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    The Beginning Of A Grand Opportunity

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    The Beginning Of A Grand Opportunity

    Post by Prixlezub on Mon May 22, 2017 4:01 pm

    Time: ???
    Date: December 1st, 0007

    There was no bird song, no wild chorus rang through the jungles on this day. Many of the forest’s denizens were tucked away in the burrows and sought shelter in the dense lush scrub, awaiting the absence of a passing monsoon. Whether it was day or night was nearly impossible to discern with way the storm blotted out the sky and cast the rainforest in a murky darkness. The deafening roar of thunder rolled through the heavens, and sheets of rain hammered against the towering leafy canopy. With the rainy season here in full, there were few days that went without a booming storm rampaging through and bending the canopy this way and that.

    The violent winds further up n the canopy restricted the movement of many flying creatures, and beyond the jungle’s leafy ceiling nothing dared to try and brave the violent winds and lightning that flashed and arced across the dark clouds.

    Well, almost nothing dared to.

    With every flash of lightning, vast wings were silhouetted against the sky, every flap of them was indiscernible from a clap of thunder. It coasted between the storm clouds, pitching its form with the violent gale as it soared like the monsoon was nothing more than a breezy day. Its path eclipsed the shuddering canopy, and its size was so that the branches of the jungle’s upper stories were granted a brief reprieve from the rain as it passed overhead. From where it soared, its streamlined, beaked head tilted to the side, and a single burning eye cast itself downward at the lush, shrouded greenery that passed beneath it in a blur.

    He had come this way before, but not by air. In the past he had traveled the jungles from the ground, with a group of other fellow travelers. It had been a strange group that had come together to aid in that crisis. The great beast remembered a swordswoman, a vampire, a were-wolf, a strange sapient confectionary rabbit, a man with a metal arm, a dragon, a pink haired scientist, and a man with a leopard’s head. He remembered their confrontations with the serpent-like Nazaj’ir and their strange magic. That had been years ago. Yet, the memory of the route had failed to be smudged and made unintelligible by the passage of time. He had passed the ravine and the twisting jungle path, he had watched as the trees spread beneath his wings like an emerald sea.

    He let himself coast up and over ridge after ridge, until his wingspan cast the mending ruins of a simple valley village in an instance of shadow. It was only when he came to propel himself up the winding mountain path, worn into the stone and dirt of the mountainside, did the strange flying beast began to descend from the clouds to land. A thunderous clap of his vast wings stirred the drenched earth into a muddy spray that churned in the stormy winds and obscured its shadowy form upon touching down. The moment it had settled -which had been immediately- there was no giant hawk-like creature. Instead, flames glowed and crackled sparsely under the downpour as they struggled to burn, and a towering, mountain of a demon dug red-hot claws into the mountainside. An antler-like crown of metallic horns curled and reached towards the stormy heavens, and his eyes illuminated the ground before him in a fiery glow.

    He cast his gaze upwards, and resumed his trek up along the simple well traversed road. The water-logged ground sizzled and hissed into a dense cloud of steam with every step Prixlezub took. With his vast strides devouring the distance that the road wound itself up the mountainside, it was not long before the prince had come to stop before a massive stone gate. It was impressive, he had to admit.

    To think that only five years ago, those very gates had been toppled by the rampaging of a behemoth monster. The final battle that was the climax of a week-long journey through the jungle, battling Nazaj’ir and puzzling out the enigmatic motives of an equally mysterious general. It felt like it had been only yesterday that the massive set of stone doors had been reduced to a rocky rubble, that the party he had journeyed out here with were manning the defenses and riding astride great reptilian birds to defeat it.

    The great demon’s crimson brow furrowed slightly at the memory. In that span of time, he had neither seen nor heard anything of the group since the expedition to rescue the Ss’ruul capitol. Alas, such was the passage of time, and how it would always be. People came, they lived, they left; no matter which plane he visited before becoming trapped upon this one. Sooner or later, they all returned to the nothingness they emerged from. It was not the demon’s business to keep up on the goings-on of every single insignificant life that crawled upon this planet’s surface.

    Looking up, he could sense pinpricks of life pacing from one side of the gate to the other like the minute glow of fireflies drifting lazily across a meadow- Ss’ruul guards. Smoke plumed from his grill as he observed them pace and then pause, before gathering together along it on either side of the seam of the massive gates. Hissing shouts and growls briskly snapped from one guard to the other, the demon’s finely tuned ears discerned them to be orders. At once one of them called down from the gate.

    ”We see you, beast! State what your business at our city gates, or leave!”

    He had been noticed. Although it was incredibly difficult to not notice him, being as large as a house and very much on fire. He could hear their hissing utterances tickle in his ears just above the droning din of the monsoon. A few of them gripped their spears a little more tightly and squinted down at him through the heavy rain. The demon’s lip curled to reveal a row of glistening metallic teeth, now was about as good a time as any to address them- he had their full attention.

