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    Post by Korra on Sun Feb 19, 2017 2:21 am

    Time: 4 pm
    Date: August 10, 0007

    Biting chill and an expansive, white landscape had been replaced with a lingering heat and shades of red and orange. Korra and Naga had enjoyed their time in the Tundra, the environment there was most like their home after all! They had stayed longer than usual before the duo were on the move yet again. This place...none of her prior adventures had taken her to this area too often, as the Water Tribe friends kept to the grasslands and mountains. Her thick parka had long ago been shed, stashed away into her bags. As she trudged through the sand that crunched beneath her boots, the young woman panted lightly. She was tempted to shed off the wrap around her waist too... Glancing back at her polar bear dog, Korra winced sympathetically. Naga's long pink tongue lolled out of her mouth, the white beast panting loudly. At least she could shed off her layers! Poor Naga was stuck with such thick fur. "I'm sorry, girl." Pausing in her walk, Korra drew water from her bag with her hands, motioning as if she were balling up paper. The water condensed into a sphere, and she floated it to hover before her friend. With a happy wag of her tail, Naga immediately lowered her snout to the ball and began to lap up the water as though she had been wasting away in this desert.

    Frowning softly to herself, Korra observed her friend's heavy panting and desperate drinking. "I wouldn't be upset if you decided to head back to the Tundra. I know you like that better than this place. I can survive on my own but you..." Approaching the furry creature, she rubbed her palms against Naga's firm neck affectionately. "You might overheat! I promise I won't get mad..." Naga craned her head around, droplets of water dripping from the corners of her snout. She pressed her face forward, moist nose twitching as she gave Korra's cheek a firm lick. Between that and the tail thumping into the ground that kicked up a bit of red dust, the sentiment was clear; this polar bear dog was here to stay. Giggling softly to herself, the Avatar smiled. She waited until Naga seemed to be finished with the water, before she withdrew a few smaller blobs of water and guided it to her own lips. The crisp drink was a welcome respite from the burning sun, enough to eventually dab a bit of water over her own forehead before finally putting it away back into her waterskin. With a great huff, she spotted the nearest plateau, striped with vibrant oranges and reds. Swiping her arm in a smooth motion, she began to make her way for it. "Come on, girl. We'll sit in the shade." A good place to meditate, and rest.

    Any animals that lived in this awful desert must have been in hiding. The only critters Korra had seen so far were a few scorpions or the tell-tale winding trail of a snake that had come passing through. She had the utmost sympathy for anything that lived here. In fact, she almost felt as though she should have meditated on the Fire Chakra here. It was certainly hot enough for it! This land was also pretty flat, and occasionally she could feel powerful gusts of wind come by that offered solace for a while. Perhaps that was what made this place closer to the element of air? Korra certainly had no other ideas to offer... The two of them left a trail of footsteps and paw-prints on the coarse dirt, marks that were distorted by gusts of wind. With the flat structure as her destination, they found their way to the lee side of the plateau and finally settled down to rest. Using her earthbending, Korra pulled a bit of earth to create an 'awning' to help block out the sun and keep them shaded. Pressing her back to the rough rock, she slid down to sit in her usual stance. Naga flopped on her belly beside her, resting her chin upon her own paws and obviously happy for the relief from the burning sunlight. The young woman smiled fondly, scratching her companion's ear and soothing the pooch/bear into a comfy nap.

    While the polar bear dog slept, Korra would meditate on this next Chakra! Pulling a specific bag off of Naga's saddle, she reached inside and pulled out her handy dandy incense sticks and holder. Sparking a little light at the tip, she set the holder flat on the sandy ground and allowed the smoke to linger and grow around the two of them. Even in her sleep, the white creature's black nose wriggled and snorted from the smell. Smelled very flowery, as if she had shoved her nose into a bouquet. She let the smell settle in her nostrils before digging once more and withdrawing a bound scroll in her fist. Same ribbon and metal seal as the rest of the scrolls, aside from the dark green color and differing shape. Her fingertips grazed the lines before she untied the ribbon and unrolling the scroll to read it. "Anahata," Definitely up there as one of the most easy to read. "The Heart Chakra. It deals with love, and is blocked by...grief." Frowning to herself, Korra lowered the scroll to her lap and stared out into the dusty horizon.

