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    Njorth/Amalan Level/Point Transfers



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    Njorth/Amalan Level/Point Transfers

    Post by Njorth on Sat Jan 06, 2018 2:30 pm

    From: Njorth
    To: Spenst and Marissa
    Amount: 4x levels for Spenst, 2x levels for Marissa, 166 points for Marissa
    Cost: N/A

    From: Amalan
    To: Anjeet and Marissa
    Amount: 2x levels for Anjeet, 2x levels for Marissa, 121 points for Anjeet
    Cost: N/A

    I'm doing this because Njorth and Amalan are about to become inactive (and thus lose half of their levels and points). I feel like I've lost my inspiration for them, so I've decided that it isn't worth it to keep them active at this time. Hopefully this won't be forever, though. Maybe someday I'll get my mojo for them back.

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