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    Combo Breaking

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    Combo Breaking

    Post by Alasdair & Sutekh on Sat Nov 11, 2017 9:43 pm

    NOVEMBER 11TH | 21:35 | YEAR 8

    The music in this place made Sutekh's ears twitched and wince, the bass vibrating the floor and the odd, almost robotic tones sounding as if a CD was skipping repeatedly. This was not music to him, but it seemed to play a lot here, and Alasdair didn't seem bothered by it. Then again, he wasn't bothered by a lot of things... especially the flashing of the screen as the Jiangshi performed combos, furiously hitting the buttons at seemingly random times and ending a fight with nary a hint of damage to his character of choice. Sutekh wondered how he got so great at these pointless games, but he was always kind of great at pointless things in general. Puzzles and riddles were nothing to him as he effortlessly figured them all out within a recent time frame. The Guardian, however, took too long and Alasdair would often intervene.

    Sipping his root beer through a straw, Sutekh's single golden eye glanced over to the front, where the owner was. When they entered, the insectoid stared blatantly at him, and made small comments in a thick Retian accent. It was similar to the more... questionable... parts of Ahn'Imret, and though they asked how they got here, "Herbie", as they called themselves, didn't answer. Or at least, didn't give a straight answer. And every time Alasdair would ask, their answer changed, too. Maybe they didn't care or just didn't really want to talk about it, but whatever the reason, they were not at all pleased to see the Guardian here, and continued their low breath comments.

    "Y'think that guy got sucked here from Sarvan?" Sutekh asked, still glancing at Herbie from his peripheral vision. "Maybe! They seem to have an accent from there and the colors and theme seem to fit," he answered back kind of lazily, focusing more on his game than anything else. Alasdair performed another seemingly impossible combination and managed to beat the game in one sitting. "Huh... wanna see if they got any two-player games?" Al ask, tilting his head with a quirky smile. Sutekh's nose kind of crinkled and gave a half 'smile' before shrugging. "Yeah... yeah sure. Why not?" Finishing his root beer and tossing it in a can nearby, the two wandered the neon lit floors and looked around with excitement (at least, in Alasdair's eyes) at all the arcade cabinets until they reached the consoles.

    "How about this one?" Al sat on a comfy cushion, sinking into it as he grabbed a controller. "What's this one got?" Sutekh sat beside him, picking up the other controller and looking at it, fingers and hands trying to hold it comfortably. "Hm... We should do 'Smash Bros'! That was fun on the 3DS! On here, it might look nicer and the input should be faster." Sutekh rolled his eye and snorted, gripping the controller firmly as he crossed his legs, tail wrapping around himself and Al in a comforting manner. "Alright... a few rounds. Then I wanna watch you beat it," the Guardian said with a smug grin. "Beat it...? Like, unlock everything? That'd take hours..." "Not like we got anywhere else to go today. This place has food and it's comfy, so why not?"

    Alasdair chose Wind Waker Link, whom he found amazing, both in-game and the fact that he ran the inn here. Such a powerful little guy he could connect with. Sutekh, meanwhile, went with Bayonetta, finding her both strong and attractive. How could he not when she had legs like that and a cute face?

    A few rounds on each and they would change their characters of choice, doing a few more before it was time for Alasdair to take control. It'd be a long night, but Herbie didn't mind--they were buying food and game time, after all, and Alasdair was fun to watch... from a distance, and away from the tainted Guardian he chose to stay with.

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