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    Gimme Something Good To Eat!

    Kyoko Sakura


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    Gimme Something Good To Eat!

    Post by Kyoko Sakura on Wed Nov 08, 2017 11:36 am

    Time: 8 PM
    Date: Halloween, 0008

    Knock knock!


    Standing on the welcome mat stood Kyoko Sakura, in an outfit that wasn't typical for the young magical girl. "Trick or treat!" Grinning widely, Kyoko held her arm out in front of her with all the expectancy of a child begging for candy! Which, considering what today was... In the doorway was an elderly woman. Her silver hair was tied into a bun, and a pair of black cat ears sat atop her head. She smiled at the redhead, cooing softly as she scooped a handful of candy out of a large bowl and dropped it inside of the girl's cauldron shaped bucket.

    "Oh, what a darling little witch you are!" Gasping with delight, the woman gestured to something on the redhead's shoulder. It was a plush black cat with an orange ribbon around its neck and plastic green eyes. "My! Is that your familiar, young witch?"

    "Yeah, it is!" Smiling, Kyoko shifted her broom to her bucket hand and held them both tightly as her now free hand grabbed for the plush. "Meeeeow!" Squeezing the ebony little toy, its paws wriggled. A glance over her shoulder told the teen that more people were coming for some candy.
    "Thanks for the candy, meow meow!" A paw flapped as if waving to the lady, flashing the woman a small smile before she walked away. A sizable group of kids in jumpsuits rushed by her as she slipped the kitty to sit in the opening of her cauldron bucket. Holding the broom over a shoulder like a weapon, Kyoko's slippers clapped against the cement as she searched for a new house. Long red hair had been pulled back into pigtails, tied back with black ties and a pair of plastic skulls.

    Dressing up as a witch was a good idea, even though she was sure it could be seen as being in bad taste. But hey, she was rocking it! Kyoko was definitely getting a more cutesy reception compared to her reaper costume. If only she could really fly on this broom, that'd be cool. Could make for a hilarious prank! Oh! There was another house! The teenager took off in a jog, candy apple eyes bright as her pigtails bounced behind her. With fake gravestones littering the front yard and a Jack O'Lantern in the window, Kyoko fell into line behind a trio of children that had beaten her to the door. A door which was draped with spiderwebs and dotted with black toy spiders! Her appearance earned a cursory glance from the other kids, who were at least a good handful younger than herself. The boy had gotten creative with the fake blood, looking as if he'd fallen face first into a vat of red paint. With the high collar cape and the slicked back hair, he had to be a vampire but the blood made him look more like a serial killer who'd tripped into his kill. One of the girls had a poofy blue dress and a silver tiara atop her head, actually looking quite regal for a kid! The last girl was a witch like Kyoko, and she seemed most interested in the older girl. Her costume was more colorful and seemed to have a spider theme going on!

    "Aaw! You have a little kitty! I wish I thought of that!" The younger witch stooped over to poke at the plush cat sticking out of Kyoko's cauldron. "Too bad he's not a real kitty..."

    "Ssh! They're coming with the candy!" The vampire boy hushed, nudging the witch before he held out his pumpkin bucket eagerly. True to his word, the door opened to a young couple. The lady had a wig on to make her resemble the Bride of Frankenstein and the guy was...well, Frankenstein! Technically, his monster. Bright green make up was slathered all over his face, and the two smiled at the Trick-Or-Treaters as they recited the usual chant.

    Candy was given out and the children began to disperse together, but not before Kyoko stepped closer to the little witch. "There's always next year, but if you really want 'im, you can have 'im!" She held up the bucket, nudging the stuffed animal in the girl's direction. She wasn't quite expecting the kid's eyes to grow wide in shock!

    "Gasp! No way, he's your kitty! You keep him, okay?" She shoved the bucket back into Kyoko's chest, all smiles. "Next year I can get my own kitty. Maybe even a real kitty! Thanks anyway though!" She glanced around, brushing thick blonde hair behind her ear. "I gotta go, my brother and sister are moving ahead to the next house. Happy Halloween, witch sister!"

    Smirking fondly, Kyoko waved back at the kid lightly. "Happy Halloween!" What a cute little witch. Parting ways with the trio, she sorted through the goodies in her bucket and pulled out a full sized Milky Way with a delighted gasp. "Hell yeah!" Screw bite-sized, this was the real deal! Tearing the wrapped off, the teenager continued to walk while gnawing cheerfully on her chocolate goods. What a fun holiday!

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