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    A Whole Lot of Nothin'

    Alasdair & Sutekh


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    A Whole Lot of Nothin'

    Post by Alasdair & Sutekh on Sat Jul 01, 2017 8:32 pm

    JUNE 20TH | 16:25 | Year 8

    The library was never really busy. It was quiet, large and made it difficult to know just how many people were actually inside. Today, Alasdair was definitely there, but Sutekh had to find him. Passing through the front doors and looking around at the tall shelves of books on either side, fancy murals on the walls and ceilings and the scent of lemon-pine seeping into his nostrils from the freshly cleaned floors. Thumping followed each foot step the beastman took down the aisle, peeking over to see if his friend was down the specific section or not. It was a while until he came across the occult area, which he probably should've looked first, and found Alasdair in a corner, books and papers piled high on either side of him as his face was buried in a large, antique-looking book.

    "There you are, was looking for ya..." Sutekh said as he took a few steps forward, eyes focused on the little undead. Al broke his eyes from the text and looked up to give the beastman a smile, returning to the words on the pages. "What are ya lookin' at?" Tilting his head, eyes scanned the pages and they looked to be in relation to God. Or... various Gods, at least. Taking a seat and crossing his legs, tail wrapping around him, Sutekh picked up a few pages and began reading.

    Settlers came to the Americas seeking religious freedom, a promise which certainly appealed to Gnostic practitioners of varying faiths; ranging from Pagan to Judeo-Christian, and even ancient Babylonian traditions.


    These groups studied and gradually integrated the religious practices of the Native tribes, often interpreting deities and rites in terms of their personal traditions. In this way, figures such as Metatron, Samael, and Molech were brought to the New World, as well as varying divination practices (Ornithomanct, Scurying, Gyromancy, et al,).

    Ahh... there it was.
    "Still confused about Samael? Yeah, I don't get it either." The beastman waved a few of the pages around before placing them down carefully and giving the Jiangshi a once-over. Alasdair read a passage from the book he held, as if answering, "In Jewish mythology, Samael is an archangel of death, sometimes even considered to be the illustrious Grim Reaper. However, Samael (who, in this case, is male) is depicted as both commendable and contemptible in different cases." Sutekh raised a brow, nose crinkling to one side. "The fuck does that mean?" "It means Samael is neutral, basically... I mean, I've read the bad things and how there was even one 'Samael' that manifested in the world, but it was killed?"

    "... Hm."
    What, humans killed a God? Sounded like it. What kind of God can be killed be a human? Sutekh snorted, but decided to stay on this train of thought, "yeah? What did that Samael look like? A cat-moth thing?" The undead shook his head and retrieved an image from a red book, stained with black and leather-bound, flipping it open to a page. "It looked like this," his clawed finger pointed carefully to the ancient page, the image of a daemon at the end of his finger. "That looks... kinda cool? I guess?" "I don't think that was actually Samael, but a daemon summoned under false pretenses that it was to be a God, and named after such to seem less vicious?" Of course. No religion had been original and kept original as man stuffed his fingers into each, changing the rules and looks of certain daemons and... 'angels'. It was not at all surprising, either, to find a cult calling a daemon 'Samael' in hopes of summoning it upon the worth. "What else ya got?"

    "In Jewish myth, while he's depicted as good and evil, or neutral in this case, he's considered a daemon in Christian views. But this may be a mistranslation, as Azazel is whom he is often mixed with..." Ahh, mistranslations and confusion with ancient names always made things more convoluted. "So uh... what's this all mean?" Yes, what was the purpose of looking all of this up, anyway? It hadn't done anything at all, even if it was just awkward. An "archangel" or what have you didn't seem worth bothering or separating from its... "host of choice". Whatever was going on, the two weren't going to bother with it. So... what's with the research?

    "Oh, I just wanted to see what was up with it! I mean, angels... angels are strange. They're like Guardians, but not as... straight-forward. They're kinda jerks sometimes! And also confusing... I did find out ways to capture and even kill them, but I mean... That's not really much use right now. But I guess good to know for future events?" Sutekh shrugged, not really interested in any of this. "So long as it ain't the daemon in Lochlann, we're fine." Alasdair frowned, but said nothing. "Write down ways to kill or capture that angel thing, just in case. Might be good to be prepared, like ya said. Whatever, though... he ain't shit compared to me." The Jiangshi snickered a little, sheepishly smiling at the 'ho-hum, I'm better than you' tone the beastman took. "Yeah! I got it all down. Wanna go get some food and check out the mall? I hear there's a cool store with lots of trinkets and baubles!" That little undead sure did love shiny useless things... "Yeah sure. I can get somethin' at the food court in the mall. They got good shit there."

    Smiling and standing, Alasdair made his pile clean and straight for those who would come by later. It was common for him to leave piles like this, as he would eventually come back and return all of the pages and books to their original places. He practically lived in the library, after all. It was just a matter of when! Hopping upwards, Al took his perch atop Sutekh's shoulders, lightly kicking his legs in a child-like manner, his smile never fading. Sutekh snickered and gave the undead a good pat on the back, "good to see you in high spirits, little buddy." "Is that a dead joke?" "... Sure, it can be."

    Quietly chuckling, the two left the library, heading out towards the mall for useless things and greasy mall foods. It'd be a fun evening!

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