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    Books and sunbathing

    Anansia T'Ori


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    Books and sunbathing

    Post by Anansia T'Ori on Fri Sep 01, 2017 12:02 am

    Date: August 30th, 8th year
    Time: 11:00am

    She'd been doing well - venturing out into the city, working on dusting off her fighting skills, keeping in shape... In short, doing something other that curling up in the comfiest seat on her ship with a large stack of terrible romance novels and never seeing the sun.

    Which meant today, she had absolutely earned a good long binge on mindless cliched (and steamy!) romantic pulp-fiction.

    The one concession she'd made was that it would need to be outdoors. In the bright sunshine-y sunshine, where she could soak up healthy vitamin D, less healthy UV radiation, and breath in that wholesome fresh air. Jeoffrey's addition to this plan, once it had been made known to him, was that outdoors had better mean beach.

    It wasn't difficult to find a pristine stretch of sand, especially since being in possession of a spaceship meant traveling long distance wasn't much of an issue. As it happened, this patch wasn't that far from civilization, though it was far enough that there was plenty of open ground to park aforementioned spaceship a safe distance from the beach itself.

    Blanket. Bikini. Books... Beautiful.

    Now, stretched out on said beach blanket, Anansia leafed through her choices, debating which one to start with. Cowboys, Dukes, Gangsters, Firemen.... Ah. Pirates. Yes, that's the most appropriate, isn't it?

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