    "You mussst find peace in the conssstant turmoil of life. I imagine you are morossse about the lossss of your friendsss and family, yesss? If you are to better underssstand the concept of air, you mussst let them go."

    Judge Fear had been the catalyst for this adventure, suggesting that she had to find the balance within herself to better herself and her bending abilities. To come to grips with her spirituality. This had to come sometime, as the ghoulish creature came right and told her so. That to move on...she would have to face her grief. But now that the time had come... Her fingers tensed around the paper, crinkling it lightly. I don't feel ready at all. How could I possibly...let them go? It wasn't like forgetting them, or throwing them into the abyss and yet...it felt as though that was exactly what she was doing! Her parents, her friends...and her boyfriend. Chewing her lip softly, Korra dropped the scroll and pressed her hands against her face as she leaned her skull into the dry wall of the structure behind her. Fears, guilt, shame...all of it could be faced. But this was too big. Too important! She had to face her grief, but it felt like it was too much! Why couldn't these chakras be easier...? Why couldn't she put this off til later? Huffing to herself, her hands slipped down into her own lap. No...this was a spiritual journey. She had to face everything, even the deep stuff that...was going to hurt. Allowing the smell to surround herself, her hands clasped together. She'd...feel better after this. Maybe she wouldn't miss them so much. That was the point of this, to feel better! Korra was the Avatar! She could do it! She could face...a little bit of grief. Breathing until the deep intake of air became natural, she allowed herself to calm and meditate. Fading out, and focusing only on the sound of wind...and sand swirling along.


    For the first time, Korra found herself sitting rather than standing in this strange area. Was this inside of her mind? Something else? She had no idea. Blue eyes narrowed, remaining seated as she looked over her surroundings. It was...dark, but not uncomfortable like what she experienced with her first chakra. It felt as though she had found a cave to sit in, shadows around and curved areas above her that made up some sort of ceiling. She was definitely in some kind of structure! Despite the lack of a natural light source, she found she could see just find here, aside from a strange and misty fog that roiled along the floor of this cave. Hm...strange. Why was this how her grief looked?


    A deep howl ripped through the air, the young woman gasping out as she planted both palms over her ears. Grimacing, she peered with squinted eyes for some sort of figure, or attacker. A visual representation of her grief as she had become accustomed  to during her last sessions. More darkness, fluffy grey fog...wait, wait! Korra leaned forward onto her knees, staring out. There was some...blue! Peeking through the fog! Steadily the fog pulled away, like curtains over a stage. Her throat clenched at the sight, hands curling into tense fists. There before her was a smiling couple clad in blue. Their eyes were gentle, their stares centered upon her patiently. The young woman hiccuped softly, trying to swallow away the thick feeling that went down into her chest.
    "M-mom...dad...I-I'm so sorry." It didn't make sense, what was she sorry for? And yet it slipped out all the same.

    Her parents were not alone; the fog continued to blow away revealing more figures in the same pose as herself. Mako was directly beside her father, amber eyes bright and staring back at her with the same passion he had when he'd declared his love for her. Next to him was his brother, one of the best friends she'd ever had. His wide green eyes were joyful and his grin toothy. Knee to knee with him was the beautiful Asami, thoughtful and firm in the face. Next to her mother was Tenzin, her beloved mentor and something of a friend. He had come to this world with her and yet...disappeared without a trace. Despite that, he still looked at her with a proud look on his face, beard as bushy as ever. Lin was next to him, similar in that she had come to this place. The two of them had even been roommates at the inn! The older woman was as stiff as ever, even a little disgruntled with her arms folded firmly over her chest. Yet there was a hint of a smile on her face. Behind Tenzin was his mother Katara, her waterbending master. Pema too sat behind him, with each of her children surrounding her legs. Even Zuko, the younger version she had met here, was among the faces that stared back at her! Not a single one of them looked upset with her, all carrying varied looks that were positive. Friendly. It felt so right...but why did it also feel so wrong?

