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    En Waiting

    Post by Nessa on Sun Mar 26, 2017 10:22 pm

    Tuesday, February 28th ; 10:12AM

    Yep, that's the place.

    Nessa's hands rub together nervously as she looks at the bench. Not too long ago she landed here. The Immortal's teeth clench, but she quickly lets out short bursts of breath to relieve the tension. Whatever happened to her, be it a glitch or whatever, has already happened. It won't happen again. The Piper's children, a few openly crawling on her and around her feet in the middle of the morning light, guard their mother, sensing her apprehension. Nessa smiles down to the little white one on her shoulder. Suzanne grasps at the overly large wool rainbow sweater and sniffs up to her mother worriedly. Nessa turns her head to the side, rubbing her cheek across the little one's forehead. Everything will turn out fine eventually.

    Taking a small step forward, and then another longer one, and then continuing her walk just to the bench, she sighs in relief. There. Nothing happened. Nothing. Unless of course this time she skipped an entire year. But of course she'd notice, the rats in the area are the same, she feels their tiny thoughts rummaging through the concrete jungle. Panic ebbs down, and she sits. Her skinny jeans don't do much for the cold of the metal bench and she shivers. Good thing she wore wool and long socks under her leather knee high boots. She takes a moment to calm herself, and then relaxes backwards. Not many people take this way. Not many businesses, maybe just something like a bus stop. The immortal's eyes turn to her wrist. The small dot representing Livewire a stark shine in the morning dreary.

    Well. Part 12 of recovery, done. Fifty or so more steps to go.

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