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    Halloween at the Drive-In

    Knock Out


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    Halloween at the Drive-In

    Post by Knock Out on Sun Oct 30, 2016 11:14 pm

    Time: 7:35 PM
    Date: October 28, 0007

    Spooky Jack O'Lanterns dotted the rows of the Drive-In, each smiling face turned towards the cars. The pumpkins were the second group of them, as after two weeks they began to rot. These would last over the weekend before likely needing to be tossed out. The candles flickered within toothy mouths, beckoning new customers. Fake cobwebs were laid around the flickering sign by the highway, a pumpkin with Knock Out's own visage carved into it standing 'guard' alongside it. The same cobwebs could be found on the chairs, the edges of the white screen, and even on the counters of the concession stand. The glass of the concession stand windows and counters were covered with plastic Halloween patterns, such as a witch on her broom.

    Atop the cash registers were little fake Jack O'Lanterns, and the whole building would carry the smell of baking. Chocolate, brownies, apples, even caramel! The new menu had been implemented all month long, and had been a success! Especially among the families, all sorts of specially made goodies prepared by dedicated employees. They were a bit more expensive then the typical fair, all of which was also still available for order. As long as people were buying, they were making up for that extra cost. Fog machines set about the property allowed for thick smoke to roll over the grass. An appropriate song began to play over the speakers as some of the earliest people began to take their seats and park their cars.

    Lingering by the entrance was none other than Knock Out. Crimson paint was shined to a sparkle, though somewhat obscured by a thick furry cape that was pulled over his shoulders. The edge of it barely touched the ground, the inside of it was a bright white while the outer fake fur was a eggplant purple. Balanced atop his helm was a golden crown with rubies that matched his paint job. The metal was just as buffed, and it matched a gaudy golden scepter in one of Knock Out's servoes, at the very top was...you guessed it, a large ruby. Truly, Knock Out was the subtlest king one would ever see. It seemed the costume filled him with an extra sense of superiority that carried in his posture, even as his optics held some fatigue. "The first movie will begin soon! Please, help yourself to the concession stand! Anyone in a costume gets a discount!" He announced as he gave out flyers, each folded parchment carrying the same image printed on it. Once there was a lull, the mech placed both servoes upon his hips and stretched, wiggling his robotic spine about. Primus, he was actually eager for a bit of stasis after this.

    ((OOC note: This thread will be open for anyone who wants to join during the first night of this weekend, and threads are welcome for anyone who wants to go see the other movies. The showtime schedule for these movies are:

    • Friday October 28th, Halloweentown and Halloweentown 2.
    • Saturday October 29th, Casper and Beetlejuice.
    • Sunday October 30th, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Hocus Pocus.

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