    Being faced with loved ones she hadn't seen in years, Korra found herself weeping softly. The round tears rolled over her cheeks and onto her own lap, absorbed in the fabric. She rubbed at her face with her palms, finding herself unable to stop.
    "I d-don't want to forget any of you...I don't want to let you go!" She admitted in a soft and tearful gasp. "W-what if any of you come here...and I've moved on so much that I don't care about you as much as I do now?!" The very thought made her chest feel compressed, that she could let them go and become callous due to time spent away from them. To see her parents and feel nothing at all! To see Mako again, and... "It-it'd be wrong of me to just let you all go! I can't...I won't do it!"

    "Korra, honey...we don't mind if you move on." Korra's breath hitched in her throat, staring in shock as her 'mother' spoke up. "No matter what, you would have lost us one way or another. Part of being a parent is...leaving your child behind. We can only hope that we have raised you right. That you will be able to survive without us...and you have, haven't you?" She regarded her daughter, as if noticing that Korra had aged since last they spoke. "You've become a very strong young woman."

    "Your mother is right, sweetie." Came the deep voice of her father. "It is always hard to let go, but we wouldn't want you to mourn us forever. This circumstance is...different, that's true. Maybe we will appear with you again someday. But do you really think you wouldn't love us just as much as you do now? Even if you get to be my age?" Tonraq sounded amused by the very idea, that his daughter would grow to hate him just because he had effectively passed on.

    "Your parents are right, Korra. It was hard for me to let go of my father...and maybe in some ways, I still haven't let him go." Tenzin stroked his beard in thought. "These things take time, Korra...you won't wake up and find yourself immediately over your loss. But you will feel better...as you walk away from today, you will find it gets easier everyday!" He lifted his gaze to her and smiled, almost seeming sad. "I am...truly sorry that I have left you the way I had. I didn't want to leave you, or Sokka behind. You might not have been the easiest student to deal with but...I have always considered you my family, Korra." The eyes that peeked around Tenzin made it clear that he was not alone in his sentiment. The Avatar sniffled softly, giving the family a tearful grin.

    "Hmph. All of this moping about doesn't do a thing. You're better than that, Korra. You need to pick yourself up and keep going, finish this journey and find all that peace nonsense in yourself!" The crusty cop waved a hand in the air flippantly, though her gaze smoothed into a more genuine stare. "You don't want to carry around this sort of grief, Korra, and find yourself a bitter old woman. I regret never truly finding my own peace...and I too, regret leaving the both of you kids behind. You didn't deserve that." So gruff, and yet so true. Korra still gave the woman a respectful nod that was returned with a smirk.

    "Loss is a part of life, Korra. You must accept what has happened...and move past it. Nobody wants you to be lost in a state of despair, Korra." Came the wizened and gentle voice of her Waterbending Master. Her first mentor, and perhaps the one who seemed to have the most faith in her abilities. The older woman smiled at her, and Korra thought of those that Katara had lost over the years. She definitely understood how she felt.

    "Okay...maybe you're right. I mean...nobody can really replace my parents. Or...mentors," She motioned to Tenzin, Lin and Katara. "But friends, and..." Korra's gaze settled on the figure that had been her boyfriend, the first and only person she had fallen in love with. She quickly tore her eyes away from him. "You are all still important to me...you're my first friends aside from Naga. What if I unintentionally replace you all by...making more friends?" Something else went unspoken, as she stole another glance at Mako. It was obvious she meant more than just friends.

    "Korra...you know that's not true. You aren't that shallow, or fickle." Asami spoke, a gentle firmness as she smiled at her friend. "You will always remember your first friends. You shouldn't let what happened with us keep you from getting close to other people and making more friends!"

    "Yeah Korra! You're a great friend, you shouldn't keep others from finding out what a wonderful person you are!" Bolin insisted with a boisterous grin.

