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    Post by Korra on Sat Dec 10, 2016 2:24 am

    Time: 9 AM
    Date: August 5, 0007

    Together, the Avatar and polar bear dog had spent the last couple of days since unlocking the first Chakra exploring the mountainside and practicing some Earthbending. Of course, the time did come that the duo had to move along. There were still more chakras to be unlocked. As everything was packed and hitched back onto Naga, Korra could already feel a sickening feeling in her gut. She took a deep breath, trying to banish it. Though she passed that first chakra with flying colors, it would be a lie to say that it wasn't...worrying. Right out of the gate, and she had to re-experience Amon's bloodbending?! It made her wary for what else she could possibly see. "You can do this, Korra...it's for your own good." The young woman told herself, before bending a step made of earth to help lift herself onto the saddle. Focused studying of the map told her that the next few places were pretty much around this side of the continent. Lucky for her that this place was surrounded by water! She had her pick of the coast! The bright sun was still rising overhead, coloring the sky with warm colors. A hand reached down to stroke at Naga's firm neck. "We've got this." She spoke, more for herself than for her companion. With a flick of the reins, they were off. Over the mountain range they traversed, following the peaks further North.

    Time: 10:48 AM
    Date: August 5, 0007

    West was their path, aiming for the Western coast. Even as they left the mountains behind them and could see the crashing waves on the horizon, Korra urged her companion North. It was only at the point where the green grass seemed to overlap with snow, like a boundary that signaled the looming tundra. The familiar sight of snow and ice made her think of home, but so too did the smell of salt in the air. Hopping down from Naga's saddle, the Avatar was quick to pull the saddle off as well. For her part, Naga waited patiently until the entire load had been taken off of her back. The Avatar barely had time to set the saddle down in the grass before Naga took off towards the rocky shore. Leaping off of a particularly large rock, the polar bear dog made a large splash as she began to doggy paddle in the water. Her companion swam as if she was made to be in the water. Shaking her head fondly, Korra circled the area around where she had placed the saddle. Sizing it up, blades of grass were stamped down beneath her boots. Her elbows were kept close to her chest, stance becoming rooted. Plotting out the shape in her mind, the young Avatar finally acted. Grunting to herself softly, she dug her heels into the dirt and pushed her arms upwards.

    Earth crumbled for a moment, before compact walls of brown rose from the grass. Slanted at an angle, the walls of dirt kept going until they all met at the top, leaving only one side open for Korra to enter. It wasn't much, but this little tent made of dirt would make for a decent place to sleep. Perhaps a little fire in the middle to keep them warm. The air here was colder than the last place they had camped at. Unrolling a light blue sleeping bag and setting it against the firm wall of her own creation, Korra plopped down onto the plushy makeshift bed. Not before pulling a special satchel over with her, though! Reaching within, she dutifully pulled out a new stick of incense along with the same incense stand as before. Pinching the tip tightly between two fingers, she sent a spark through her hand that easily lit the stick. Wispy smoke rose up into her nose immediately. Saffron. Humming in the back of her throat, she found that she much preferred this smell. Not nearly as earth, it was more grounded. Quite floral honestly, and sweet! Like something you'd want to enjoy the smell of on a daily basis.

    Positioning her incense stand beside the sleeping bag, Korra pulled out yet another scroll she had borrowed from the library. Folding her legs beneath herself to sit cross legged, her fingertips lightly grazed the vibrant orange fabric tied around the scroll. They roamed until they hit the metal seal, fingers grazing over the symbol. The tip of her index finger traced the loops and turns of the foreign character. Clenching the fabric firmly in hand, the Avatar took a deep breath. Alright. No more delaying. It was time to open this up and see what character flaws she'd have to face today. Eyes shut tightly, they gradually opened as she pulled the knot of the ribbon and unfurled the scroll. Steadily, her gaze settled on the words within. "Svad-hist-hana," The word rolled easier off her tongue, though there was still no telling if it was the right pronunciation. "The Sacral Chakra, it is located...just below the belly button?" A palm flattened on the area of her stomach below her belly button, head craning down. The realization was slow, light blue eyes staring downwards until her eyes suddenly widened and she had torn her hand away as if scalded. Right, right. Below the belly button, a very uh...personal place inside her body. Noted!

