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    break me

    Post by Springtrap on Sat Jan 27, 2018 3:46 am

    JANUARY 26th | 13:55

    The tattered cloak swayed with each step, Springtrap's feet leaving tracks in the snow that was left on the sidewalk. Eyes glowed lightly, barely illuminating anything else but his awkward face as his servos and limbs creaked and groaned beneath his weight, beneath the cold. Warming up at the Sanctuary, as people called it, was difficult, as others made it so. But he wasn't surprised. The people here seemed ready to pounce on anyone and anything that appeared weak, worthless, or otherwise useless. Again, not a surprise. But...

    Instead of blowing up and attacking, or even really getting down with shit-talk, Springtrap let the words go in one 'ear' and out the other. There was no point conversing with the people here, after all. The only thing he wanted now was to remove the 'guest' inhabiting his chassis and maybe try and be fixed a bit. Breaking into pieces wasn't ideal, and he didn't want to be taken advantage of while broken. Not again...


    A tiny ping of electricity hit the near-rotted processors that somehow still sent sensation through his circuits. Placing his hand to his head, a finger poked into a hole and brushed against the skull inside. At first, Springtrap didn't care about it. Didn't care that it smelled bad, or offended people, or even scared or upset others. But, as the days passed and citizens stared and commented, it became annoying. He knew he stuck out like a sore thumb to begin with, but others just didn't let up. They wouldn't shut up. They just kept talking about it, like it was there business. "fucking refuse," Springtrap hissed, "it is not their problem - it is mine" It made him so mad... He didn't ask for this. He never asked for this. It was bad enough he had to cater to small children for years, listening to them scream and cry, pizza getting clogged into his joints, the gremlins clawing at his body and breaking things, never to be repaired or even cleaned.

    The animatronic stopped in his tracks, shivering lightly with his fists balled up, fingers creaking as if about to break. The desire to punch someone -- anyone -- was beyond strong. But damn! If he did, that'd be breaking the law. "fuck this stupid place" he stated. The next person that walked by was a man in a business suit, walking back to work from a lunch-break, evident by the bag in his hand lined with grease. To punch... to break his stupid face... to thrust his thumbs into the eye-sockets and tear him asunder!

    Tp... tp... tp...

    The man went about his business, unharmed.

    Springtrap's fists were still clenched as he began walking again, fingers unable to relax as his frame shook with a quiet rage.

    "fucking finally"
    The Chop Shop. The name was... not very comforting.
    But it was the mechanic others spoke of.

    If Springtrap could grimace, he would, as a small pocket in his cloak was searched and a small amount of credits jangled inside. Would they even bother? He had so few... and the thought of working in exchange for being fixed made him cringe (mentally). There was no one here to control him, or make him do their bidding, or even force him to belittle himself for the amusement of others. He did as he pleased.

    "god damn it"
    Springtrap pushed open the door to the shop and stepped inside, but stayed close to the door. Grey optics wandered, chassis still slightly shivering, taking in the area and making mental notes he would no doubt forget later. Instead of walking up to the front, he just... stood there. Quietly. The thought of running away rushed through his frame. Guh, but then everyone would whine and bitch at him... and really, who the hell needed that?? It was hard enough as it is.

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