    "We're always going to be here for you, Korra. In your heart and in your memories. As long as you remember us, you will never really lose us. Even if you let us go, you won't lose us. It just won't hurt to think about us...and that will feel better, right?" Mako spoke with a firm, yet kind logic. He even smiled right at her, as if he knew exactly what she was talking about.

    "I...do like making friends and meeting new people. So I guess there's nothing wrong so long as I remember you guys. Which I definitely will! Nobody could replace any of you." Korra gave Asami and Bolin a firm smile, the trail of tears down her cheeks lessening with every kind word from them. "You...all of you...are special. But..." A frown returned to her lips as she kept her gaze steady on Mako this time. The longer she stared, the more her lips seemed to shake. "W-what if I fall in love with somebody else? Aren't we...we're technically still together. I couldn't move on and date anybody if you're not here! I can't rightly break up with you! You're gone! And what if I do date somebody else and...you come here! And you expect us to be together and...I'll have to choose between two people I love."

    A wry smile stretched across Mako's face as he chuckled. "Now you know how I felt!" Korra's cheeks burned at the statement. Okay, maybe he had a point there. The young firebender gave her a warm smile. "Korra, would you want me to refuse getting into any relationship again, on the off-chance that we might one day see each other again? I mean...I don't want you to forget us or just...date around without a care. But you never know! You might find somebody you really care about that you'll be able to have a future with. I love you Korra but...right now? The two of us...we don't have a future together."

    Harsh...but maybe that was what she needed to hear. Korra nibbled her lower lip, swiping her hand across her face to wipe away the tears. Eventually, she sighed deeply.
    "Okay...I see what you mean. I w-wouldn't...want you to be alone and mourning over me either. And maybe...w-we really don't have any sort of future together so...there's no use clinging on to what could have been." Each admission seemed to make the people in front of her happy, as if she was taking a weight off of their backs as well. Fog around their bodies loomed like the waves of an ocean, swirling around. "I still...it's so hard to think about moving on sometimes. You know? Sometimes it feels like...missing you guys is the only way I can reconnect with you all. Like it's all I have left."

    "It is absolutely not the only way you can reconnect with us, Korra. Making yourself mourn for us is painful, it only makes you stagnate. The way to reconnect with us...is here." Tenzin raised a hand and placed it over his heart with a wise smile. He moved to gesture to his temple next. "And here."

    Despite the situation, Korra found herself laughing softly. As if it helped the tension in her body, to laugh.
    "Okay Tenzin...you're right. I...I have to let you all go but that doesn't mean I will forget you. And I will...continue with my life." She turned to look at Mako. "All of...my life." She spoke haltingly, as if waiting for the firebender to deny her or argue with her. Instead, he nodded his head in soft agreement. Yes, Korra. Move on and grow. "I love you...all of you. Every single one of you!" The smiles on all of their faces read clear; they knew she did. And they loved her back. The gentle waves of fog moved in quick, swallowing up every one of the figures before her. Her throat clenched at the sight, hitching and feeling as if she might sob...! Only for her to take a deep breath in, and then out just as deeply. "Good bye..." Her body began to move of its own volition, as if she were seated upon something being pulled...! Walls whooshed by her and suddenly the dark walls of the cave were replaced by sunshine! Bright and dry...like that of...a desert...?


    Korra stared out at the orange landscape, taking a few moments to realize she was no longer meditating. She blinked, once and then twice, her eyes feeling so...dry! Why did...? A whimper next to her ear made the young woman turn, jolting slightly before she felt a thick and moist tongue lapping at her cheeks. Only then was she aware of the dried salty trails down her cheeks. She sniffed, and pushed Naga's face away softly. "Ssh, ssh...it's okay girl." The young Avatar planted a soft kiss atop the moist black nose. "I'll be alright." Honestly, she would be. As Tenzin said, it wasn't as if she suddenly had no sadness regarding the people she had lost. But it did feel...better, to confront her emotions and let herself really feel it. She shuffled over, reclining herself against Naga's body as the polar bear dog curled around her as though it was second nature. A light wind blew in the distance, and the young Avatar felt...peaceful. Free from her burdens. There were no regrets today.

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