I'm serious. It won't be easy, but you're too stubborn to just give up. Besides, it'll be nice to have somebody who can help fix me up in a tight spot!" A firm arm wrapped around him, and the crimson mech stiffened for a moment. Affection like this wasn't exactly common between them. But...a servo patted at Breakdown's back lightly. It wasn't unwelcome.

    Time: 10 AM
    Date: February 22, 0008

    Awareness came to Knock Out bit by bit, the last remnants of his recalled memory trickling out of his processor. Cold metal walls did not greet him as he came online. Instead, it had been replaced by a simple carport made of plastic and tarps. The sounds of traffic could be heard in the distance, and snow layered the ground around him. Right--this was Portal Breach. The Drive-In. Not the Neutral's spaceship, and not the Nemesis either. Headlights flickered on and the tires inched him forward until he was clear of the carport. Metal twisted around and reformed back to Knock Out's full height. Despite himself, he couldn't help a glance to the side. His optics searched for a face that wasn't there, wouldn't be there again.

    "..." Well. Might as well start clearing out this snow. The paths would need to be cleared for the showing tomorrow. A ring slipped over his talon, and the mech shrunk down to a humble 6 feet. Set against the concession stand was a thick shovel, and his fingers clasped around the handles tightly. Back then, Knock Out didn't understand why Breakdown would grieve for something that was gone. But now, as he got to work and began to scoop up lumpy mounds of snow, he finally understood.

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