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    KARR: Powers Edit/ LVL 50 +60 Powers



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    KARR: Powers Edit/ LVL 50 +60 Powers

    Post by K.A.R.R. on Sat May 13, 2017 10:47 pm


    LEVEL 1
    Name: Juggernaut (damage enhancer):

    Description: KARR's body is heavily armored and backed by a powerful turbine engine allowing him to be able to drive straight through reinforced cement walls and other barriers easily. It can be safe to assume that if the the AI has no trouble breaking through walls, he will have no qualms with driving straight through a fleshy body if they don't get out of the way.

    Specifics:: +1 die to K.A.R.R's attacks

    Over-Clocked: +2 die to KARR’s attacks

    AP Cost currently: 2AP per use
    AP Cost (Over-Clock): 5AP

    LEVEL 10
    Name: Remote Override (persuasion):

    Description: KARR systems are as versatile as he is resourceful. On activating his ignition sensors or pilot override features he can remotely start, control and override other systems, including electronics, vehicles, weaponry and other robotic beings.

    Specifics: flip two (2) coins -

    0/2 HIT, nothing
    1/2 HIT, target can fight the manipulation
    2/2 HIT, target is now under K.A.R.R.'s control

    NOTE: can only work on mechanical entities

    Over-Clocked: Only one coin needs to hit for a successful override
    (Over-Clocked) Mass Override: KARR can override one other electronic system per his current level.

    AP Cost: 5AP ; five turn cooldown
    AP Cost (Over-Clock): 10 AP; 5 turn cooldown

    LEVEL 20

    Name: Evasive Maneuvers (dodge):

    Description: Equipped with Turbo Boost and Ski Mode, KARR can jump over obstacles or prop himself up on two wheels to move out of harms way. While effective in urban surroundings, these functions can also help KARR evade an oncoming attack should he have the distance and time for execution.

    Specifics: flip a dodge coin
    Over-Clock: Flip 2 dodge coins, only one needs to hit for KARR to dodge an attack

    AP Cost: 10AP ; five turn cooldown
    AP Cost (Over-Clock): 15 AP;  5 turn cooldown

    LEVEL 30

    Name: Comprehensive Configuration Analysis (ouch):

    Description: Using his scanner arrays, KARR can seek out the weak points in any object's design. The AI is not above putting this function to good use in a confrontation as well, using his scanners to detect and take advantage of physical weaknesses in an opponent's armor or form.

    Specifics:3d/2c ; both coins must be HIT for armour bypass. If no armour, damage is doubled should both coins be HIT.

    Over-Clock: Only one coin must hit for an armor bypass or to inflict double damage if there is no armor bar.

    AP Cost: 15AP ; five turn cooldown
    AP Cost(Over-Clock): 20AP; five turn cooldown

    LEVEL 50

    Name: Over-Clock
    Description: Through fine manipulation of his hardware’s output parameters, KARR has figured out he can push the limits of his systems for a greater speed and power output than what he was capable of out of Knight Industries' labs. The only cost? A heavy drain upon his battery and fuel systems. But what is cost when the gain is decimation of the competition?


    While active, KARR’s abilities up to his lvl 30 power are boosted for three turns. AP costs are increased in accordance with the performance boost while KARR is under the effects of Over-Clock. If so desired, KARR can lengthen the time of his over-clocking at the cost of 5AP a turn.

    Cost: 25 AP; Cooldown 5 turns; may spend an additional 5 AP per turn.

    LEVEL 60

    Name: Self-Preservation

    Description: At the very core of his programming, KARR’s prime directive is the preservation of himself at all costs. Should he need to, the AI will spend every ounce of his available energy to flee from any situation that could result in his destruction.

    Specifics: KARR uses his turn to flee the scene. KARR cannot attack on this turn or use any other ability but his lvl 60 power.

    AP Cost: costs ALL of stamina bar to use ; bar must be halfway filled or more prior to use


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    Re: KARR: Powers Edit/ LVL 50 +60 Powers

    Post by Zurg on Mon Jun 19, 2017 5:51 pm

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