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    Sleeping In



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    Sleeping In

    Post by Shaiamils on Sat Apr 22, 2017 11:14 am

    DATE: APRIL 20TH, 0008
    TIME: 5:15 AM

    Shaiamils groaned, waking up to the sound of his alarm clock. As usual, one of his cats were lying comfortably on top of him. The both of them would alternate. It was just a matter of which one got to the doctor first. Today that lucky cat appeared to be Checkers. Flossie, on the other hand, had made herself at home at the foot of his bed. He quickly noticed that for some reason, both of them had their ears flat against their heads in obvious annoyance. Was something wrong?

    The problem became apparent when the feathery alien realized what the time on his clock read. It was 5:15. He was supposed to have woken up at 5:00. The avian had unknowingly allowed these poor cats to have their sensitive ears assaulted by loud, annoying beeping for fifteen straight minutes. It was no wonder they looked so annoyed!

    "Oh, I'm so sorry you guys," he promptly apologized, turning off the alarm. Their ears perked up again almost immediately. "I didn't mean to sleep in like that."

    Shaiamils got out of bed, Checkers reluctantly abandoning his comfortable spot on top of him. The alien was very tempted to blame that new robot Scaramouch for making him lose track of the time the night before. He wasn't mad, though, so he pushed the thought aside. His cats followed closely behind him as he made his way to the shower. Clearly they wanted something. Knowing them, that something was probably food.

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