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    Meet Marissa at the Stadium for a Butt Whoopin'



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    Meet Marissa at the Stadium for a Butt Whoopin'

    Post by Marissa on Sat Oct 14, 2017 5:21 pm

    DATE: OCTOBER 13TH, 0008
    TIME: APPROX 4:30 PM

    Challenger: Marissa
    The Challenge: A sparring match
    Type of Challenge: Duel
    Reward: Levels for both participants

    Marissa's heart pounded as she trotted along at a jogging pace toward the Bulletin Board. Worry not, the monstress was in good health. It was the good kind of pounding, the kind you get in a satisfying, invigorating rush. Why was she so excited, exactly? Well, for the very first time, Marissa was going to put up an ad for a sparring partner. It always seemed to her that just about everyone else around her was enjoying a friendly brawl from time to time. Finally, it was time for her to get in on that action!

    When the furry monster came upon the bulletin board, she took out a piece of paper and a pen and got right to scribbling. Marissa didn't care at all that her handwriting was sloppy. She couldn't help that her excitement made her paws shaky. Not to mention, she was also on a time constraint. In just a little bit, the wolfish centaur would have to leave for the Drive-In. In fact, she was actually already in her uniform.

    Marissa took one last look at her advertisement before tacking it to the Bulletin Board. Indeed, it was sloppy, but still very much legible. Good enough! As soon as the ad was attached to the Bulletin Board, she galloped away, satisfied with herself.


    My name is Marissa. If possible, I'd like to request a partner for a friendly sparring match. This is a first for me,
    and since I have no weapons at my disposal, I would prefer that my opponent not use weapons. Natural weapons such as claws or teeth are fine, though! I have a nice set of claws and chompers myself, after all. I cannot participate on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays. My friends would also like to spectate. If that's a problem, though, feel free to let me know. If interested, tack a reply to this ad, or contact me at XXX-XXXX.

    Thank you! I look forward to working with you, whoever you may be.

    Duelists: Marissa and Shai
    Additional Notes: HP and AP will not be changed. To make things fair, Shai and Marissa's dice tiers will be swapped. Ola and Spenst will be spectating, commenting throughout. This thread may now be closed.

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    Re: Meet Marissa at the Stadium for a Butt Whoopin'

    Post by Shaiamils on Sat Oct 14, 2017 5:54 pm

    DATE: OCTOBER 13TH, 0008
    TIME: APPROX. 6:45 PM

    A soft purr escaped a certain doctor's throat as he enjoyed a pleasant stroll through the city. As he made his way around town, the avian indulged in some fast finger food on the go. Even when lost in the sights of the city and the flavor of his food, a new ad on the Bulletin Board still managed to catch his eye. Marissa, huh? Could this possibly be the same Marissa Shai was thinking of? The one whose number was already programmed on his phone? The feathery alien did a brief check to see if the number on the ad matched the number on his phone, and sure enough, it was indeed the exact same Marissa.

    It would seem that the monstress was looking to participate in a friendly sparring match. Admittedly, the idea was very tempting to him. And who better to spar with than an actual friend? After mulling over it for a moment, the doctor sat his food aside and took out his phone, eagerly messaging her.

    Hey Marissa? First off, I'm not interrupting, am I? I know you're probably at work.

    It's alright! There aren't many people at the Drive-In yet. What's up?

    I saw your ad on the Bulletin Board. What would you say to me being your sparring partner?

    Seriously?! Yes, that would be awesome! When are you available?

    How does Monday at 8 PM sound? I know Spenst and Ola are probably the spectators you mentioned, so I wanted to make it later for Spenst's sake.

    Oh wow, I'm impressed. How did you know?

    Haha, lucky guess!

    Yeah, Monday at 8 sounds good. Looking so forward to kicking your fluffy butt!

    It's a date!

    Shaiamils put the phone back in his pocket, grabbing his food. The avian hummed happily to himself as he left the board with an added pep in his step. This was certainly going to be an experience.

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