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    Spring Thaw



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    Spring Thaw

    Post by Mortis on Sat Apr 08, 2017 4:16 pm

    Time: Afternoon
    Date: April 6th, 0007

    As March rolled out and in came April, the weather steadily had begun to warm. Mortis had watched the thick blanket of winter snow slowly melt and fade away from the window of his house, and from atop Samhain’s back as they had went out for their regular rides. Sprouts of fresh grass had already begun to peek from beneath the waning icy blanket beneath the mare’s iron-shod feet, though it would be a few weeks until Mortis let Woolie start to take her first fresh graze of the year.

    But with the coming warmth the undead superfiend noticed as life started to return to the grasslands and the woods alike. Insects were already starting to move around and buzz about the windows on the warmer days, and the hibernating beasts began to rouse from their slumber. Some mornings Mortis witnessed a bear lumbering along further out  beyond the edge of the property, teasing Samhain as she trumpeted and bowed her head threateningly.

    He had already spent the colder days of March building and placing the bee-boxes, taking wood from the surrounding ruins of old, deserted farm houses and using them as he pleased to create the frames and supers. A couple of them now sat under a tree further out near the meadow, facing where the sun would hit it squarely in the morning but offer plenty of shade through the heat of the afternoon. Following the bee keeping book he had bought over the holiday - something of a gift from him to himself- he had dragged the old bath tub that had been sitting in the barn out to sit and gather rainwater, and a number of floating things; mainly some corks and bits of buoyant wood sat on the surface for them to perch on.

    It was tempting to consider putting some aquatic plants in there later on, but he refrained from considering it further due to how Angemort and Woolie tended to like to sample the new greenery.

    He already figured that the bees would pollinate the garden, and then the surrounding unkempt land that was thick with blooms during the livelier times of the year, now all that was missing were the bees.

    Today was one of the warmer days, the snow had all but completely disappeared from the ground save for the tangled brush further out past the meadow. A few smatterings of glittering ivory still clung in the spaced between the dense woody weeds and low scrub bushes. In the distance every so often, one could faintly hear the snow falling off the branches of the dense pine trees as it melted. Yet, the sky still retained some of its wintery gloom, completely covered in blotchy grey that grew a darker shade in the distance. Looking closely, the cloud cover in the distance seemed to be melting, as it hung down in wispy, dirty strands from the heavens.

    Alas, it seemed they would be due for more rain later today.

    Next to the barn, Samhain fiddled with the iron bit between her teeth, awaiting her Master as he settled something new upon her back. They were some sort of boxes, wooden and held together with nails, complete with lids that were settled upon the top, the kind that could be pulled off instead of being screwed on with hinges. Both of them were slung over her back with two sturdy strips of leather, with a metal loop in the middle acting as a securing point to tie the contraption to her saddle mounts.

    She looked back, watching curiously as he tied off the two boxes, before stepping over to her saddle. Further away from the barn was Woolie, who joined the horse in watching her Ma. Though she was not so quiet as the undead mare.

    What are you doing, Ma? Are you going out? Can I come along?

    She flicked her tail and stepped around to get a better look at the boxes, her large ears flicking forward and to the side as she puzzled it out.

    ”We are going out to sssee if we can find sssome bees in the woodsss.” He explained as he stood next to the saddle, interrupted from his preparation to swing himself up onto Samhain’s back. ”I would bring you along but the woodss are dangerousss thisss time of year. I can sssensse a number of predatorsss beginning to wake from their hibernating, they will be out hunting and foraging sssoon enough.”

    Woolie naturally would be a superb start to the spring if they could get their claws on her.

    But I would be safe with you.

    Mortis shook his head, the bones in his neck crackling. ”Perhapsss ssso, but there isss one universssal law that I would rather not tempt. If sssomething bad could happen, it will happen if given the chance. Ssstay here with Angemort, I will be back in time to give you your dinner.” He hissed, the tone of his graveled voice hinted that there would be no further discussion on the matter.

    He lifted and slid a rotten foot into the stirrup and swinging himself up into his horse’s saddle. The layers of his trench coat and the duster that was draped over it flagged over the mare’s back before settling like a dark shroud on her hips.

    The ewe’s ears pinned back, displeased that she could not come along, but she understood. The woods were dangerous, and there were things out there that could eat her. So she resigned to watch as her Ma urged Samhain on, and they turned from the barn to start out towards the woods.

    Woolie was soon going by Angemort to watch them leave, as both horse and rider started into a gallop across the meadow and beyond into the dense brush. An unnatural mist swiftly formed around them, dense and pale as it swallowed the both of them, and any further trace of their existence. A stiff wind blew across the fields and rustled the foliage into a chorus of harsh, reedy whispers, before stealing the strange fog away with its passing- along with all traces that the horse and rider were ever there.

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