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    Down Through the Cable



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    Down Through the Cable

    Post by Mortis on Thu Dec 22, 2016 6:02 am

    Time: 3:00 AM
    Date: December 25, 0007

    All around the city it was the eve of the Holiday, whether it was in the ever bustling business district, or the sleepy, comfortable homes of suburbia. Dense clouds covered the sky in a thick blanket that made the heavens feel a little warmer, cozier despite the frigid winter chill that clung to the snowy earth. In all the residences, citizens were tucked in comfortably, snug in their beds and lost in their dreams. But in one house in particular, things were not quite so settled as they seemed.

    Throughout Kev’s household all were sound asleep in their beds –or least should be- a morning of gift giving and quality time with their family awaiting the trio and their pets. Inside, their home was near the picturesque example of a holiday home. The living room was decorated for the occasion, a tree glittering from bottom to tip with delicate ornaments of all colors and shapes and entwined with strings of glowing lights. On the fireplace hung stockings, placed with care and filled to the brim with goodies, much like the tree which held a small pile of gifts wrapped in decorative paper and ribbons. In all it seemed as if the spirit of the season had already visited their home and left plenty to enjoy. But something was missing; this picture did not seem completely whole…


    The television screen in the living room flickered to life, illuminating the room in an eerie, cold light that cast harsh shadows which danced over the furniture and across the floor. A wash of static droned softly across the speakers, and covered the glassy picture in a blizzard of grey and white pixels. The remote remained upon the couch, undisturbed by any roaming furry bodies or restless tenants, the rows of buttons upon its surface remained lifeless and dark. At once the mindless drizzle shifted on the screen, static given life as it shifted this way and that. The silhouette of a body took shape among the static, at once part of it and yet distinctly detached as it moved forward, its stride though flickering with the unstable picture undeniably purposeful. At once the screen flared and glowed a brilliant white, static arcing and snapping along the edges of the massive flat-screen as something pulled itself through the picture. Clawed hands reached through and bent to grasp its slim edges, using the televison’s frame as leverage as the intruder literally ripped himself out of the screen in a burst of electronic fuzz to land solidly in the living room with a soft thump! Static crackled across the surface of a long, dark overcoat and arced between the gaps in his skeletal snout as he stepped into the room. The smell of incense clung heavily to his form. Tendrils of the fragrant smoke trickled from the holes in the top of a small gold container that was shaped like an orb, and hung around his neck with a strip of leather. It was not much, but it helped to suppress the malignant energies that his form gave off, if only a little.

    Slung over his shoulder was a bulging, weighty reason for his late night visit.

    A large red sack, closed tight with an equally red string burdened his host and was handled with utmost care as he navigated the dark room. Pinned to the lip of the bag was an envelope, decorated in festive patterns of tiny evergreen trees along the edges. Upon its surface was writing in neat, clear strokes:

    To Fear, Kev, and Livewire

    The screen continued to glow and hiss at his back as he shambled, its glare twisting an already twisted form.  Empty eye sockets scanned the room. From what he remembered, the dogs tended to sleep in the guest room upstairs. He likely would not need to worry about them while he went about his nightly business. In the back of his mind, his thoughts nagged at him about how this entire endeavor was breaking and entering, the constant reminding of how he was trespassing- without judicial purpose, without a warrant, and above all, without invitation or knowledge by the homeowners. If anything went awry, the ISOs could be called in on his bony derriere without a second thought.

    Or at least they would be, if the owners were not his brother and Kev, he told himself. He did his best to quell the scolding of his judicial instincts, justifying that perhaps they would not mind if he stopped by, especially for the sake of delivering gifts… And he ultimately failed. The thought of tramping what he used to uphold, even if it was one night out of centuries of lawful duty, disturbed him in its own way. But even more disturbing still, was the thought of being discovered, and then asked to stick around for the duration of the Holiday itself.

    Not in the sense that the ghoul loathed to be around his brother’s small family, but since the majority of them were very vulnerable to his corrupting aura… The ghoul was wary about spending any time longer than necessary around them or their home. One could even say he was terrified at the thought of possibly spreading his sickly presence to them.