    Eager to ignore that little detail, she read through the scroll again to get to the meat of the matter. "Deals with pleasure," With the chakra position in mind, the muttered word drew a light blush to her cheeks. "And blocked by...guilt?" The scroll lowered, into her lap, and the young woman blinked as it soaked in. Huh. Guilt wasn't too bad, compared to fear. Right? Korra knew her mistakes, it would be easy to admit them and go 'hey, we're all human, we all make mistakes and I'm sorry for mine'. Easy enough. She faced Amon again, she could do this in her sleep! Grinning lightly to herself, Korra's hands clenched into fists. Resting them upon her lap, she locked her knuckles together and closed her eyes, head bowed slightly forward. Her breathing became softer as she waited. Listening. The splashing of waves. The call of seagulls. A solitary woof or two from Naga. The sweet scent of Saffron thick in her nose.


    Unlike the darkness from before, Korra became steadily aware that she found herself in an area composed of pure light! At least, that was how it looked to her. It was a welcome change to her at first, but it didn't take long for it to become blinding rather than assuring. Her eyes squinted, hands fanning over her eyes to block it out. Her feet began to take quick steps backward, trying to retreat from the source of light and finding no change! It was as if she were standing still, or perhaps moving on a treadmill. Korra grimaced. "Oh come on, what's with all this hocus pocus?! What's this got to do with guilt?!" Despite herself, she couldn't shake the strange feeling that she was being watched. As if the focus of light was tied to an eyeball that was...judging her! For past wrongs, maybe? It made her feel twitchy, continuing to move herself backwards until her back suddenly hit something firm. "Ah! S-sorry-" Korra whirled about, and stiffened at the sight.

    There was no mistaking who it was Korra had bumped into. It was...well...Korra! Only, not really herself. Though the real Korra was surrounded on all sides by a blinding whiteness, the other Korra was situated in the hallway of the Inn, one fist clenched around the shirt of one Barney Calhoun. The other Korra leaned in close, the glowing whiteness of her own eyes shimmering off of him and reflected in his eyes. "Where. Is. SOKKA?" Water was drawn from her waterskin, freezing in the air to create a spear made of ice. It hovered dangerously close to Barney as the other Korra spoke again. "ANSWER ME!"

    Both hands placed themselves over her own ears, blocking out the strange voice. It was...the first time she'd ever really heard herself in the Avatar State. So many voices in one, so forceful. More painful was the look in Barney's eyes, fear at the very real threat of death. And for what? Because Korra had jumped to conclusions? Her palms slid from her ears to her eyes, throat feeling as if it were clenching shut.
    "I-I'm sorry, I didn't...I was scared-" At least he hadn't really been hurt, right? At least, that was what Korra told herself. Sighing deeply, she uncovered her eyes to see if the apology had helped, and saw a new scene play out before her eyes.

    It was as if her naive insistence that nobody was hurt had been heard. And answered, by showing her an instance where somebody had been harmed. Korra and Sokka, both riding upon Naga's back, rode through a chaotic battlefield with robots and organics alike. This Korra settled her eyes upon a familiar yellow robot, pointing it out to her friend. "We're going for round 2, guys! Hold on tight! Let's go Naga!"

    "No, stop!" The real Korra pleaded, tearing her gaze away as the trio charged ahead valiantly. Though she didn't 'watch' it happen again, it was still all too real in her memories. Livewire, though not in control of herself at the time, had reacted to the charge by swiping out three times with those claws of hers. Metal tore through flesh far too easily, and an agonized yelp assaulted her ears. Her head turned back to the scene, watching Naga collapse and her two riders sent flying into the dirt. The other Korra called out Naga's name, crawling back to her friend and trying in vain to heal the wound. Clasping her hand over her mouth, it muffled a sob. "Oh Naga...I'm so sorry...! I shouldn't have taken you to this fight..." Pained whimpers wouldn't leave her mind, driving into her skull like nails and reminding her; your best friend is hurt because of you. You decided to attack Livewire. Naga had no place on that battlefield. How could you?.