    His deep voice boomed like thunder from where he stood, and forced the moisture upon the rocky earth to jump and dance:


    His voice stilled with another smoky plume of black breath, and watched as the guards above moved about themselves. They hissed and muttered among themselves, and for a moment the massive demon prince pondered if perhaps they did not recognize him. It had been years since he had visited the city after all.

    The one who had addressed him earlier spoke up once again.

    ”Yes, yes, we have memory of this event! Years ago you were part of the group of outsiders that had aided us, it has been immortalized in story within the city.” The guard began in his hissing dialect. ”It is difficult to forget one such as you!”

    That comment was obviously directed towards his appearance. Even in the northern continent, Prixlezub had not seen any creature that looked similar to him in size and description.

    Another guard spoke up on the gate, his voice deeper than the one with bright green scales. The sconces that burned along the gates illuminated his bright red scales in a way that made them look like they were made of flickering embers.

    ”We will send an escort party to bring you to the city, stay there!” He called down over the pounding rain and growls of thunder. After, Prixlezub could hear him issuing orders to the other guards positioned upon the gate.

    An escort? That seemed a little extravagant for a visit. Yet before he could object to it, there was a command to open the gate shouted above the wind.

    A handful of the group split off to descend down either side of the gate via the staircases within. Then, with a groan and a rumble that rivaled the growl of thunder itself, the gates cracked open to allow a small party of four guards astride the shiny backs of great beetles. Prixlezub stepped forward to meet them as they approached, smoke pluming from his grill as he observed the four.

    ”Greetings champion, we shall be taking you to the city.” One spoke up as he brought his mount to a halt.

    ”Greetings, I appreciate your efforts, but I am uncertain if an escort is truly necessary.” Prixlezub replied, his six eyes taking in the group as their beetles came to stop at a comfortable distance away from his fiery presence.

    ”Nonsense, we insist on good treatment of our champion-!” The blue scaled one was interrupted with a wave of another Ss’ruul guard’s clawed hand, this one covered in emerald scales.

    ”We deem it wise to escort one of your particular size- in the effort to prevent, hm, accidents." He stated, ”The citizens are not accustomed to abiding for one so large as yourself, it is best we keep them out of your path.”

    Oh, this made far more sense now.

    Pale smoke curled from the demon’s maw to mingle with the steam that curled from the burning earth at his feet. ”I see now. It would be unfortunate if anything were to happen while I am visiting, I see the reason in your insistence.” He replied.

    The orange scaled guard nodded for the group to fall in, and turned his snout to look up at the demon prince. ”Naturally. Come, let us not delay. The city awaits.” The group turned, failing to break their ranks as they prepared to lead their towering guest inside.

    Prixlezub stepped in behind them once they were far enough ahead that he did not worry about possibly stepping on them by accident or scalding their mounts with the intense heat that surrounded him.

    The fourth guard, wrapped in purple scales interrupted by black blotchy stripes addressed him next as they walked along. ”How long shall you be staying?” He asked, turning to look over his shoulder at the massive demon.

    ”I intend to stay the month, if you will have me.” He rumbled, and the soaked ground danced once more at his voice.

    ”We are pleased to have you stay with us, honored guest, whether it be a day or many days. It will be no trouble to make arrangements for your visit, although I am curious, what brings you to stay for part of a season- and during one that is so wet.” The guard personally thought the massive, fiery creature would be more inclined towards visiting during a drier time, when its flames did not fight the rain to stay lit.

    Prixlezub hummed as he walked along, keeping his pace slowed as he kept an eye upon the escort group. It was reasonable for them to be curious, likely they did not get many visitors, much less any that stayed for a long while.

    ”I wish to learn more about your people. My last visit was brief, and there was little room for exploration and learning about your culture.” Prixlezub replied respectfully, though he was met with a chuckle from the guard in deep green scales.

    ”You expect to learn everything about us in a single month? Apologies, champion, but I find the notion amusing.” He hissed from the back of his beetle, ”Ours is a deep, rich way of life. It would take many seasons for an outsider to know every detail of how we do things.”

    The prince’s brow furrowed slightly alongside a thoughtful rumble. If it was so deep as the guard said, perhaps it would be wise to notify Zurg once he was situated that perhaps it would be best to postpone negotiating the gate. But, the demon found that his confidence overruled that possible setback.

    ”Perhaps it is, but I wish to try.” Prixlezub evenly commented, ”Would there be a place in the city where I could adequately learn and study about your people?”

    The guards paused for a moment, and a silence fell over the group. The purple and black Ss’ruul spoke up after taking special interest in the positioning of his beetle’s reins between his claws.

    ”Much of our way of life is passed down through word of mouth, important events are carved into the walls of our city.” In other words, the demon would be hard pressed to find much in the way of written records as he would wish to seek. ”But I am sure our warlord can supply a few guides to help you find the knowledge you came to seek.”

    Prixlezub’s gaze settled upon the purple guard, as they passed through the gates; ”That would be acceptable. Thank you.”

    It seemed there were a few trials and tribulations that still needed to be seen through before he could get to work.

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