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    Post by Korra on Thu Jan 26, 2017 5:18 am

    Time: 1 PM
    Date: August 7, 0007

    In great contrast to the last time she had been on her way to unlock a Chakra, Korra did not find herself afraid of the future. With two Chakras down, there was no unease. It began to feel...good. Facing her fears and guilt was a relief. As though she had dropped heavy weights that ached upon her back. Four more Chakras down to face, and who knew what else she would need to endure? Korra and Naga only spent an extra day by the shore, and most of that time had been spent relaxing or catching fish. The Avatar used her firebending to cook the fish, making them crispy and delicious. Any they had not eaten were stashed away in bags, to be reheated with a blast or two of fire again. The young woman was sure they would keep if properly preserved in baggies. Loading up the large saddle, Korra's fingers wove through long white fur as she whispered to her companion gently. "We're gonna go to the Tundra now, Naga. You're going to love it, it'll be just like home!" As if the polar bear dog understood, her great tail wagged dutifully as the young woman mounted her way into the saddle. With a flick of the reins they were off, the tent made of earthbending crumbling at their heels to become pebbled dirt.

    With the close proximity to the Icelands, it didn't take very long for the snow dusted grass to turn into a land of ice and snow. Naga's huge paws easily pushed through the snow, the white beast trudging through and carving a pathway through the snow. Korra had donned the parka she had brought through the portal into the Breach, the dark blue fabric standing out from the white landscape. With the hood drawn up, the woman couldn't help the smile on her face even as the cold air bit at her cheeks. As a native to the Southern Water Tribe, this environment was homey rather than desolate. The map for Portal Breach was clamped firmly in her hands and eventually she could spy the bright red land on the horizon. Blocking the sun with a hand, Korra narrowed her eyes and frowned lightly. Hm...the volcanoes in the Icelands seemed the most natural place to meditate for the fire Chakra, if ironic, but the volcano system indicated by the map... There was way too much lava for her to find it safe. It almost seemed...unnatural. Tugging the reins away from that direction, she still didn't stray too far! She just had to find one that wasn't so active.

    Guidance from the map soon draw the two friends to a different mountainside. Despite the lack of flowing lava, Korra trusted the map enough to decide that this was the right spot. Better than the lake of magma, in any case. Hopping down from the saddle, snow crunched beneath her heels as Korra set to work on removing the saddle from her companion. Grunting under her breath, it slid off of the ivory fur and settled onto the snow, weight evenly distributed across the area. "Alright girl. I'm going to meditate, you can roll around in the snow, or hunt for little arctic rabbits, or whatever you feel like doing!" She squished Naga's doggy cheeks between her hands, giggling and making kissy faces at her friend. Naga returned the affection by nudging forward, tongue darting out to lick Korra in the face. It caught her off guard, slick doggy slobber now coating her nose and settling on her lips. "Gross Naga! That's dirty, you cheat!" Despite her irritated tone, she was smiling as she wiped her face with a sleeve. Reaching down to scoop up one certain bag, she slung it upon her back and waved to her beastly friend. The two of them parted ways, Korra beginning to ascend up the mountain and Naga pouncing about in the snow.

    Making her way up to the top, Korra pulled the parka around herself and focused on her breathing as she stomped through the snow. The chilliness really didn't bother her too much since she grew up in this type of weather, but she still needed some protection. Calling upon her memories of firebending training, Korra kept her breath even and deep. The simple motion was enough to keep her body warm. As she neared the peak, she could sense the volcanic energy beneath her feet and down into the crust of the planet. Not particularly active...but the sensation caused her to crack a smile anyway. She had never really seen volcanoes like this...in a way, Korra regretted never getting to visit the Fire Nation when she was back home. Or the Earth Kingdom, for that matter! As many unique sites as Portal Breach had allowed her to see, some just couldn't be replaced. Deeming her current spot good enough, Korra plopped down into the snow in a rather unceremonious fashion. The bag lazily drifted off of her shoulder, and Korra turned it to lay across her lap. As she reached a hand inside, her stomach grumbled beneath both shirt and parka. Welp, as good a time for a snack as any! Her finger wove around a small, stick shaped bit of something and pulled it out to reveal a stick of jerky! The young Avatar immediately chomped down, nibbling as the rest of the meat stuck out of her mouth like a strange cigarette. It bobbed up and down as she consumed it hungrily, gnawing on it fervently. Meanwhile, her hand went back to searching and found the next scroll for her meditation.