    Dropping to crouch on the ground another sob tore out of her.
    "I admit it, okay?! It's all my fault! I almost killed Barney and I let Naga get hurt!" It didn't feel like it changed a thing, aside from Naga's whimpers ebbing away. The bright light still remained, and her back felt as if it was burning. Like the weight of her mistakes and the consequences of them were crawling upon her spine. It made her feel sick. She had admitted her guilt, so why wasn't she back on the coast...? Unable to take the silent judging, she again raised her gaze from the crouch and found herself watching a very different scene from the others that came before. Different, because it took place in the world she had come from. A groan sounded from her, already knowing where this was going to go.

    Korra's past self was leaning along the golden arches of a gazebo outside of the bending arena. She was in the middle of a talk with Mako addressing their feelings for each other. She turned to face him, a confused look on her face. "So...you do like me?" It sounded as if the possibility had never come to her mind.

    "Yes, but..." The Mako from her memories sighed deep within his throat. "I like Asami too. I don't know. Things are really complicated. I've been feeling really confused, and I-" Whatever else he meant to say died the moment the other Korra surged forward, pressing her lips to his in a surprise kiss. One he seemed to melt into and return. Watching it play out, the real Korra was already cringing. Sure enough... Behind Mako stood her little brother, with a beautiful bouquet of lovely pink flowers in hand and Pabu draped around his neck like a scarf. The shock on his face soon gave way to a deep sobbing, turning away and running from both his older brother and his crush. The scene faded away before anymore of it could play out, and Korra was left alone with her thoughts.

    Still crouched on the ground, she wiped away any remaining tears with the brunt of her palm. Being reminded of how all of that had gone down...yikes. She sighed, a shuddering one that seemed to shake out of her.
    "I know...I know. I w-was...selfish. I was so in love with Mako, I d-didn't really think about how Bolin felt. Or...or even Asami or even Mako himself! I just..." The young Avatar sniffled, feeling pathetic as she tried to explain herself. But to who, anyway? To herself? "I never...felt like that before. I didn't realize Bolin felt that way about me. I-I mean...I liked him, and he liked me, but I thought...we were just friends. If I had known..." Guiltily, she wondered if the knowledge really would have kept her from kissing him. She had known how Asami felt for Mako, after all, and yet she still kissed him. She sighed again, dropping her head to rest a temple against her own knee. Even if it all had worked out in the end, or as much as it could before she had been unceremoniously ripped from her world and brought to the Breach, that still left things unresolved. Asami was now...basically alone. No family members left, and now no loving boyfriend. She had her friends, but really, what kind of friend was Korra anyway? And poor Bolin...probably one of her best friends. And Mako...he had been so confused and she hadn't done a thing to help clear anything up.

    The full realization of all that had been hurt by her actions seemed to conjure them all up, Korra jolting with a gasp as she found herself surrounded on all sides. All of them were congregated around her in a circle and coming closer. Bolin with thick tears running down his face and bitter betrayal that pierced right into her. Mako who was clearly upset with her for the unsolicited kiss. Asami, who's bright green eyes were hard as steel and just as striking. Barney, who had his arms crossed over his chest as he stared the young Avatar down. And Naga, blood still dripping from her injured leg. The white muzzle was rippling with growls, exposing her sharp fangs even as she limped closer. All of their attention seemed to bear down upon her, surrounding her and engulfing her. More constricting than Amon's bloodbending could ever be!

    She curled in on herself, trying to will them away since this WAS her mind after all! And yet they stayed, coming so close that she could feel her knees knocking against their's, and more knocking into her from behind.
    "STOP IT, PLEASE! What do you WANT from me?!" She raised her head up to look at them, frowning deeply and sharply.

    "What do you think we want?" All of their voices, barring Naga of course, seemed to speak out all at once. Even though none of their mouths moved, it seemed to come from the area all around her and above. The expressions on their faces were fixed and unmoving, yet the mingled voices sounded soft.

