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    Advertisement: Month of Christmas Movies!

    Post by Knock Out on Sun Dec 03, 2017 5:59 pm

    Time: Noon
    Date: December 1, 0008

    Funny how quick the seasons seemed to change. November had been all about turkey dinners and feasts with family, topped off with a nice wedding! One day later and Christmas was definitely on the horizon. Wreaths and holly were all around the city's windows, bright Christmas lights that dangled and only reflected the sunlight until the night would come. It was like a sharp turn around a corner. Thanksgiving wasn't exactly a holiday for Knock Out, but he'd be lying if he said he didn't enjoy the ceremony from yesterday. Starting off the Christmas weekend marathon with one less customer was different, but Spenst had earned a day or two off to be with his new wife.

    Snow crunched beneath his pedes as he walked down the sidewalk. The mech's oddly shaped feet left some rather interesting tracks in his wake. Wrapped in a cardboard sleeve was the usual poster, printed at a nearby shop. Christmas wasn't his favorite holiday, simply due to how sugary sweet it could be, but he felt his attitude melting towards it every year. Maybe he'd even try to spend some credits to buy gifts for people this year? ...Mm, maybe. We'll see. Knock Out shrugged a bit of snow loose from his shoulders as he came to a stop before the bulletin board, pulling off his old Halloween poster and folding it up to save for later. The new one was erected with tacks in every corner, the paper smooth and even. Satisfied with the advertisement, Knock Out continued along his path towards the supermarket. He needed to get a few odds and ends for the special goodies to go with this weekend's showings!

    ((OOC note: Since this event will happen every weekend, I will only be making a thread for the weekend of December 22nd. Anybody is welcome to make a thread set during the rest of the month to see any of the movies, otherwise the only thread I will be making will be for Christmas weekend. Anyone can come to this event! Showtime schedule below:

    • Friday December 1st, The Santa Clause and The Santa Clause 2. The Santa Clause starts at 8. After it finishes, a small short film will be played during the intermission to pass the time, allowing a break for concession and bathroom stops. Then, The Santa Clause 2 will begin.
    • Saturday December 2nd, Home Alone and Home Alone 2. Home Alone starts at 8. The rest is the same as above.
    • Sunday December 3rd, Nightmare Before Christmas and A Christmas Story.
    • Friday December 8th, The Muppet Christmas Carol and Scrooged.
    • Saturday December 9th, Miracle on 34th Street and It's A Wonderful Life.
    • Sunday December 10th, Polar Express and How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Jim Carrey, Live Action version).
    • Friday December 15th, Ernest Saves Christmas and Gremlins.
    • Saturday December 16th, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and Bad Santa.
    • Sunday December 17th, Christmas With the Kranks and Jingle All the Way.
    • Friday December 22nd,  Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (Rankin Bass).
    • Saturday December 23rd, Santa Claus is Coming to Town and The Year Without a Santa Claus (Rankin Bass).
    • Sunday December 24th, Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July and Rudolph's Shiny New Year (Rankin Bass)
    • Friday December 29th,  Arthur Christmas and A Christmas Carol (Disney version).
    • Saturday December 30th, The 12 Dogs of Christmas and I'll Be Home for Christmas.
    • Sunday December 31st, A Charlie Brown Christmas and How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Animated version)

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