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    Radio Silence

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    Radio Silence

    Post by Knock Out on Tue Dec 19, 2017 3:39 am

    Halloween, Year 0008 wrote:[20:14] Knock Out: Hey KARR, you up for a bit of Halloween mischief?
    [20:14] Knock Out: You never did show me whatever your 'Outer District' plans were.
    [20:14] Knock Out: You wouldn't happen to be putting the 'trick' in 'trick or treat!', would you?

    November 2, Year 0008 wrote:[12:32] Knock Out: I'm out for a drive if you wanna come out and have a rematch.

    November 7, Year 0008 wrote:[14:45] Knock Out: Where've you been that you're too busy to message me back?
    [14:48] Knock Out: Whatever, I have better things to do.

    November 11, Year 0008 wrote:[16:45] Knock Out: Are you ignoring me?
    [16:50] Knock Out: Not that I care or anything, that'd be ridiculous.
    [16:52] Knock Out: You're just being really rude right now.
    [16:59] Knock Out: Why're you ignoring me?
    [17:05] Knock Out: I'm not gonna just sit here and be ignored, KARR!
    [17:06] Knock Out: Alright, I'm using my ace in the hole.
    [17:06] Knock Out: KITT WAS BETTER THAN YOU
    [17:07] Knock Out: ANY RESPONSE TO THAT, BIG BOY?

    November 12, Year 0008 wrote:[08:11] Knock Out: Hey, so...
    [08:11] Knock Out: I didn't mean it. KITT's a bucket of scrapmetal.
    [08:12] Knock Out: Can you really blame me for saying that though?
    [08:12] Knock Out: I thought you'd decide to actually answer instead of ignoring me.
    [08:40] Knock Out: Did you block me? Remove my signal from your comm?
    [08:42] Knock Out: At least leave me 'on read'.
    [09:23] Knock Out: You're being VERY inconsiderate.
    [10:18] Knock Out: I thought you were supposed to be advanced.

    Time: Noon
    Date: December 16, 0008

    It wasn't often that Knock Out found himself in such a pensive mood. Duties for the day were pretty much done. Snow had been raked to clear a path for guests tonight, trash had been gathered up from the night before, and the movies for tonight were sitting in the projector booth. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and Bad Santa, comedies and definitely not for the kiddies. The concession stand had been wiped down and mopped, but it was far too early in the day for any treats to be cooked, and no employees were due for another couple of hours. After his usual 'Saturday chores' had been completed, the mech had settled himself into a clean and well worn green lawn chair to stare in the direction of the white screen. The blank whiteness was inviting, tempting to lose himself in for a while. A chilly breeze brushed over his paint job, gliding over the metal as he shifted to pull one knee up to rest his chin upon it.

    As hard as it was to admit, Knock Out had made a mistake the night before. The problem was that he still couldn't grasp what it had been. Things had escalated beyond his control, and he might have lost his temper. All of it could have been fine but...Scaramouche had seemed so disgusted. Disgusted! By him of all mechs! The great and amazing Knock Out! How could anyone feel disgusted with him?! And how could a crooning goober like the android become so upset with him? The abrupt shift between the way he'd left Knock Out and his entrance back into the Sanctuary was still mind-boggling. In the time in-between, the medic was sure that the end of their friendship had come to an end. And why wouldn't it?

    Real camaraderie was hard to find among the Decepticon ranks. Nobody appreciated each other for their personalities, it was all about skills and usefulness. Even his little allyship with Starscream was about how useful the two were for each other. Breakdown was...different. The large mech was still incredibly useful, but Knock Out also enjoyed his company. Anybody else that the two had ever come across were quick to be booted once they'd outlived their worth. It was just the way of the world, or so he thought. Breakdown always felt like the exception! But despite making Scaramouche upset, he still considered Knock Out a friend. The idea of moving on or hating him was apparently foreign to the android! He and Lunette simply saw it as a misunderstanding that happened among friends. He was no stranger to them, as Breakdown wasn't always so agreeable, but it still felt different.

    Maybe it was all the years he'd spent with the bruiser. As much as Knock Out truly enjoyed the company of people such as Lunette, Scaramouche, and even Livewire, they weren't him. Nobody could replace Breakdown, the mech had simply left behind a large hole in the medic's spark. Yet they still had their own worth to him. He didn't want to chance the idea of losing them, which meant he had to be more...'considerate'. Maybe things didn't always have to be catered to his own interests and wants, but such an idea was easier said than done. Simply put, Knock Out liked things his way! But he did hate being alone a lot more.

    Despite how easily everything from the night before had been wrapped up and resolved, there was still some sort of lingering feeling in his spark. Kinda remorseful and...sad. Crimson optics drifted to the space where he enjoyed a movie with KARR several Halloweens ago, and a brief sigh vented from him. The Trans Am had been quiet for over a month. Knock Out had assumed that there was an attitude on the A.I.'s part, some sort of petulant pettiness keeping the car from responding back. It was irritating, but the mech had given up on trying to pry any answers out of the other. 'If KARR wants to talk, he'll have to come to me!' he told himself. But now...he wondered. If he could get such a response out of Scaramouche, disgust him and upset him so much, could there have been something he'd done with KARR? The idea felt preposterous. The last time the two had been alone, things had been quite friendly between the two. Knock Out had even given him a nice buffing! He didn't do that for just anybody!

    "Ugh..." Servoes clasped around the finial atop his helm, squeezing lightly as he pursed his ivory lips. Thinking about this was maddening. Knock Out couldn't solve a problem if he didn't even know what it was! At least with Scaramouche, he voiced his displeasure. It didn't make a lot of sense initially, but it was something to work off of. This situation with KARR? It was a bunch of silence, like talking to a brick wall. Would he have to venture out to find the Trans Am? ...Was KARR worth the effort? The mech grimaced, rising from the chair and stomping away from the tempting calm of the white screen and the ambiance of nature. With a swift yank, he removed the shrinking ring and transformed. Tires squealed and kicked up trails of sand as Knock Out took off in an impromptu drive. He didn't like thinking about friendship and loss, compromise and consideration.

    He didn't like admitting to himself that the Trans Am's friendship might be worth the effort of reaching out. KARR wasn't as agreeable as the android, whatever had crawled up his exhaust pipe may have taken root. Whatever had happened to make him shut the medic out like this may be for good! Did that make it even more imperative to resolve things, or was it like saving a sinking ship? How inconsiderate of that car, to stress him out like this. With a screech of rubber on asphalt, he banished all thought from his processor and focused on the road ahead. He'd figure something out. Eventually.

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