    As with the other scrolls, this one was also bound with a colored ribbon, yellow in this case. At the very top of the scroll and tied with the ribbon was a bit of metal with a unique design. The flower design was familiar by this point, a thumb tracing over the petals, but the symbol in the middle had changed yet again. Tracing this too, she untied the ribbon and unfurled the paper before her as the little stick of meat in her mouth grew shorter and shorter. Manipura, She mused to herself, quiet as her mouth was full. The word apparently meant 'City of Jewels', an interesting step up from 'Root support' and 'One's own base'. The Solar Plexus Chakra, located between the navel and solar plexus. A hand drifted to the spot, fingers pressing through the fabric of her layers to find it. It deals with willpower, and is blocked by shame. She paused in chewing, the jerky now a mere nub between her lips that she sucked in easily. Shame? Wasn't that basically like guilt? If you feel guilty for something, you feel ashamed, and vice versa? Brows furrowing, she pondered it over before shrugging it off. If she was supposed to meditate on the things she felt ashamed about, alright. She'd do that. This Chakra sounded like it was right up her alley anyway! Willpower, passion, transformation...it was a surprisingly active one, and apparently linked to digestion at that! Remembering to keep her hood up as she meditated, Korra finished her snack as she settled into the snow and got comfortable. A cedar incense was pulled out of the bag, ignoted between her index finger and thumb, and set to rest. Taking the typical meditation stance, she laid her arms to rest on her lap and pressed her knuckles to each other. This part was getting easier. Tenzin would be proud. she thought to herself with a sad smile, before focusing only on the scent of burning wood, and the harsh wind of the Icelands.


    A white landscape once again lay before her eyes, though the intensity had died down since the last time she saw it only two days ago. Despite that, Korra kept her wits about herself this time as she stepped forward with careful footsteps. Hm, there was a lack of intensity bearing down upon her own back. In fact, she didn't really...feel much of anything this time, aside from curiosity about what she could be so ashamed about. The young Avatar walked for what felt like hours, yet at the same time only seemed to be mere seconds, before the area changed mid-step. Suddenly she was in the hallway of the Inn, right outside of her own room. It was vivid enough that she could see the details in the walls. Grimacing, Korra almost seemed to know what she would find as she turned...and yet again witnessed her own body lifting up Barney and pinning him to the wall. Eyes blazing white and intense as a sun. Icicles floated behind herself,  ready at any moment to strike. Throat clenching, Korra averted her eyes. "I really could have hurt him--


    Stillness was suddenly interrupted by noise. Something sharp, piercing through skin. Blood splattering upon the walls. The dying, startled groans of a man before all was still once again. Gasping, Korra raised her head to see what had happened. "Wh-what?! That didn't happen! I didn't do that...!" Shaken, she couldn't tear her gaze away as her other self released the man's shirt. Resembling a pincushion more than a man, he crumpled to the floor before his beaten body dissolved into mere code that floated up into the air. She centered her gaze upon herself, eyes still glowing and...smiling. Fear ebbed away as Korra curled her lip in disgust. "He was an innocent man! How could you-I-you do that?!" Stepping forward, she pushed at the other Korra roughly, who 's only response was to stare her down. "Well? Don't you have anything to say for yourself?!"

    "I am the Avatar. I can make judgements as I see fit, and I deemed that man guilty of killing my friend." Numerous voices came from her own mouth, eyes that didn't resemble herself at all. This was the closest thing Korra had ever had to a mirror when it came to seeing what she looked like in Avatar form. Now that she was looking at it...a gaze that seemed so vacant and yet so full, a voice that didn't even fit her mouth... The young woman found herself unnerved. And...ashamed.

    "That was a mistake...you can't just do something like that because you feel like it!" Korra insisted, standing firm against this shade of herself. "You can't just abuse your power like that, or you're no worse than people like Tarrlok! Just because you were suspicious of him doesn't mean a thing!"

