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    Knowledge Gained, Ignorance lost

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    Knowledge Gained, Ignorance lost

    Post by Prixlezub on Sun Jun 04, 2017 5:29 am

    Time: Noon
    Date: January 1st, 0007

    His month’s stay was not spent in complete leisure. Day in and day out, the prince’s clawed feet roamed the stone streets and carefully followed the brisk strides of whichever scholar and historian had been appointed to him for that week. Some were covered in green scales, others in blues and purples, and any color in between. Their names started with guttural hissing that rumbled in the back of ones throat, harsh clicking, and brisk clucks of the tongue. The demon mindfully remembered each and every one of his guides as he committed their tales to memory.

    His days were filled with gods and heroes of carved pale stone and glistening gems, his ears were filled with the hissing dialect of the elders as they regaled their feats. Other times they were overflowing with zealous, blood soaked gospel spoken reverently by the priests as he overheard their masses. It was difficult not to, as the only accommodations they could allow for one such as his size had been  outside the city limits, and their congregation echoed off the city walls and around the mountain peaks like thunder.

    He learned of their history, their gods, crafts, and trades. The speed at which information had poured into the prince’s brain had been like a rapid of lightning made liquid, but he had acquired far greater quantities of information far faster, though hardly from being so willing to teach and divulge their ways.

    Colorful clothing and scales were burned into Prixlezub’s brain, and his reflections each evening when the city went to rest smelled of tropical fruits, strange but potent spices, and the sour air that surrounded laboring, scaly bodies as they went about their work. Memories of generations past rang in his ears, and the cogs that turned within the ancient demon’s head ticked to the beat of marching scaled feet and the hours of the market-mongers with their gathering of curious perusers. The demon’s being was nearly saturated with the ways of the Ss’ruul people as their way of life had been hammered through intricate and passionate lecture into his brain.

    There was little more he could learn without requiring an ascension to that of a warlord or high priest. Likely he had learned far more than Zurg deemed necessary to set up the bridge, but as one of his age and experience knew; the devil was in the details.

    With the arrival of the first day of January, the demon prince departed the gates of the city once again. He refused to leave completely empty-clawed, as he purchased a number of gleaming trinkets crafted from precious metals and fine gemstones. Perhaps Zurg would appreciate the jewelry, as he had seen the alien wear decorations upon his horns before. But whether he truly would enjoy the gift or not remained to be seen.

    However, one could always hope, he supposed.

    When he was far out of the gaze of gleaming, reptilian eyes, his form engulfed itself within shadow, breaking and snapping itself into cruel, painful contortions before taking the shape of a great bird-like creature. No feathers coated its hellish red complexion, though its wings were a leathery mimic of the silhouette drawn by their plumage. Its immense wings blotted out the sun as it took flight and ascended above the clouds with a brisk thunderous roar of rushing wind. A single burning eye sat atop its head, unblinking and its pupil flickering like a flame as it dilated and contracted. Its neck twisted smoothly until the fiery optic set its unblinking gaze with the ground beneath it, and beheld the heavens as they separated into soft layers of gleaming white shapes.

    It was time he revealed his findings to the purple alien.

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