    Korra shifted as she considered the question. Her light cyan gaze moved between them all. What would Korra herself want if she had her heart broken? If she had almost been killed? If she had been trying to grapple with her feelings only to get a very unwelcome kiss? If the man she loved had dumped her and began dating their mutual friend? Throat feeling tight yet again, she swallowed thickly.
    "An...an apology?" The young Avatar put forward, wagering a guess.

    "But you have already apologized to us." Right. Korra's eyes narrowed, trying to riddle this out. Before she could get very far in her thoughts, the legion of voices spoke out again. "You have already been forgiven for these wrongdoings, Korra. So why do you still punish yourself for what you have done?" Unexpectedly, the faces of those she had hurt turned concerned. For her well-being. Even the injured Naga nestled her head against Korra's with an inquisitive whine.

    "Because it was wrong... Because I should have known better. Each time you guys were hurt, I should have known better!" Her arms wrapped around Naga's neck, burying her face into the ivory fur. "I feel like I need to make up for it, for all of it! But...t-the only one I know for sure that's still here is Naga! I haven't seen the rest of you guys in years! You're gone but... My mistakes aren't." For a while, things were quiet, and it gave Korra time to breath into Naga and relax. When she looked up from her best friend's nape, she was met with the sight of soft eyes and understanding smiles all around.

    "The best apology is changed behavior, Korra. You must grow and strive to improve as a person. To do so, you must face the mistakes you have done. But you mustn't linger on these things. They are in the past. And the best thing you can do for us, Korra..." A hand was held out for her, a fingerless glove. It was Mako's. With a soft sniff, the Avatar took his hand and allowed him to pull her up so that she was standing again. "Is to forgive yourself and move on. To look to the future and learn from the past, not grieve over it." Their bodies closed in around her, but this time it was with a comforting hug to share between them all. Even the white landscape around her seemed to have dialed down in intensity. Her own arms looped around as many of them as she could get, leaning into the affection with a soft sigh.

    "I...I can do that. I won't make these same mistakes again. I will be a better person!" This answer seemed to satisfy them, each face lighting up with a smile. From Asami's gentle one to Mako's more subtle one and Bolin's broad grin. Even Naga's injury had been healed up, no more blood dripping off of her. One by one they disappeared, and even the world itself began to fall away from her.


    Coming to with a start, Korra gasped under her breath. A chuff sounded next to her ear, and Korra found her head being nuzzled and rubbed by the one and only Naga. Korra chuckled at the feeling, hot breath tickling at her ears, and instead captured the polar bear dog's head with her hands. She ruffled her cheeks and cooed over her. "Yes Naga, I'm back! Didju miss me?~" Naga's answer came in the form of a lick, wet tongue slobbering all over her face until Korra pushed her back to arm's length. "Ha ha! Eeew..." Rubbing it away with the brunt of her forearm, Korra found her gaze falling to Naga's front paw. The one injured so long ago. A hand hovered over it, the injury long healed by now. Steadily it came down, and she gave the leg a squeeze. "I promise, I will never let that happen again." She spoke resolutely. For her part, Naga only cocked her head to the side and gave Korra's cheek another lick. The serious moment faded as Korra chuckled and began to stand.

    "Alright, I bet you wanna play, huh?" The polar bear dog barked her approval and ran through the grass back into the ocean. Korra ran behind her, but rather than jump into the water, she moved her arms in a quick, fluid motion. The water moved with her, a wave splashing done upon the shore and around her feet. Beneath the heels of her boots, water solidified into ice, giving the Avatar a surfboard. Using her waterbending to give herself a boost, she circled around the swimming polar bear dog. Korra leaned herself downwards, sticking her tongue out."Can't catch me-Aah!" Any attempt to brag was shot down as Naga brought her great paws down on the front of the board, tipping the Avatar head over heels into the ocean. Surfacing, she laughed and motioned a wave to splash Naga in the face. Her companion merely shook it off and continued to play, now she was the one swimming in circles around Korra. Together, they played in the ocean until they were both soaked to the bone. They wouldn't have it any other way.

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