    Much like his last visit, this one would be brief; a simple task of slipping by and leaving without leaving too much of his necrotic presence to fester around their home.

    Effortlessly he sought out the tree, navigating the dark living room with ease. While many mortals would find walking around their house at night without any lights on a daunting challenge, the superfiend could see in the dark just as well as he did in the day with his supernatural senses. Bare feet scuffled along the carpet, and joints popped dryly as he came to kneel next to the tree. Carefully he brought the bright red satchel off of his shoulder, its contents jostling slightly as he brought it to rest on the floor, next to the other gifts. The bag itself was large enough that he did not want to risk toppling the tree in the process of maneuvering it beneath its decorated branches. And when the trio happened upon it, they would find that it, and possibly the room, was permeated with the scent of sage, clove, and garlic; much like when he had dropped off his gifts for his brother’s birthday. With every time that Mortis had come to leave something for the family, the smell of purifying incense was quickly becoming his calling card. The bag was tilted  so that the envelope faced outward to the room, and would be clearly visible to the residents when they came down to open gifts in the morning.

    …At least it would have, should the satchel have not favored towards swaying from one side and then the other which each attempt to set it upright. After a few attempts to fight the bag’s heavy leaning, the undead let it lay on its side on the floor, mindful to ensure that the note still was visible.

    Come morning, when the family awoke, they would find the satchel was full of gifts, lovingly wrapped in festive paper and tied up with shimmering ribbons and bows. There were gifts for Livewire, each wrapped in colorful patterns of gingerbread boys, complete with their icing clothes and gumdrop buttons, and tied with vibrant red ribbon and equally bright red bows. His brother’s gifts were wrapped in paper that had little decorated pine trees, strung with lights and festive bulbs. Green ribbons bound his gifts, and were topped with bright green bows. Finally, Kev too would find gifts for him in the large red sack, all of them wrapped in candy-cane printed paper. White and red ribbons crisscrossed over the neatly wrapped packages, and were topped with a bow that was striped red and white as well. All of them of course were labeled accordingly.

    From: Mortis To: Livewire
    From: Mortis To: Fear
    And, From: Mortis To: Kev

    Ancient joints creaked and groaned as the undead stood up, looking over his handiwork. Although he was certain to pack the satchel full of gifts for his brother’s small family, something about it felt as if he did not give them enough… Of course, he could have brought in a freshly butchered doe, cleaned and dressed. He could have wrapped it up in twine and placed it in the freezer. But, something told him that Fear and Livewire may not be much for fresh venison, the meat had a particular flavor that was more of an acquired taste, or so he had heard. He had considered as well trying his hand at baking for all of a few minutes before shoving the thought aside. His hands were not meant for making tasty treats, rotten and decrepit as they were. They rotted and mulched the living, and could create a fine fertilizer for the garden, but he never forgot that their purpose was to destroy and putrefy. Creating any sweet confections would undoubtedly turn into a complete nightmare of upset stomachs and bathroom runs.

    What a way to spend a holiday.

    Oh, but there was one thing he could add to their home. In the harvest season the undead had managed to grow plenty of sweet pumpkins. Maybe Fear’s family would not mind having a few to cook with? There were plenty of Holiday recipes that included pumpkins, hot soups, pies, breads… they were a surprisingly versatile little gourd. Yes, that would be a perfect little cherry on top to his holiday gift giving. He turned around, and with a skip and a rigid hop, he lunged back through the TV, his host enveloped in a splash of static. Moments later, he returned with two plump sugar pumpkins, one held   in each massive hand. It took but a few minutes to place them on the kitchen counter, along with a note that was folded so it stood up on the smooth surface.

    ”For your enjoyment, from Mortisss.” It read.

    So, Mortis gave a small, quiet sigh; satisfied with his work, before turning and shambling his way back to the flat-screen TV and its cold, flickering glow. There was another snap and pop of electricity as he stepped back into the blizzard of static. The moment his form disappeared into the flickering pixilated fuzz, the screen flicked itself off, and the house was left dark and still once more. The only evidence of his visit was the gentle fragrance of incense slowly permeating through the living room, and the red sack of presents that lay next to the Holiday tree.

