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    Advertisement: Zim's Barber Shop!

    Post by Invader Zim on Wed Jul 19, 2017 6:10 am

    Time: 5:00 PM
    Date: June 30, 0008

    Good. Great! Wonderful, even! Down the sidewalk came a happy little Irken, goose-stepping all the way. A white poster was rolled up and bound by string, positioned on Zim's shoulder like a weapon at rest. Perhaps the pen (or computer ink in this case) really is mightier than the sword? Of course, the small alien's intentions were surprisingly benign! This summer afternoon, he was an Irken with a mission! A cheery tune was hummed under his breath as he followed each turn of the cement until he managed to find it. A sizable building, none other than the famous 'Sanctuary'. Not a place that Zim frequented often nowadays, and perhaps that was for the best. Too many memories there.

    Turning his back to the building, Zim instead focused upon the bulletin board! Yes, the great cork board absolutely covered with stationary! Advertisements, job offers, job requests, some odd little community event. Finding himself a spot that was in the very center of the board, the alien ejected his PAK legs. Long, robotic appendages, they emerged from the machinery on his back and lifted him upwards. There was a brief skitter skitter as the legs moved, positioning Zim just right before he unfurled his poster and pressed it flat against the board. A robotic leg pressed as well, flattening against the bottom to keep it pinned. And speaking of pinned! Turning about to reach into his PAK, Zim pulled out four peculiar little tacks. Each one had a little Irken insignia on the very top of it, and he pressed them into each corner of the flyer. Once satisfied, he stepped back to admire his poster.

    "Yes...yes! YES! GENIUS!" A roaring cackle sounded from the Irken, every tooth exposed in a maniacal grin. "Now these fools will come to my store, BEGGING for a haircut! ZIM IS THE BEST BUSINESS MANAGED ON THE BREACH!" With a final cackle, he skittered down the sidewalk on his robotic legs, and disappeared into the alleys, leaving behind his poster for all to see.

    NOW SWINE!!!!

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