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    Place of Memory

    Alasdair & Sutekh


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    Place of Memory

    Post by Alasdair & Sutekh on Mon Nov 21, 2016 7:17 pm

    September 17th | Noon | Year 7 | Previous Thread

    The place still smelled the same despite being dormant for a few months. Books still covered a corner of the room while random clothes and other baubles and toys littered the floor in various areas, not enough to cover the floor mind you, but it would require some navigational skills to get through without breaking something. The kitchen was empty, as always, and luckily, there wasn't any leftover foodstuffs to rot and stink the place up. All in all, it smelled more along the lines of a deserted library that hadn't been sanitized for weeks.

    The entire building honestly felt a little more quiet than usual... vacant. It felt like no one else was inhabiting the building, even though there were surely at least one or two more tenants.

    "It feels kind of lonely." Alasdair stood outside in the hallway, looking up and down the hall. "I don't remember us living here." "Really? We've stayed here for a few years, Al. Maybe it's just your mind and being foggy and what not." Sutekh kicked a few items from his path as he checked the living area, finding nothing of real interest, but noticing everything was still where they had left it. "Let's clean this place up a bit, huh?" The beastman started to lazily push objects with his foot and tail into the corner, only stopping when he realized that Alasdair was still standing in the hall.

    "... Are you okay?"
    Alasdair didn't bother looking over or even answering, still standing there with a somewhat depressed look on his face. Tossing a magazine to the side, Sutekh stepped out into the hall, "something more interestin' out here?" The undead slowly sat down and kept looking at nothing, face becoming more melancholy and distant. Snorting in an angry huff, Sutekh picked him up and brought him inside, closing the door and placing him on the couch. "Come on, don't be like that. We're still here, alive, and everyone's pretty much caught up with what happened, if that's why you're feelin' like a sad-sack."

    Turning over and hiding his face in the couch cushion, Al seemed to refuse to answer as he curled up into a ball. It wasn't normal for him to act like this, and Sutekh knew that. He felt awkward, and confused, uncertain as to what to do and say. Did his friend need to cry? Or just want to be alone? Asking would be a waste of breath, apparently, as his silent friend kept to himself. Whatever the case, perhaps it was just a phase that would remedy itself with time. With nothing to do for his friend, Sutekh continued to 'clean up' the living room before heading into his own room to look around and get a feel for it again.

    With a flop onto the bed, the feeling of 'home' started to swell up inside. It was a rare feeling, something both of them never really felt a lot, or for very long. The buzzing of the ceiling fan and the sound of appliance engines quietly working were perfect ambient noises as the beastman began to doze off, occasionally glancing out his door to the couch where Al laid to see if he moved at all (which he hadn't). It wouldn't take long for the scent of his room and the lulling of the fan to lure the beast into a sleep.

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