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    A Modest Test of Strength



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    A Modest Test of Strength

    Post by Nym on Wed Jun 07, 2017 6:00 pm

    June 1st | 11:00 | Year 8

    Nym stared blankly at the bulletin board for a quite a while, sitting a few feet from it so as not to disrupt anyone's need to use it as well. The metallic mask that covered his blue-toned reptilian skin made it hard to tell that his brow was furrowed, and he was in deep thought. As large and cumbersome as he was, Nym still wished to be delicate and easy with everything around him, including (and especially) public (and private) properties. Thus, he was in a predicament;

    He could not write his challenge!

    One hand was normal with three claws, proving that holding a pencil or even a marker was a bit of a burden. The other, a metallic mess; three razor-like claws protruded from his hand, chrome encasing his entire left arm. Its only use now was for battling, and while Nym was fond of what it could do, it was still a hassle to do anything else with it. Yes, he was in a pickle...

    Tail thumped against the concrete, sun beating down on his back and ragged looking wings. Perhaps if he asked someone? Oh, but he didn't want to bother them... this was his challenge, after all. Nym grumbled, head hanging a bit more as the Digimon internally debated on what to do.

    "... Excuse me...?"


    The Digimon turned his head and glanced down to his right side. A round woman, cat-like like in appearance, had her hands to her hips and looked right up to him and tilted her head. "Do you need help?" Her voice was so soft, Nym had a difficult time even hearing her, but nodded bashfully. "I--do... I'd like to fill out a challenge form, but..." The Digimon wiggled his fingers on both hands, "w-would it be too much to ask if you could... help me?" The curvy woman laughed lightly and took a sheet from the bulletin board. Taking out a pen from her pocket, those narrow pupils focused back on Nym, who, in turn, tried his best to grasp his hands together in a sheepish manner. "What shall I write for you?"


    The paper was placed on the board in fancy cursive, i's dotted with hearts. "T-thank you, ma'am. I appreciate your assistance..." "Not a problem. Good luck!" The curvaceous woman left with a wave after having placed a business card on the board as well. Nym read it, but only briefly, having little use for establishments considering most did not accommodate his size. After reviewing the challenge posted, the Digimon nodded and stood up carefully, wary of his surroundings and took each step with caution, making his way back to the grasslands...

    Challenger: Nym
    The Challenge: A Modest Test of Strength
    Type of Challenge: Duel
    Description: I wish to test my new abilities and strength.
    Recommended Level: 40+
    Reward: Points, levels (if under 60), Nym's respect/services
    Additional Notes: The coliseum or grasslands will be your choices of where to fight. Please leave your preference in your sign up. Each opponent will be fought one at a time on different days.


    Remaining Slots: 3

    Replies will be slow to each fight and each one will start when I know I will have time to post.

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