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    10 Minutes to Midnight

    Alasdair & Sutekh


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    10 Minutes to Midnight

    Post by Alasdair & Sutekh on Mon Jan 02, 2017 12:01 am

    December 31st | 23:50 | YEAR 7

    The first of January. On Earth, it brought in the new year. On Portal Breach, however, it meant nothing. The first of the year was still a few months a way, and while most knew this, there were still some who refused to give up their Earthen traditions. The smell of barbecued foodstuffs soared through the air below the apartment, a small party of mostly humans and some more alien looking creatures laughed and joked aloud. A tent covered them from the falling snow, and though it was cold out, it never seemed to bother them. Their clothes were thick, keeping them warm and happy in this time of season.

    Sutekh leaned his head out of the window, looking down and sniffing at the air heavily, licking his lips as the scent of cooking burgers and crisping bratwurst filled his nose. Inside, the TV was on, filling the room with noise of chattering while in reality, neither of the residence spoke for some time. The apartment building itself felt empty, Alasdair and Sutekh appearing to be the only active residence there, and it felt eerie and somewhat depressing having no noise or chatter of other beings.

    Alasdair continued to lay on the couch, his back exposed as he hid his face against the couch's back. He hadn't moved in days, and Sutekh, trying to be a good friend, tried to talk to him and turn him. Instead of thanking him or doing anything curteous, the undead merely rolled back over and hid once more. The beastman kept asking what was wrong, kept asking what he could do, but it seemed like all his friend wanted was to be alone. With his attention on Cailia, Sutekh was fine giving his friend space... but how much space? For how long?

    Letting out a loud sigh, Sutekh finally stood up from his spot and glanced to the Jiangshi, a small scowl on his face before clearing his thoughts and asking, "do you want to come with me? Might go get something with Cail, go drinking..." the beast mumbled a bit and went silent.

    No answer.

    A deep growl came from his throat as he began to glare at Alasdair, feeling bitter and neglected. "Fine," the beastman stomped away and out the door, slamming it closed.

    Alasdair was left alone once again, the only thing to keep him company being the television and the noise it emited. Soon enough, the undead throw the remote suddenly at the device, shutting it off and having complete silence. Maybe it was what he deserved, to be left alone until he withered away, he thought. Such self-destructive thoughts filled his mind, but he quickly blocked them, letting out a false breath and closing his eyes.

    "... I'm sorry..."

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