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    Bloodministration Required



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    Bloodministration Required

    Post by Gasper on Tue May 02, 2017 11:13 pm

    May 1st | Year 7 | Noon


    The Hunter's boots crushed a twig, snapping it as he passed through the false trail he had found. It began with a small break of dirt, like a river of earth that broke from the main, a side path that may yield something of interest. Or, at least, that's what Gasper hoped. He had been so bored... the city was loud and obnoxious, smelling of fumes and toxins that were exposed to the air through the vehicles so oft used, and the sound of the people... while Yharnam held moans and wails of sadness and suffering, the laughter of those gone mad from the insanity that crept through the land, or otherworldly growls and howls that no human could ever imitate unless lost in the lust of blood... his thoughts drifted from the reality of the Breach, a fog enveloping him as the Hunter recalled... recalled a time shortly before this place...

    Within the Nightmare:
    Splish, splosh, splish...

    Gasper's boots were thick, drenched in blood as his right hand held the blade of his choice, the other wielding a pistol. Robes were caked in viscera of the creatures previously, constantly, slayed across this road of blood. No, more like a river... a river of blood that the Hunter followed with great anticipation, determination, excitement and the thrill of the hunt... as a Hunter should. To clear the nightmare and dreams... what did that mean? Gasper never understood--he only did as he was told, a follower of Logarius and the Healing Church, killing in the name of purity and cleansing. So many of his fellow associates and comrades fallen to the lust of the blood from their constant killing, or breaking away and finding "knowledge" in the college...

    The Clerics and higher ranking followers of the Choir did become the most deformed of beasts. That was what he knew, what he witnessed, after every body fell behind him in a bloody massacre of crimson and black. There was a quickening to his steps, the thought of tearing into another beast of this awful Nightmare he endured filling him with vigor and eagerness. The river of blood he followed lead to a cavern opening, several skeletal bodies littered across the sanguine ground. Most were dead, but some moved and wailed, begging for help or death. Gasper could only glance at them for a moment, feeling a twinge of pity and guilt, but ultimately leaving their fate to their own. Bony fingers reached out to cling to the robes and ropes that wrapped themselves around the triangular helmeted Hunter, who obviously ignored them for favor of his target.

    Yes... yes, he could hear the daemonic cries of a beast that was laying in wait. The river of plasma beneath the Hunter's feet trembled as he entered an underground pass, a few of the several thousand scattered corpses wailing, holding their hands up to the sky. The voice of one carried more than the others as it whispered and tiredly called out to Gasper.

    "Please... help... an unsightly beast..."

    A stomp shook the blood river, sending ripples through out, catching the Hunter's attention.

    "Ahh... Ludwig... the Accursed is coming..."

    More stomping and intense heavy breathing followed the last words the bloodied corpse spoke before both its attention and Gasper's were focused on something else. An unsightly beast, indeed; Ludwig, the greatest of Church Hunters. His form was not human, barely any human left as his several hooves and grotesquely lengthen arms slammed into the ground with a heavy force, holding up the weight of his deformed body. Gasper had seen many a creatures, but as his 'fellow' Church Hunter, that who created their covenant, bellowed out a high-pitched wail of both man and beast, eyes inside his mouth pulsating and looking in Gasper's direction with focus, the Hunter felt shook.

    The insanity this thing must overflow as it came forward, crying and laughing, bucking wildly at nothing as it galloped towards the Hunter with blatant intent on smashing him into a fine paste. The movements and pattern were too much for the Hunter to confirm in such a short amount of time, within 30 seconds of facing the once holy monstrosity his body felt each bone break and turn into a fine powder, organs punctured and spilling with fluid inside his body as Gasper fell so quickly to the Accursed's rampancy, the last sound filling the air being the Hunter's cry of pain and shock, and the mixture of laughter and crying from the equine beast of nightmares.

    There was darkness... but another voice comforted the pain Gasper felt along his body.
    "Good Hunter..."

    "..." a decorated glove, silver wrapped around the backside and fingers of the material clinking as the hand was placed upon a tree, Gasper himself leaning against it and wheezing. This place was so foreign and confusing; how had he even survived this long? His right hand shook, the glove more plain than the other as it reached into his several pouches, clutching at a vile of crimson liquid. "Haaaa... Just... three left..." He had been doing so good... so many months had passed and survived off of 20 blood vials--but now his stock was running dry. The hospital's blood was disgusting; it tasted false and thin, barely filling that desire for the sweet nectar life stream that coursed through every living thing's body...

    Gasper fell to his knees, weakly opening the vial with his right hand, the left slowly lifting his triangular helmet. A burlap sack covered his face still, and that too was removed, revealing a salt and peppered beard and mustache. His teeth sharpened, gum bleeding as his fangs grew as hint to the blood lust running through him. "S... Ssss..." soft hisses escaped him before he consumed the warm, thick liquid in haste. Desperate for every last drop, the vial was crushed in his hand, the pieces of glass that still held blood were then licked clean, cutting his own tongue without care.

    Several breaths came in and were released into his wheezing lungs, teeth clenched as he felt the plasma feed him... How much longer would he hold out before becoming a beast? Before going on killing sprees in order to feed, like so many other Hunters had suffered before him--the very ones he had to kill. Shaking the glass shards from his glove, Gasper's helmet was placed back down properly, his mind becoming lost with the intoxicating sensation from the blood vial. Yes... his mind was becoming clear once more.

    "... I must find a way to replicate," he said aloud and with a stern voice. Otherwise... if he failed, he would surely be hunted. Irony...

    Now was the time to begin blood crafting.

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