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    Practice With Dummies

    Kyoko Sakura


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    Practice With Dummies

    Post by Kyoko Sakura on Wed Oct 11, 2017 6:04 am

    Time: 1:45 PM
    Date: October 29, 0008


    Nom nom nom...


    A tasty taco in hand, a certain redhead was taking a leisurely stroll out of the city proper and over to the Olympic Stadium. Dressed in her usual hoodie, short shorts, and boots, the teenager definitely didn't look battle-ready. Unless you count a wrapped taco in one hand as a weapon! Still, Kyoko Sakura continued her stubborn path to the stadium, munching as she went. It had been a while since she'd had a proper fight! You know...aside from a witch, who wasn't always the best sort of opponent. The last one she could remember had been a lady with swords who disappeared despite promising a rematch. Well, that's what you get for relying on others, she supposed. Even Homura seemed a bit too busy for a quick spar these days!

    With a few more well-placed chomps, the taco had been consumed entirely. She balled the wrapper up in her hands with all the grace of a juvenile about to throw a paper ball at someone's head. Kyoko shoved the trash into the pocket of her hoodie, and pushed her way through the doors! They clattered lightly against the wall from the force of her shove, and the teenager sighed dramatically. "Seriously, there's no one here yet?!" Well, definitely no spars to watch or invite herself to join. Guess it was back to numero uno for now! The ring of her middle finger seemed to glow, and a bright red light enveloped the girl's body from the neck down! Once it disappeared with a shimmer, Kyoko's attire had changed into her magical girl clothing, a long spear held in her hands.

    Spying a practice dummy nearby, she smirked to herself triumphantly. With a roar of "Kyaaah!", the redhead charged ahead to skewer the dummy on her spear! Right in the center of the chest! Pulling it back out with a yank, she smirked to herself again at the sight of stuffing in the dummy's 'wound'. She fluffed it with her fingertips, almost playing with them. "Hehehe..." You know, this practice dummy might not be such a bad opponent after all! Leaving the rip alone, she made her way back to her starting place, spinning the spear around in her hands as she went. Until somebody else appeared to offer her a better fight, Kyoko would be satisfied to practice slicing into this dummy!

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