    Dear Livewire, Fear, and Kev…:

    I hope you three are having a nice Holiday, I will be ssspending mine at home, but I have ssstopped by asss promisssed to give you your giftsss. Undoubtedly you will have found them by now and may even be opening them while you read thisss.

    If ssso, you may have noticed that I held back a little in my lettersss while I wasss in the junglesss. I wanted the giftsss to be a sssurprissse, you sssee. Many of thessse giftsss I have brought back from the lizard city, Tz’tchotlan. I thought perhapsss that Livewire would like some of the jewelry that they wore, and ssso I bought a few trinketsss that ssshe might like. You need not worry about there being anything too mature for her, my brother, Kev. There are merely a few banglesss and necklacesss for her to flaunt and enjoy ssshould sshe ssso choossse. I made sssure to find the onesss that were colorful and bright, sssince ssshe ssseemsss to enjoy their vibrancy. I alssso added a few thingsss to your gift, Livewire. There wasss a merchant who sssold thessse little carved figurinesss, and lo and behold there happened to be a few catsss – or I think they may have been catsss- among them. I found one that looked a little like your kitten, carved out of ebony and had jade eyesss. I alssso picked up a jade cat for you asss well. It may not look like your kitten, but I figured that perhapsss you might enjoy the patternsss in the stone. I know how you enjoysss your knitting, sssso there are a few patternsss for you to usssse, cat themed of courssse, and I included sssome toysss for your kitten. I found a few at the sssstore that were fairly noisssy that he might appreciate, but that isss for both you and Tiresssiasss to decide.

    For my brother, you will find the ressst of the canabisss that I had bought. Yessss, there isss more than the bundless I brought back for your birthday. The merchant had a great variety, the onesss I had given you were the relaxing kind, and I figured they would be a nice ssstep to ease you into how they make their weed. With thessse next onesss, I asssk you ussse them sssparingly, they are powerful blendsss. The onesss tied with orange sstring are consssidered “divination” blendsss, I sssusspect them to be hallucinogenic. Be mindful where you decide to enjoy thessse, my brother, the sssecond-hand high will likely have the sssame effect. The onesss that are tied with purple ssstring are consssidered medicinal, they are alssso very potent. The bundless may look sssmall, but they are indeed wrapped in bulk. The grower sssuggesssted they ssshould be mixed in with the relaxing blendsss.

    I alssso have managed to rear sssome baby sssproutsss during the month I have been home, You will find them wrapped and sssafe, with only a few leavesss poking out of their plantersss. I have resssearched and included growing inssstructionsss for all of them. Be sssure to follow the guide if you want to have sssome to yourssself. All of the plantersss are labeled asss to what type of canabisss isss growing in them, for eassse of mind. The plantsss will likely all look the sssame once they get growing.

    Do not worry about any ssslip upsss, I have included ssspare ssseedsss for you to ussse ssshould there be any accidentsss.

    I have not forgotten about you either while I wass in the lizard city, there wasss a merchant who sssold thessse intricate collarsss, and I inssstantly thought of you. I bought a few choice ssspecimensss for you, I presssume you ssstill enjoy wearing one, but much can change in a sssingle month, let alone ssseveral. I have included a few bookssss on rossse gardening for you to read, all the varietiesss I have given you for your birthday ssshould be in there.

    For you Kev, you enigmatic creature, I figured you might like sssome recipesss for cooking and making sssmoothiesss. Both you and Livewire ssseem to enjoy your knitting, ssso I alssso have given you an assortment of colorful yarn, and sssome patternsss asss well... Or ssshould I sssay, a book of patternssss. It sssaysss there are over one-thousssand patternsss, ssso it ssshould lassst you for a while.  I alssso managed to take down a large bear earlier in November, while Sssamhain and I were out hunting. Itssss fur wasss ssso thick and ssssoft, I inssstantly thought it would make a perfect blanket and that maybe you would enjoy it asss well. I have been teaching myssself how to tan hidesss and fursss, sssince Sssamhain keepsss dragging back sssomething out of the weedsss nearly every day. Ssso far I think thisss isss one of my bessst jobsss yet.

