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    Research of the Divine Intervention Variety

    Diana Ridley


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    Research of the Divine Intervention Variety

    Post by Diana Ridley on Fri Jun 02, 2017 4:54 am

    TIME: 12:00 PM
    DATE: June 2nd

    Diana’d had a very strange few days. When she had first arrived in the Breach she’d been under the impression that she’d been almost dreadfully dull compared to her new friends. But the barest hint that that wasn’t quite so had appeared the moment Bailey and Creamer had. For some reason or another she’d been able to kind of hear him when he spoke, or in many cases screamed to high heaven. The young woman couldn’t make out what he would say, it only came to her by buzzing in her ears that would get more intense the louder he was. She couldn’t see him, she couldn’t make out words, but she always knew when he was vocalizing.

    Admittedly she’d probably been in a bit of denial at first, not thinking about why she could kind of hear him when several others were left in the dark. In a way she envied them a bit, Creamer had given her a good headache once or twice and it hadn’t been fun. But the more it was brought up the more she wondered about it. Was it a fluke? Was she some sort of psychic? Was it magic? For awhile she’d been leaning towards the first, the second she hadn’t really considered, and the third seemed unlikely. It was when she’d spoken to Bailey and the newly introduced Alasdair that the other two had become possibilities in her mind. Her demon possessed friend had suggested the possibility that she had witch potential which had been… Intriguing to tell the truth.

    She’d brought it up with Lunette and Scaramouch almost entirely on a whim and things… Escalated from there. Lunette had called in… Sutekh was his name? She was pretty sure that was it. A rather rude, if not strangely handsome, dog man with a magic eye. By lifting his eyepatch and looking at her alone he was able to tell she had some sort of magic about her, but too little of it for it to really mean anything without some work on her part. Then he dug deeper.

    He thought that maybe she’d been given a gift or a blessing of sorts from a deity, but couldn’t get much more specific than that. So after talking about it some more to her friends it was decided that it would probably be best to learn more about it from Fear. In a way she kind of regretted it. Him taking her face in his hands and staring into what she surely felt was her soul had been the single most terrifying moment of her life. It was far worse than what Sutekh had done, she’d never felt such a chill, such deathly cold, such horrible sensations before. A cold chill ran down Diana’s back at the very thought of it.

    Fear had said it wasn’t a gift, not really. It was from some sort of deity, an archangel, named Samael. He’d called the entity the Harbringer, the Seducer, the Destroyer. The angel of death. For some reason he’d given her a gift and she for the life of her couldn’t fathom why. She was unremarkable, just like Fear had said. But maybe it was like what Lunette had brought up, maybe he wanted her as some sort of possession. A scary thought, that something like Creamer but more powerful had staked some sort of claim on her.

    So, here she was, inside the library with a place to start in mind; angels, daemons, and Samael. She knew it'd be big, but this was just plain ridiculous. The young woman would definitely get lost in here. She almost wished she’d brought some string or rope to leave a trail so she could find her way back out. Diana had such a terrible sense of direction in places she was unfamiliar with. But there were likely going to be other people around, and maybe she’d even see a familiar face.

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