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    About The Lakeside Shack



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    About The Lakeside Shack

    Post by Mortis on Sat May 27, 2017 1:05 am

    The Lakeside Shack


    Was it once a wilderness retreat, or maybe someone's perfect home away from home? Whatever it used to be, Mortis has now claimed the peaceful little dwelling for himself.

    Tucked away within the woods is a small wooden cabin, large enough to accommodate a single person. Whatever road or path that had lead up to it had long since been devoured by the miles upon miles of wilderness, leaving it completely isolated on the coast of a massive inland lake. From above the tiny dwelling is swallowed completely by the dense treeline that surrounds it, and from the ground level its worn wooden walls blend into the forest with uncanny ability.

    Around the side of the shack, Mortis has set up a small wood cutting area, powered by a small gasoline fueled generator. Next to it is a simple canopy covered area for drying the wood planks.

    Out in front of the shack is a Mortis sized bench and a table.


    The entirety of the lakeside shack smells of dust and old rot. A chilling malaise hangs thickly in the air, the aura of its sole inhabitant having leeched into the walls and floor of the tiny abode. As Mortis holds no worries about hosting any visits to this place, and so it has been pardoned from regular cleansing and the purifying odor of incense.

    Sometimes, when Mortis is away, those that happen to stumble upon this isolated abode may witness silhouettes gliding past the windows.

    The shack's furnishings and the belongings that line the shelves reflect the only owner of the home-away-from-home. The method of interior decorating is rustic with a heavy touch of the morbid; Bleached skulls decorate the walls and unused shelves, skins from various animals the undead has hunted line the floor in sprawling rugs, and various poisons sit in the kitchen like a fascimile of flavorful cooking spices and oils. New and used boxes of shotgun slugs sit haphazardly on top of the kitchen shelf and pantry. Next to the kitchen area, Mortis tends to keep his supplies for fishing and -should the unfortunate happen- his process of creating a new host for himself.

    In the center of the shack is a single potbelly stove, which acts as the sole cooking area and heat source. For the most part, the small furnace is used to make a pot of tea when Mortis feels like it and to keep the shack warm if he visits in the winter.

    The closest that this single room shack has to a bed is the little wooden pet-bed that rests against the wall, designated as Woolie's resting place. There is no bathroom, though the undead does not find this matter troubling in the least for obvious reasons. The shack interior is devoid of electrical wiring as well, and so the only light source at night are a few kerosene lanterns that Mortis keeps around.

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