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    Errant Drone/Home



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    Errant Drone/Home

    Post by Jim on Sun Jun 11, 2017 4:53 pm

    JUNE 3 ; 8:55 AM

    The little drone's long range scanners didn't take long to come upon the large blip that is this giant source of metal. Cole had one heck of a time navigating the trees of the Kindle forest, but the desert was probably the worst of it. He hasn't really had much contact with sand but he decides that it goes on the list, the list of things he hates. The fabrication drone's cooling vent consistently gets clogged by the whipping sands as he floats on toward whatever it is he keeps scanning. If only Dr. Watkins wasn't so... idiotic.

    The thought rings around in Cole's processors, his eye scrunching up into what he considers anger. The nerve of his creator! Though he knows their companions, the Pantheos, are currently stuck within the confines of a soft space far too small for their full functions to rest, it doesn't stop Cole from needing a firmware update! Sparks shoot out of his back vent and the motors sigh, his optic cover grinds across his lens.
    Blast this sand! He's had enough of it! He turns his eye toward the source and fires up the GS thruster. After a soft pfewww the drone becomes a line of cyan across the morning dimness in the desert. Within a few moments, and a slightly depleted fuel core, Cole receives messages. Confusing because he turned off his tracking about ten hours ago! Who is talking to him?


    The drone stops, about fifteen feet from his destination, and any tests he was about to conduct get tucked away into his CPU for later.

    Would you look at this.

    The Drone blinks his eye as he takes in the Tech Dome, Starting a series of long scans and and exploration routes as he opens up the side panels on his little orbish body, four of his arms making the cracking knuckles gesture before


    The light in the GS core fades out, and at the front door of his destination, he falls with a shhnk into the sand.


    Jim's trek into the hot sands fared just as well as the little drone's. Except this batch of robotics has far more moving parts and oh so many itchy places to put sand. For the life of him, Jim can't find out the way to activate his own GS field, so he's definitely going to overheat on this venture. He grabs at a torn canvas cover along the ground, draping it over himself and tying a small bit of rope around his neck to make a cloak for the whipping winds. A large floating crate with a handle hovers behind him, a refrigerator unit with a large amount of food and drink and a larger crate full of newly fabricated tools and the start to GS cores.

    It doesn't take him long, as soon as Cole ran out of juice, his emergency beacon lit up and led the cyborg straight to him. Can't remove all protocols, can you there Cole?

    Looking down at the lump of limp metal, he sighs, looking up at the large dome of tech in front of him.

    "Must be what Kev was talking about." his mask muffles his words, but hey, he's not talking to anyone.

    He sees the message box in his HUD blip into existence, he ignores it. He'd rather have Cole to talk to at this point in time. The others are being a new brand of annoying reserved for AIs stuck inside a suit of cybornetics. "Get over it guys, No talking until you got mouths." Jim picks up his drone and walks toward the giant door, hugging his cloak to his side. His eyes glow brightly as a deep scan indicates the building, while in good shape, is abandoned. Yet... Motion. The front door has been opened before, there have definitely been looters of all kinds here. While he would do the same, the amount of ....product he needs is not viable to move into the city. It would take quite the trek on his own. Walking into the dim lit building, mostly from the sun drifting in from roof leaks, he sets down his crates of supplies, taking them off the small anti-grav disks and turning toward the open area.

    It's definitely a factory. And all manner of pieces and parts litter the place. Some things just scrap metal, but others... He's seeing not only the archaic technology, but advanced robotics in his scans. Whoever had this thing running was shooting these out fast. The reason being lost on him. He turns toward the wall, a power source, that being an a large outlet, what he was looking for. He turns his nose up. "No power. Well fuck me running sideways with a cactus." He snorts, removing his mask with a gesture. He takes a few unfiltered breaths before turning his eyes toward the basement. The cables are all there, but there are some serious malfunctions. Leaving cole on the crate of supplies, he opens the side hatch. Grabbing the handheld acetylene torch and electrical tape, industrial tools galore. His arms unhinge along his elbows and each tool is placed within his arm frames. Turning toward the basement, he jumps toward the stairs. His tail whips back and forth in irritation, the door is chained shut. Not a big deal, just more things in his way.

