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    Patience Please



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    Patience Please

    Post by Nym on Wed Jan 24, 2018 8:06 am

    JANUARY 15th - YEAR 8 - 15:25

    In the center of the stadium, where it was the most devoid of snow fall, the large indigo beast sat in a meditative state. Eyes were closed, head tilted forward and feet touching each other hinted to this, and the only sense of motion came from a gentle breeze brushing through their sanguine hair. From a distance, one may confuse them with being frozen. Nym was not, and stayed in this motionless state in hopes of attracting someone. Seeing a creature of his stature and girth might scare off most people... especially since there weren't any monstrous sized beings roaming around much. But, with himself set as bait, he was hoping for a simple duel.

    It had been so long since Nym had sparred. His muscles ached, claws crying out to fight rather than hunt, and break out of his statuette nature. The only way to stay in shape was hunting, but it wasn't the same. Killing beasts like elk, moose and bear wasn't constant, and in fact, were carefully selected so as not to over-hunt and kill them off. It was for purpose, nourishment, and prevention of de-evolution. No, Nym wanted to evolve! The sensation itself was unbearable, body burning from the inside out, but... he hoped his form would change into something strong, and a little smaller. Flight was still hard for the tattered wings upon his back, gliding the only form of air-travel.

    Perhaps he was being a bit childish or greedy. It didn't really matter at the moment what it was.

    It was the moment to wait and listen.

    This is an open sparring thread:

    Dice can be swapped | Weapons can be used | Not to the death | Replies will be medium-slow |

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