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    Same as it ever was.



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    Same as it ever was.

    Post by Nessa on Tue Jul 11, 2017 12:43 pm

    JULY 10TH ; 10:00AM

    Never been one for coffee, I guess. Nessa winces as she brings the to-go cup of coffee she got from the diner down from her lips. The Piper had to put four creamers and six sugar packets in it, but with her awakened senses it still seem just too much. She sighs, her eyes showing the tired she normally masks. Walking along the sidewalk in her bright yellow sundress, she tries for another sip. She's been doing this every day for the past week. Hoping new habits usher out the old, going to the same breakfast diner every day seemed like a good change, and it got her out of her Nest before evening. The sun, as it turns out, has been doing her immortal body good. Something she should have grasped far before everything... well it's good. What's good is good and she can deal with it. She smiles, her dreads tied back into a loose ponytail. Nessa had been changing the color of her hair for so long she almost forgot that it was originally dark brown. Dark coffee brown. Coffee.

    Sip. Gack!

    Her eye twitches slightly, but it's not as bad as the first two sips. She's starting to let it grow on her, she shrugs and walks on. The crosswalk before Central Park. Oh, so this is where her walk takes her today. With a mindful Hmm She walks forward. The dress catches a little along her sheath for Carnwennan and the Black Flute. Such a drag, but thus has been her life for centuries. Straightening the dress, she nods to another morning walker as they pass mid-crosswalk. Her gladiator sandals tap nearly silently on the sidewalk and she walks straight into the grass, the small black fence melting around her frame as she slips in and out of the Shroud like it was second nature.

    From the crook of her neck, Suzanne appears, stretching and yawning. The little white rat crawls up into the mess of her bangs and Nessa grunts in discomfort.

    "Hey now, dear. Watch those claws." Mother speaks, and Daughter recoils apologetically as she huddles into the top of Nessa's scalp. Shaking her head slowly she continues on, touching a few trees as she passes by. A thought of a few tricks she's learned over her life plays at the edges of her memory. Her aura slowly seeps up from her hand as she touches each tree before walking up to a bench. Small memories implant themselves into her mind as she feels the spirit of the tree. Being a sapling. Being wittled on. Roots breaking through dirt and stone. The ancient feeling. It feels familiar and comforting.

    Nessa sits at the bench. The morning haze gone now, the sun poking out between a dust of clouds in the sky. She brings her legs back and crosses her ankles under the bench.

    Sip. Nngh

    Should have asked for tea.

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