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    Post by Anjeet on Fri Dec 15, 2017 2:06 pm

    DATE: DECEMBER 13TH, 0008
    TIME: APPROX. 8:30 AM

    Anjeet shivered in the morning cold as she made her way out to the bulletin board. The tiny alien made a mental note to herself to buy some warmer clothes eventually. She was in no way used to this freezing cold. It was much warmer back home, and she was really starting to miss the desert heat by now. Idly, the Jawa wondered exactly how long the cold season lasted.

    The cold didn't really matter right now, though. She had some important business to attend to. In her hand was a little flier that she had made at the Stock Pot Inn. It wasn't a good quality flier by any means, but it definitely got the point across. Anjeet, seeing all this adorable lovey-dovey stuff around her, decided that it was finally time for her to get in on some of that action. At the suggestion of her friends, the fuzzy alien decided to "put herself out there."

    Getting on her tiptoes, Anjeet shakily attached the flier to the bulletin board. On it was all of her basic information, along with a note that instructed anyone interested to come visit her in Room 316 of the Inn. If she wasn't home, they could just leave a note on her door. Well, that was that! Now it was time to play the waiting game.

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