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    Letter of Absence



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    Letter of Absence

    Post by Kev on Tue Oct 10, 2017 1:57 pm

    Time: 4 PM
    Date: October 9, 0008

    All was still in Lover's Meadow, aside from the babbling creek. There were no roaming sheep to be found along the fence, no llama guarding over the herd in the grass, no Ordon Goat close behind the colorful sheep! Excited dogs would not be found here either, nor any curious felines. Indeed, this quiet little cottage was locked up tight! Even the curtains were drawn, detracting any peeping toms from trying to look inside. The nearby greenhouse and barn were similarly bolted shut. The glass walls of the greenhouse were left uncovered, but it was clear that all plant life and supplies had either been packed away or taken. Whatever could be the cause for this seeming desertion of a wonderful home and property? The answer would be found on a piece of paper left on the front door, written in a fairly neat handwriting.

    Dear trusted friend, curious visitor, or lost individual,

    Nobody is home! My family and I have temporarily moved back to our house in the city! We will be back in time for spring or summer. Rest assured that even though we've moved out, this place is hardly abandoned! I would not advise trying to rob the place. Seriously, don't.

    If you are one of my friends and curious about a visit or just want to catch up, you're welcome to visit me at my house in the city! You can also find me at the City Noise on Saturdays and Sundays. If you are the mailman and there are any letters or packages, you can leave it here. I will check up on this place frequently! If you are a friend who wants to leave a note, you can do that too! If you are lost, maybe invest in a map or something. If you keep heading east, you'll eventually find the city! Keep an ear out for the highways as you go east, they might lead you to the city where you'll find a place to sleep and eat at the inn!

    Have a good day and a safe journey!

    Fear, Livewire, and Marvin.

    "I'm Kev, and I speak through the power of telepathy. It is represented by italics and the color code #33CC66."

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