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    Settled In, Setting up



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    Settled In, Setting up

    Post by Jim on Wed Jul 26, 2017 7:25 pm

    Wednesday, July 24th, 4:34PM

    KSHHHHHHHHHHH-we're back! On WXQC, the FALCON! Here with your host SAMI ROGAR!~ The baddest bitch on PB Rade-Ee-OOOOOH! Time to get rockin' with our HAIRBAND HAPPY HOUR, let's kick it off with some Foreigner baby! HOT BLOODED! WOOO!

    "THERE! That's fine! It's fuckin' better than the damned white noise. Stop messing with it, we don't have the power to get any better stations." Jim turns away from Cole, who guards his little black radio with servos crossed. Shaking his head, being his entire body, he turns back to the perfect black cube with touch controls for radio. The drone had found a couple of speaker units in the salvage a few weeks ago and was entranced with making a sort of music maker for the shop. His downloads only consisted of Southern United States country music so far, and playing those on full blast from his own speakers drained his battery and were the cause of oh so many threats to remove his speakers and fill the gap with machine resin. The drone could understand though, it was probably pretty annoying. Because he made it that way. The thought put another curved happy eye on his face as he turns back to the radio. All his fun was done. Got to get some serious tunes going now. Jim has his own projects to work on and Cole has a radio to beef up!

    Walking toward the middle of the production area, where Jim and Cole had completely cleared all the old equipment out, the cyborg puts his hands on his hips. His bare robotic feet tap on the ground unconsciously to the beat of the hair band. He's not going to admit it, but he likes it. He makes a silent note to look up more of this "Foreigner". Despite the gap of years. Rock was still rock. Pulling his keys out of his tie-up red sweatpants, he twirls the ring on one finger as he blinks a few HUD add-ons up. He sets down the crate of small trash, the last one, down by his feet. Cole looks over in curiosity for a moment as the cyborg speaks up.

    "Alright, full recap. Checklist up." As he says so, a projection matrix on the ceiling brings a hologram down upon a ten foot square in the middle of the flat concrete that was once a machining production line. The words show up on the screen.

    -All refuse and salvage removed, 2235kg of useable metals and plastics managed and condensed by C-013 Unit.
    -Power restored to all rooms.
    -Water condenser added to the main hallway, maintenance room and living quarters set away. -SET REMINDER, GET FURNITURE JIM-

    Jim's eyebrows furrow, his machine eye whirring at the tense motion. Oh yeah, he hasn't got furniture for his living quarters. Which in the end turned out to just be the overhead control room. After all the cleaning work had been done in the Tech-dome, he took it easy a couple of days. Cleaning his own parts along with Cole's. And of course constructing a PC to his own specifications. Though the original pieces of machinery were archaic, it was still plenty to make a small compact laptop which he started with about three weeks ago. Now his "living quarters" was more like his own personal stash of computer parts. He turns back to the list, reading it under his breath. The cyborg scratches his open chest, particles of loose sand coming from the crevice of his half and half body.

    -Area 2 finished, four separate servers, along with a construction area are set away. Future construction of PANTHEOS Models AXER:176, FERRET: RS3, TANK:J, and MAGE:67x is on schedule.
    -Outer perimeter drones constructed, connected to C-013 unit's system. Shelter materials recovered and repurposed.
    -"Tech-Dome" is "already a good name" -Dr. James Averly Watkins.

    Jim snickers at the system's sass. He's lucky Cole hasn't put the voice in for it. Yet.

    The cyborg stretches his arms above his head. Servos open up around his shoulders and down his forearms, a few pellets of sand falling to the ground. His tail flicks back and forth in a bit of excitement as the music continues get his head bobbing. The next part of this plan was himself and Cole. They had lost a lot of data in the..."move" to this plane. Battlefield data along with plain research seemed to just disappear, especially when it came to their own abilities. The cyborg's normally glowing interior is dull.

    Turning away from the list he walks to the workstation opposite the projection. On the large fabricating table sits his GS core. Removing it was a bit of a hassle, but the system finally released it after much convincing. After that, removing the AI's of the Pantheos and putting them in the virtual "Freezer", as Cole liked to put it, was a lot easier. Simple code and transfer to each of the servers in Area 2. However, re-implanting the GS core wasn't all he could do. He needed the Godsense kinetic fields to work again. What was all the work for on the Celest if he didn't get his most precious attainment back? After two weeks of remembering the code, he lifts his neck, the cybernetic clavicle opens to reveal a slot for the glowing blue orb. Jim places it, and his cybernetics glow once more. The compartment closes and he looks over. Cole had suddenly appeared right next to the table and the Cyborg squints his eyes at the drone.

    "Well? I don't detect any-"

    And on cue, a shimmer of hexagons covers the form of the cyborg. The area lights up blue and the mercury vapor lamps high on the ceiling dim as the slight electromagnetic pulse of the GS core firing up hits them. Jim smiles, giving Cole a smirk before his tail whips across the floor, sparks flying into the air.

    "Alright. I'm good. You. You're next you little fucker."

    Cole blinks, and makes a curved eye of happiness.

    "And then the family?"

    Jim crosses his arms across his flesh chest.

    "Well, don't get ahead of yourself. It's not like we have Anne here. It's just us. We have quite a bit of heavy lifting to do before their GS cores will even connect. Plus I think their sizes will change our algorithm for resource depletion." The cyborg reaches into his pocket, producing a half burned cigar and placing it in his mouth, from his palm he produces the plasma welder. Lighting his cigar and taking a toke, he looks around. Progress was slow. They have a lot of raw material and only a few advances other than energy from the solar panels outside and the workstations they made and some found.

    But it's progress.

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