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    In Affairs of the Heart...



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    In Affairs of the Heart...

    Post by Mortis on Mon May 15, 2017 3:55 pm

    Time: Evening
    Date: May 14, 0008

    Tonight was especially clear, barely a cloud could be seen drifting over the night sky, leaving the twinkling heavens above to stretch over the entirety of the sky. The rains of the previous month had left the grass lush and thick, the perfect place to recline. Mortis did just that as he laid out in the meadow, listening to the crickets and the gentle hooting of owls further away in the forest just off the property.

    He did not bother to wonder whether they were actually regular old owls, or the witch-like owl women that took to roosting in the oak branches lately.

    One arm was curled behind his head to prop up his skull, in his other was a half emptied bottle of absinthe. It would soon join the other empty bottles that laid in a small cluster just next to the two cases he had pulled from the Sanctuary earlier that evening. But it was what had occurred even earlier that was on his mind.

    The stars that wheeled up above reflected in the green liquid as he tipped it back into his open mouth. It had been nearly a year since he had seen her, nine months or so after he had thought she had left for good. He had scanned for her, his brother had even agreed that she was gone for good...

    Yet there she was.

    Of course, the answer to why he had not picked up on her earlier was simple. After he had failed to find her when he had attempted to scan for her, he had stopped looking. He had given up. If he had kept looking, if he had been more persistent, maybe he would have found her. He did not know why she left, still, or when she had returned, but she had been back long enough to find someone new.

    Or perhaps he had been gone long enough she had no choice but to move on. Time was an ever moving force, its laws just as absolute as the grip of death.

    ...Are you upset, Master?

    ”No, I am not angry, I am glad. I have not ssseen her ssso happy in a long time.”

    If anything, the fact she had decided to find someone else, and never thought to find him, was a blessing.

    He was glad she moved on from him, that she had found someone new. He still remembered how they were so comfortable in each others arms. Lunette’s form did not shiver in the automaton’s embrace. Her expression was pure contentment. She was genuinely happy, she had no fears, no reservations. It was, in a word, beautiful. And it was a beauty he knew would never have blossomed if he had returned to her life. In fact, he deemed it to be cruel if she had returned to him. In his fear of repeating past history, she would not have been able to embrace him, she would not have been able to spend more than a day out of the year in his presence. He would never have have allowed any time longer. It simply would not have been fair to the cat-woman.

    So long as his presence was deadly to all sapient life, so long as his touch could destroy the living with a single slip of a thought, he could not hold her, he could not sit with her, he could never be able to spend time. Whatever they would have had would have been a mere shadow of what Lunette’s heart truly wished for. She needed affection, attention, and Mortis was completely incapable of providing it without putting her wellbeing at risk.

    She deserved better. She deserved this automaton, this Scaramouch fellow. His form, though not alive, was clean. It was clean in that it did not have a trace of malice or dark spiritual energy attached to it. His body was not perpetually rotting, no maggots and worms made their home in his chassis. He did twist her delicate nose with a constant reek of decay, his body did not hold an unnaturally icy chill that penetrated through flesh and bone no matter how warmly one dressed.

    Perhaps earlier on he would have wondered why no one had told him that she had come back, but now? It was for the best he had been left in the dark. She would have never found happiness if they had found each other again.

    He would have been too terrified of hurting her to give her the happiness, the love she had been looking for. Even before she had left, when he had reconciled with her in the Sanctuary, he could not bring himself to do so. He only saw another repeat of last year, he saw her curled up while her mind, her soul was slowly corrupted and killed by his malignant presence. The only outcome he had seen, was another necessary mercy killing when it all came to its inevitable end. The promise of using purifying magics and rituals had done little to soothe his concerns, after all if they could not help Veskur, how could they have helped Lunette?

    Perhaps two years ago, he was happy to be naive. He would have been happy to think he could do the same that his brother had done with Kev, to be able to find happiness in a living being. But now? Mortis knew where his place was.

    His place was with the dead, and the dead alone would be able to withstand his presence without withering and dying. They were the only beings he could truly be around and never be afraid of unintentionally bringing them harm.

    The only thing he could ever bring a mortal being was misery, no matter how loving his intent. Such was his deduction as he tipped the bottle of absinthe back against his mouth and emptied it down his throat. It was the simple truth of the matter, and it would be in her best interest if he left her be- If he left the both of them be. He did not want to ruin their happiness with his presence, he did not want to disturb them as they went through their lives.

    It was best that he simply continued to do as the dead were supposed to, and simply fade. Fade from life, fade from memory, fade from history.

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