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    Button Mash!

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    Button Mash!

    Post by Ariana Lee on Sun Nov 12, 2017 5:36 pm

    Time: 6:35 PM
    Date: 10/14/0008

    After a hard day's work, Ariana's only plans for the night were to get back to the inn, kick off her shoes, and pass out on the couch! A hot pocket for dinner was optional. Not the most elegant of plans, but what can you do. Such plans were kicked to the curb however, as Ariana's path home lead her by the recreational district where she noticed a new addition! Standing in the middle of the sidewalk, she stared at the colorful building with both hands on her hips. "Hmm...?" If she didn't know any better, she'd have thought it was graffiti, but what sort of graffiti gave information about a store? If she was reading this right, it looked like there was a new arcade in town! Smiling softly, she slid the furry hood off of her head and shook her ebony hair loose. What could it hurt to check the place out? Maybe the cafe had something tastier than a hot pocket!

    Pushing the door open, the young woman's eyes seemed to widen as she took in the sights! The lighting was darker, and yet filled with neons and black lights that reflected off of her glasses. A lounge area seemed comfy enough, and a few of the consoles were familiar to her! Her fingertips ghosted along the back of an empty chair, only briefly taking note of this area as she moved on. Even though there were other people around and this was a new place, Ariana didn't feel anxious. Maybe it was because she had such good memories in arcades. The woman passed by the PC gaming station, impressed with the graphics and television screens. Maybe if she came by on a regular basis, she could really get used to more modern gaming systems? The thought made her smile. The bar was noted, making a note to herself to grab a snack and drink later. For now?

    Ariana made a beeline for the cabinets, the carpet beneath her boots bringing back memories. The glowing space designs brought back memories of older arcades, movie theaters and a bowling alley! Rather appropriate since she could spy some bowling pins at the back! Catching sight of a familiar yellow circle with a pink bow, the young woman was quick to claim that cabinet! With curly little eyelashes and fashionable little shoes, Ariana smiled at Ms Pac-man as if she were greeting an old friend. It had been so long... "Oh!" But she had to buy some tokens, right? Fingers groped the front of the machine, searching for a coin slot. There were no openings to be found, and no quarter price tag either! Brows arched with skepticism, she eventually gave the 'start' button a curious press and was surprised to find that it worked! Free games?! Oh man, she DEFINITELY had to put some money into this place at the bar! Until then, Ariana eagerly played the cabinet game, gobbling dots and ghosts alike with a growing grin that made her feel young again.

    Much better than going home alone.

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