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    One Step Forward

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    One Step Forward

    Post by Alasdair & Sutekh on Sat Jan 07, 2017 8:15 pm

    JANUARY 5th | NOON | YEAR 7

    Knock, knock...

    "Alasdair? Are you there? Come on out, dear, let's go out today."

    "Mm... I'm okay..."

    "Nonsense, you've been stuck inside for months! Let's have a nice outing, just you and me."

    "No, that's okay..."

    The feline didn't take 'no' for an answer, and it wasn't long before she had a grasp of Al's hand, tugging him gently along the sidewalk and up the library steps. "See? This isn't so bad," Lunette purred as she led them both inside, Alasdair barely making an effort to walk her speed. "I hear they've some new books! Maybe they'll have what you were looking for?" she said, looking at him with a cheery face. Al merely nodded, not even really paying attention to his surroundings, his mind as blank as his expression. Frowning a bit, she gave his hand a gentle tug and led them through the library. "Here, why don't you take a seat here? I'm going to look for some cookbooks from other worlds--if you don't want to stay here, you're free to wander! Go find something, dear." The undead received a hug and a kiss upon his forehead before Lunette left, but he didn't react or move.

    Alone at the table, the only thing he did was let his head fall and slam against the wood. A gentle coo emitted from behind him as a white pigeon perched itself on top of his head. The bird seemed to have a note around its ankle, but Al didn't notice, and instead, let his little friend make a nest out of his hair. "Mm..." was his response to the gentle cooing of the bird as it fluffed up its feathers and made itself comfortable. Eyes closed, mind blank, there wasn't anything Alasdair wanted to do. His previous desires involved searching for homeworld textbooks, and the hunt for artifacts... that's right, he and Sutekh were looking for some, weren't they? To make a museum. That was still a plan, along with homeworld books, but for the moment, it wasn't terribly important to him.

    Nothing felt important, really. It was hard for Al to even move around the apartment, let alone leave and socialize. Staying inside in the dark, curled up on the sofa... even he knew it wasn't the best way to deal with whatever he was going through, and that was another issue. He wasn't sure if he felt depressed, or scared, or just unsure about the world around him anymore. It was so hard to describe, and it was hard to relay it to others... he felt trapped within himself. How could he speak to others if he didn't even know what was going on?

    "Coooo..." the pigeon ruffled its feathers gently and hopped off of his head onto the table. Its head tilted back and forth as it gazed upon the several books and the strangeness of the library before it walked over to Al's face. Another coo came from it as it started to gently peck at his face, much like a puppy who pawed at its owner for attention. Pupils focused on the bird for a moment before the undead reached out and gave it a gentle pat, the pigeon scrunching up a bit in comfort and cooing once more. "I'm sorry," Al said with a weak tone, "you're a good pet, Dahlia." The pigeon fluffed up at the compliment, and Al finally noticed the note on its leg.

    Removing it gently from the bird's leg, the parchment unrolled and inside was a small note from Sutekh. Alasdair furrowed his brow as he read it quickly, and crumpled it up in his hands. "Hm..." It took him a moment to decide what to do, but he finally stood from his spot and began walking in the opposite direction of where Lunette went. If he was here, he might as well read some books, he figured. Dahlia watched him with a tilted head before fluttering off of the table and perching back onto its owner's head with a coo. "Don't make a mess in here, okay?" he asked softly, his hand reaching up and stroking the bird's chest.

    It had been so long since he was here... maybe, after all these months, there was at least one book from home...

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