    Grabbing the thick chain, he rips it in half, his servos whining as his GS core manipulates the atoms of air around him. After a quick sigh, he starts his decent. The place is dank and gross. Musty and tomb-dusted air assault his senses, he quickly turns off his olfactory nerve.

    His eyes glow brighter, judging integrity of each step. Not much in the way of rust, but there is some. Such is the case in a desert. He stops and gives that a thought. "Actually,... not a bad idea. If your working with iron or steel." the cyborg shrugs.

    It isn't long before he stands before the breaker boxes and the main generator. Jim's eyes widen and he lets out a low whistle. This is a bit dated. However! Dated seems to work just fine. Calm down Jim.  He quickly gets to work. He ties his tuft of hair back with a small rubber band and pops his cybernetic knuckles (More of a psyche-himself-up thing than relief. You know. Robots.) The breaker boxes first. Really simple this, just replace all the fuses or repair them. After a couple of minutes of small fabrication, he is satisfied. On to the real monster. Turning toward the large cables, he scans, finding them lacking energy at all. The cyborg shrugs and turns toward the connections toward the wall. The power is being delivered... by what he isn't sure, but it is not leaving the alternating generator. Jim looks upward, his tail flicking. "It can't all be easy."

    Servos appear in abundance as he jumps upwards atop the main generator, cutting very corroded wire away with an industrial tin-snip he acquired in a junkyard. He knew it would be useful. Sweat already appearing on his brow, he rubs his face against the canvas cloak before continuing. One session of welding later, the couplings attached to cables are in better condition. The cyborg does a couple internal scans before jumping down to the main controls, which are also busted. Mostly due to no maintenance. A lot of crusty sand in levers. He pulls out his wire brush and gets to work, removing the clotted sand and rock from the terminal before oiling them up. Jim grabs at the first power check lever and it snaps in half. His eye twitches before he sighs throw his nose and cracks his neck irately. His tail quivers and scrapes at the dirt on the ground around him.

    After his small hesitation, he produces the fabrication tool. One arm remaking the lever as his other removes the panel so he can replace it. In a few minutes it's over and he latches it in place and quickly flips the toggle switch. A great


    rumbles from the machine and Jim takes a step back, making sure nothing else is going to break loose above him. didn't think about that now did he? A few fountains of sand and a few rocks leave the ceiling as the vibration lessens. Okay. Good so far. He looks over. Two more main switches. He shrugs before flipping them both at once. A louder hum, but shorter, emanates from the machine. Then, lights. Lights flicker on above him. A few of them are out, but the mercury-vapor lamps about seventy feet above him come to life. He grins to himself before starting his walk and ascent toward Cole.

    The cyborg finds him where he left him. The small fist-sized drone in a heap with a couple servos dislodged. Good thing he found him before any looters did. In fact...

    He grabs out the charge cable for Cole and locates a plug attachment for the wall mounted outlet. A couple machines had turned on, but seem to have to be manually turned on. Removing the cable to some machine, he plugs in the charge cable. Grabbing Cole, he hesitates. A frown on his face. While he's not the most... sentimental of fellows, something like guilt grabs at the half robotic chest of Jim. Sighing for the umpteenth time, he rummages in his thigh pocket. A ring of keys and a small robotic disk piece produced, he takes off said piece and places it within one of the small hatches on the underside of the drone. That done, he plugs Cole in. The lights dim as the power hungry robot sucks it up. With a small flicker, Cole is back. Floating out of the cyborg's hands and up to eye level.


    The drone takes a moment before looking over at Jim. A low voice coming from his speakers.

    "You gave me my voice back." He blinks, the drones servos folding in sheepishly as he realizes what he's done. Jim turns away toward the back of the factory floor. He looks up and sees the control room. He'll have to deal with that later. He's more interested in that back door. A few hurried leaps and a sudden stop later, he pulls out the torch, cutting the chains quickly and ripping them off the large set of doors. He opens the portcullis and inside he finds them. Robots making robots. Their programming repairing and manufacturing over and over. He can almost see each of their coding. It's almost sad. Good thing he's here.

    Cole's voice, actual voice, starts a call. The poor drone still stuck to the wall by cable.

    "What is it? What was all the motion in the room?"

    Jim smiles, not taking his eyes off the multitude of possibilities.

    "Our next project."

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