    "You must not have heard me," A smirk crawled upon the other Korra's face, and it made her look more like the real Korra than ever. "I am the Avatar. I do what I want, whenever I want. I have all the power in the world! I have lived thousands of lives, and they all grant me wisdom in my decisions! I haven't abused my power, because nobody controls me!" Fire light up her fists, and the other Korra propelled herself through the roof in an explosive burst of firebending! Korra drew back, staring at the splintered floors and hearing panicked yells of other residents. Taking off in a jog, the young Avatar made her way down the stairs and burst through the front doors. Turning her head sharply to the left and right, she swiftly found herself on the asphalt. She barely had time to prepare herself before the other Korra suddenly brought both fists down.


    Asphalt splintered apart and shifted as a giant and jagged line was carved through the road. Korra's breath caught in her throat, staring in confusion before she took off again. Stopping by the crack, she peered down into the very center of it, where the other Korra seemed to be using Earthbending to dig down. All around, horns honked and people murmured in a panic. Words began to go around as the citizens wondered what was going on. An attack? Some new disaster? Korra narrowed her eyes into the crater and cupped her hands around her mouth as she shouted down.

    Scarcely turning from her work, the other Korra didn't seem to shout and yet her voice carried up to the Avatar's ears all the same. "I'm using the powers I have to reach the Pool of Souls and find Sokka. I will pull him out and he will be safe with me again."

    Pulling at the twin ponytails on the side of her face, Korra groaned loudly.
    "Come on! You...I...we can't possibly be this stupid! That's not gonna work!" Ignoring her words, the other Korra continued to work, the crack expanding down the street. More people yelled out and now they were running away, evacuating the area in their fear of her. The concrete beneath her feet crumbled but Korra allowed it, skating on her heels down the slope and into the very center of this hole. "Listen to me. If you keep this up, you're going to hurt people. Possibly kill them! This isn't right!" No reaction at all. The young woman sighed, feeling a deep pit in her own stomach. This was better than being faced with her guilt and yet...worse. To see herself as this...impulsive, idiotic thing. Was this really what she was like when she got stubborn? Was this really Korra? Chewing on her lower lip, Korra reached out to clasp the shoulder of the other Korra. Gently this time, which seemed to do something. At least, it made her stop earthbending. "I know you're scared. You feel powerless...and you miss your friend. You're confused, and you don't know what to do. But this... A hand stretched out to the crevice that had been dug through road and earth. "This isn't it. We shouldn't abuse our power. We need to respect and understand it. And if something doesn't go the way we like...we should think for a second. I've been through this...and Sokka will return in a few days. Happy, and in one piece. That man you killed...was just returning Sokka's sword. He's innocent."

    Slowly but surely, the other Korra turned to face her until they were both eye to eye. Her face was unsteady, frowning in a guilt felt by numerous lives. "I...I am sorry. Tarrlok was right. I really am just like him."

    "No!" Both hands clasped her shoulders now. "We can be better than Tarrlok. He realized too late what he was doing but us...we can learn. And maybe the next time I ever go into the Avatar state...I won't be so out of control." A shaky smile met the other's frown. "I really should have been listening to Tenzin all this time...he was always talking about control. Being driven isn't bad but...we need to control ourselves. And that starts...with knowing how to listen to people." The other Korra's head lowered in shame, feeling remorse for the impulsive actions that had occurred. The real Korra only smiled, and embraced the figure that had made her uneasy before. And in doing so, embraced herself. Her own faults and flaws, her impulsiveness and hotheaded nature. She embraced all of this within her own self and decided: I will do better.


    Upon opening her eyes, Korra found that the barren whiteness of the tundra was a far cry from the vivid and crowded Cityscape she had seen while meditating. The site of it was still a welcome one, and the young Avatar smiled as she faced the sun. Three Chakras down, and again she felt whole, somehow. Cleansed, as if a kink in her muscles had been loosened. The young Avatar had not entered the Avatar State since that altercation with Mr. Calhoun, perhaps in part due to how the experience made her feel disconnected from herself. So many souls suddenly at the forefront and controlling her actions, fueled in that moment by intense emotions. How close she had come to seriously harming poor Barney, who had only happened upon her by chance... Breathing out slowly, Korra snuffed the incense in the snow and began to pack up what little she had removed from the bag. No, she wouldn't linger on the 'what if's for that day. She wasn't the same as she was back then, Korra was smarter, if even only a little. More decisive, and thoughtful in her actions. This journey only proved as much to herself. If ever she went into the Avatar State again...this meditation period had assured the young woman that she had grown enough to better control herself. Lifting herself up out of the snow, Korra smiled, and continued forward.

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