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    Lovey Dovey Movie Time

    Knock Out


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    Lovey Dovey Movie Time

    Post by Knock Out on Fri Feb 10, 2017 11:56 pm

    Time: 7:45 PM
    Date: February 10, 0007

    Compared to Halloween and Christmas, visitors would find the Drive-In had fewer decorations up for this month's holiday. A few pastel colored hearts on the glass doors and counters, a basket of colorful flowers, and even a few heart shaped boxes stacked by the register. Just in case anybody felt like buying chocolates to share for a meager 5 credits! Paired with the normal Reese's were some heart shaped cups. Otherwise, the menu wasn't changed for the occasion. For his own part, Knock Out had at least waxed his crimson paint job until it gleamed. Strange as it was to celebrate romance, he felt he should look the part and dazzle.

    Visitors for tonight would find the mech standing at the entrance and handing out little flyers like normal. Tonight's selection of movies weren't too bad from what Knock Out remembered about them! A lengthy little movie transpiring the friendship and blossoming romance between two humans, and a movie about an epic boat disaster! Oh and also two people on board fell in love and stuff. On the whole, not bad as far as romance went. Both movies engaged his attention and only one scene in the Titantic had him sneering. Speaking of...the bright red mech eyed two particular young teenagers, an emo young male and a purple haired young female. Inauspicious enough and yet... "There will be no interfacing on this property tonight! Not in the grass and especially not in any cars!"

    Both teenagers groaned aloud, the male with eyeliner openly sneering as he nudged his way past the Cybertronian. "Ugh, you weirdo! You're lucky this is our date night!" Scoffing deep in his throat, he reached with fingerless gloves for his girlfriend's hand. "C'mon babe. Let's go find a seat and do whatever we wanna do cause it isn't some dumb nerd-bot's business!"

    "Yeah. We're paying customers so you're just gonna have to deal, Mr. Creepy robot!" The female stuck her nose in the air and squeezed her boyfriend's hand before they both trounced their way towards the concession stand. In their dark and edgy wake, they left behind a slightly annoyed mech.

    Knock Out burned holes into their backs with his bright optics, simmering silently. Though not so silent for long. "The movie is FREE, you aren't paying customers until you buy some food! Freeloaders!" He yelled at them, waving a fist in the air and becoming miffed even more at the lack of response. Ugh, teenagers. Bet they even snuck their own food in too! Well he'd catch them, and he'd kick them out! Indignant little...hmph! Facing the front once again, he held out yet another flyer. A much more well-behaved customer took it this time, and he wiggled his digits at the woman. "Enjoy the show! It starts in fifteen minutes!"

    ((OOC note: This thread is open for anyone who wants to see the first night of the marathon, and threads are welcome for anyone who wants to go see the other movies. The showtime schedule for these movies are:

    • Friday February 10th, When Harry Met Sally and Titantic. When Harry Met Sally starts at 8. After it finishes, a small short film will be played during the intermission to pass the time, allowing a break for concession and bathroom stops. Then, Titanic will start.
    • Saturday February 11th, The Princess Bride and Beauty and the Beast. The Princess Bride starts at 8. The rest of the details are the same as above.
    • Sunday February 12th, Meet Joe Black and Valentine's day. Meet Joe Black starts at 8. The rest of the details are the same as above.


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