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    Open Your Eyes

    Post by Vaati on Tue Jan 31, 2017 12:03 am

    Date: January 12, 2017
    Time: 4:00am

    Vaati might have been able to go for a long while without sleep… that was simply part of his nature even before he had become and fully awakened as the Wind Mage. That said though, he did thoroughly enjoy being able to procure a good night’s rest, or any rest if he happened to need it at less than standard times. He practically always had his instincts aware, and sometimes spells active to wake him in the event of anything major, but a little known fact about Vaati was that he was a surprisingly deep sleeper. If he was tired, and if he was in need of a certain amount of sleep, once he was conked out and whisked away to slumber, he was incredibly hard to awaken.

    Considering how he was most likely to act if he was awakened by something unimportant, and in some cases even important matters, it was probably a very good thing that he was. And tonight, just like so many other nights, as he had got settled for bed, the Wind Mage found himself incredibly glad that he was such a deep sleeper.

    Right now, this was complete and total bliss.

    As Vaati laid on his comfy, plush bed, he was undoubtedly in some part of Stage IV deep sleep, the absolute best one that there was, and gods willing, he was set to enjoy this for as long as he could, even if he himself was not consciously aware of that desire at the moment.

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