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    Sympathy For The Devil

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    Sympathy For The Devil

    Post by Prixlezub on Tue Jun 06, 2017 3:49 am

    Time: 6:00 AM
    Date: June 6, 0008

    It had been a long while since the demon prince had entered the Sanctuary, or traversed to the city in general. But in the times he had visited, he had not encountered the strange case that he had beheld earlier in the evening of the previous day.

    He had heard of demons being bound to mortal beings, whether it be through a contract or a curse before, and even beheld such bindings after the fact. It was a commonplace occurrence for a warloc to summon the aid of a demon to carry out their plans, to bestow their supernatural power upon them for a price. Some were the outcome of amateurish hubris, both demon and mortal tied together out of a mishap. There were cases when a demon would outright possess a mortal as their vessel to act upon the material plane.

    But, the prince had yet to see such a binding come to Gamma X. It was a curious case, that of Aurlaam and Bailey. Bound initially by a vengeful warlock, matters had become complicated from a temporary stay to a permanent one for the both of them. Of course, the demon knew that there were many who understood the supernatural and occult, it was not the first time that malignant entities had ventured here, however temporarily.

    However, it was the way that this particular populace tended to deal with matters that made him think a little more deeply in regards to the curious case of girl and devil. He knew they could have good intentions, yes, but at times they tended towards... meddling. Meddling was what glued the both of them together for eternity, and from what he learned- and Bailey learned, that day, there were two sides of their story that was not fully told.

    It was easiest to take the side of the most vocal of their duo, which arguably was Bailey. She could be heard, seen, and easily interacted with.

    But the one who went with the alias of Creamer, he was not so lucky. Not to mention, it seemed clear to the prince just from hearing the both of them that the demon’s tendencies would likely bring about a number of potential meddlers around as he had already witnessed. If the being was able to be destroyed, he would not have doubted the populace would have done so already. It was in their nature to destroy potential threats, and a demon bound to a human being with the intent to torment was no exception. While the demon would usually have left the mortals to their business and went along his way, those two caught his fiery eye, all six of them in fact.

    They had been bound since the girl had been born, and yet  from what he could discern one knew so little about the other. The one that knew very little, was the one who was lucky enough to be tangible. Although he would be lying to himself if he said that he had also taken interest in the fact that there was another demon roaming the planet.

    ...Even if they roamed like a balloon tied to a person’s wrist.

    But that was besides the point, despite the situation of the human Aurlaam was bound to, he seemed the one who was the most in need of one who could perhaps give him an ear to speak to, an eye that could see him, and a presence that was not completely foreign. This dimension, he already knew, trapped the ones that fell into it for eternity. Aurlaam had the misfortune of being trapped here and trapped within a human being, where that human could potentially live for an eternity if she so chose.

    Such was what had been on the prince’s mind as he set to work down, down in the depths of his volcanic home.

    Iron and obsidian had been easily gathered, the former smelted and forged into a lightweight steel. Within his arcane chamber, where the walls were aglow with hellish red runes that stretched from the floor to the towering cavern ceiling above, stone and metal were sliced into wafer thin plates and carefully arranged. The smallest and most delicate of runework was inlaid into the surface of the polished stone and assembled into a feather-light, yet surprisingly durable trinket. The girl could do whatever she wished to it, and the demon’s craft would not shatter or chip, and the metal joints would not become sprung or twisted.

    And he did mean anything. The girl could somehow suffer the misfortune of an entire building falling on her and it would remain as pristine and as the day she obtained it.

    It, in question, was a bracelet, made to fit a mortal wrist, or even an ankle if they so chose. Though the latter choice would make it awkward to use.

    Upon completion, The demon had crafted  a similar device, though its placement was upon the front-most tine of his spiraling horns. Though it was a simple thing, its surface was coated with an extra inscription. Upon being bound upon the prince, it faded until it was indistinguishable from the dull grey metal of the rear-facing growth. All that was left now, was a means of transportation, and a set of clear, simple instructions for the two of them to use.

    The demon prince crafted a simple construct of black, shiny stone, equally as obsidian as the bracelet that had been designed for the girl and her demon. Though, much like the bracelet was no ordinary bracelet, the box was no ordinary box. The prince’s claws shimmered with fiery energy as he set his element to work, imbuing both the box and the runes with a fiery energy. The container set itself aglow, as rivers of fiery energy traveled along the strange, alien carvings.

    Silently the box reformed itself, and in place of the container was a small, but shadowy looking bird. But of course, it was not a bird. Its body shined with an uncanny gleam that resembled a beetle’s carapace instead of feathers, and a flame burned where should have been eyes.

    With but a rumble of a command, the creature was sent on its way, darting through the underground caverns before making a sharp dive down into the entrance of one of the may lava tubes that ran beneath Prixlezub’s domain. It ripped up through the exit in a spray of magma and a lick of flame, shooting up through the ashen smoke and making a beeline for the city once it broke the cloud level.

    Once it arrived at the inn, it would return to being a normal, albeit glossy black box, albeit with an address to Bailey’s room. It would remain locked until it found itself within the girl’s grip, wherein it would unlock and project a message before her and her demon’s eyes in fiery red light:


    Bailey, Aurlaam, my gift to you is a simple trinket, but nonetheless  potent in its ability.

    No matter where I am within this gamma, this bracelet with be able to notify me that you request my presence. In turn, no matter where you are, I will be able to come to you to the best of my ability should either of you request my presence.

    All that must be done, is to press a finger against the center segment of the bracelet, pressing it lightly for a few seconds will send a summons to me. It will only respond to the touch of the one it is intended for, which is you, Bailey. This includes the latch. You need not worry about damaging or breaking it, as it is intended to be durable.

    That said, I would appreciate if you keep my abilities in this matter confidential. It is rare that I allow one to summon my presence personally, you in fact are the first to be granted this. Very few know about my arcane aptitude. I ensure this for personal reasons, as I would prefer it if my abilities were not requested or questioned by every mortal I happen to pass.

    I look forward to meeting you both again in the future, and wish you the best in your stay here.

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