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    Remember when games brought joy? I do.

    Alasdair & Sutekh


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    Remember when games brought joy? I do.

    Post by Alasdair & Sutekh on Tue May 23, 2017 7:15 pm

    JANUARY 7th | 16:20 | YEAR 7
    Takes place after this thread.

    Stopping at a nearby gas station, Sutekh came up the stairs of the complex with two bags in tow--one containing video games from his visit to the City Noise, the other just a few snacks and drinks for himself. Taking Kev's advice to heart, the beastman paused at their door, breathing in deeply before finally opening and entering. Inside, it smelled like incense. His attention turned to the nearby window where that darn pigeon, Dahlia, cooed at him in greeting, fluffing up her feathers at him. "..." The beastman gave a look, nose crinkling slightly at the white bird, not bothering to say hello back. Next to her, there was a stick of incense burning, this time a nice floral smell.

    Walking over to the couch and leaning over, Sutekh blinked in surprise as Alasdair was not there. Knowing the undead wouldn't answer if he called out, the bags were placed on the couch as he wandered the small apartment, looking inside Alasdair's room. The door was jammed, but with a little force, Sutekh opened it and heard some ripping. "Eh?" There were pieces of paper scattered on the floor, one snagging beneath the door and tearing a little. "Aw shit, I'm sorry, didn't see..." his attention went to the small make-shift bed; it looked more like a small sofa, decorated as such and having arm rests, but it functioned as a bed, too.

    "Al...?" The Jiangshi was underneath a thick blanket of blues and stars, not moving, but obviously there. What else could make an Alasdair-shaped lump? Sutekh approached and didn't bother saying hello--he just snatched the little guy up in his arms, still wrapped in that blanket and brought him out to the couch in the living room. 'Distract him a little...' right. What Kev said he tried with Fear--distract him, just let him know the other was there... Sutekh wasn't much for being too touchy-feely or emotional but... Al was his friend. His partner in crime. His yang to Sutekh's yin! They were... best friends. And seeing his little buddy all mopey and sad was hard enough as it was.

    Sitting on the couch, pushing the bags over a bit, Sutekh unraveled the emotionally distant undead and... sort of cradled him in his lap, leaving no chance for escape. Alasdair's head was revealed, and just as before his eyes were glossy and tired looking--more than usual. "Still upset, huh?" The Jiangshi said and did nothing, staring blankly at Sutekh's chest. "Figured as much... but uh! Hey! I got us some cool stuff." The bag from City Noise was carefully flipped over, the contents spilling out as the beastman's hands spread the goodies around for Al to see. "Found those 3DS things, and at Kev's place, too! Got a good deal, and he--says hi. And wants you to feel better, too."

    Alasdair blinked very slowly, as if processing what was just said. Sutekh lightly snorted, "I made sure not to get you anythin' too violent, ya know? You don't care much for that. If ya like this stuff, we can go back and get some home consoles or whatever the fuck they're called..." the beastman chortled a bit, grinning and trying not to let Al's demeanor bring him down. The 3DS box was handed to Alasdair, who finally acknowledged it. It took him two minutes to finally reach out, gingerly taking the box and inspecting it, Sutekh just giving a soft smile. This. This was progress.

    "I think you'd like the turquoise and black one better, but if ya want, you can have the orange one instead. Also, I got us uh... Pokémon? You fight little critters and can pet and feed them, I think? It's some weird shit, honestly..." It was like dog-fighting, but with monsters. To be honest, Sutekh didn't know whether to feel offended or bad for the pocket monsters, but they looked pretty cool, at least. "I know ya like collecting stuff, and that's the point of that game, I think. There's..." he paused, grabbing the box that contained the 'Sun' version and read it. "... 802 to collect...???" Jeez! "Well this is... gonna take a bit."

    Letting out another chuckle, Sutekh placed the Sun box down and picked up the other 3DS box that contained the orange one, giving it a onceover. "Eh, should fit in my hand pretty alright. Got the biggest version, anyway. Shouldn't be a problem! We can collect little pocket monsters and you can play with digital animals! Sounds like fun, huh? It's a good time--"


    Alasdair had hidden his face in the beastman's chest, his arms barely able to wrap themselves entirely around his waist. Sutekh blinked, ears slowly falling. W-was this... good? It was a hug, right? Alasdair hadn't given him a hug in a while, and Sutekh honestly didn't expect one. "... You okay, lil' buddy?" His large paw carefully placed itself on top of Alasdair's hat, tenderly patting his head. "It's--it's okay, ya know? It sucked, yeah, but we're here and it's all good. Honest... Everyone's happy we're still here, and I am, too. You're glad, aren't you?" Alasdair nodded, his first response in weeks. Sutekh's small smile grew just a bit, feeling a hint of relief. "G-good. Now let's open these and figure out how the hell we play 'em, yeah?"

    It took them a few minutes to move, but... Sutekh hesitated before giving his friend a hug, making sure not to disturb him. "It's all right... I promise." If Alasdair could cry, he most certainly would be. Instead, though, the Jiangshi's face was removed from his chest, eyes finally looking a bit more normal--for Al, anyway. There it was, a tiny smile and a little fang poking out of Al's mouth! "There's my little potsticker!" Being careful not to knock his hat off, Sutekh ruffled Al's head a bit with his big paw before the both of them opened the boxes, Al being careful while Sutekh just ripped into it.

    "Welcome to the world of Pokemon! I'm Professor Kukui!"

    "Kukui? That's a weird name..."

    "It's... it's a kind of tree... with nuts in it!"

    "... This guy has to be nuts to dress like that."

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