    If you ever need to clean it, I have included inssstructionsss, along with the addresssesss of a few placesss that could help if it getsss messsy.

    I alssso found a few ssscented candlesss that are sssupposssed to sssmell like a tropical foressst, exotic flowersss, citrusss, and an oceanic beach. Woolie ssseemed to approve of them when I let her have a sssniff. Her sssenssse of sssmell amazesss me every day, I may have forgotten to tell you, but ssshe hasss figured out how to tell the difference between the wildflowersss in the meadow from their ssscent alone. Esspecially the good and bad onesss. I have alssso picked up a few of thessse bath bombsss that you might like, thisss one ssshop had a nice assortment of them, essspecially the relaxing onesss. Given you are human now, I sssuppossse whether or not they are edible ssshould not be a problem for you at the moment.

    I wisssh you all a happy Holiday, and look forward to ssseeing you again sssometime. I misss you all, and think about you three every day.

    With love,

    The gifts:


    -An assortment of jewelry from the Ss’ruul city, comprised of necklaces and bangles.

    *The first necklace is strung with jade beads with long cylinders of gold in between every third bead, and has a gold grinning serpent head in the center that is masterfully crafted despite its small size. The gold cylinders have winding patterns along them, like a snake’s body. At the back is a simple gold clasp to keep it in place.

    *The second necklace is a chain of shining golden beads with shaped turquoise in between every fourth bead.

    *The third necklace is comprised entirely of delicate jade beads arranged so that nearly each one is the same size and shape.

    *There are five bangles. The bangles are all crafted from gold and some are shaped with swirling, zigzagging patterns that are cut into the metal. Inside the patterns are smaller golden beads. On one of the bangles, on the outside there is a visage of an eagle’s face, carved from jade that is inlaid into it.

    -A book of cat themed knitting patterns

    -Two cat statuettes from the Ss’ruul city. One is carved from ebony and has striking opal eyes. The other is carved from jade and has turquoise eyes. Each one is small enough to fit in her hand, but they are lovingly detailed.

    - An assortment of cat toys for Tiresias, they are all picked for the amount of noise they make instead of being incredibly colorful or interestingly shaped. There are crinkly toys, jingle toys, and a few toys with a squeaker in them.


    -Moar Weed!

    Fear receives nine bushels of weed, three are hallucinogenic, and three are considered medicinal. Each are labeled for ease of identification along with being wrapped in colorful twine to differentiate which is medicinal and which is hallucinogenic. Like last time, there are notes regarding what each of them do.

    HALLUCINOGENIC BLENDS (bound in bright orange)

    Ss’kta,Ttkakkta, and Mek’tahl: Allow the user to see “spirits”

    MEDICINAL BLENDS (bound in purple purple)

    Hakkal,Tahtti, and Ss’avv: Usually prescribed for “youthful ills”, they can ease pains of the heart and soul, and settle anxious nerves where the relaxing blends fail. There are two bulk bushels each of these since they are so small.

    -Baby weed plants, one of each type that Fear has received from Mortis thus far. They are mere sprouts, and are housed in little planter pots and covered with Ceram-wrap for protection while in the box.

    -Backup seeds for planting in case anything happens to the cannabis sprouts.

    -Growing Guides: How to Grow Beautiful Roses, and Envious Neighbors, Tending Tea Roses: A Beginner’s Guide

    -A set of four intricately crafted collars:



    -A smoothie cookbook: Delicious Fruit Smoothie Recipes From the Heart to Your Stomach

    -A book of one thousand knitting patterns.

    -An entire rainbow worth of colorful yarn (and ridiculous names to go with them)

    -A massive bear-skin blanket made from a grizzly bear, it is large enough to cover a queen-sized bed comfortably.

    - A bunch of relaxing scented bath bombs

    -An assortment of scented candles with a tropical, floral theme


    -Two sugar pumpkins, perfect for cooking

    ((Hi! I realize the time is set a bit forward, but since I won't be here on the day it is supposed to be put up, and will be gone for a while with family and no internet, I felt it safe to post this ahead of time.))

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