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    Post by Gasper on Sat Oct 15, 2016 5:29 pm

    September 30th | Year 7 | 13:44

    Traveling across the grasslands had been tiring, more so than what the man was used to. He could run sprints and circles around creatures the size of the skyscrapers in the distance, but a walk across a field of flowers and grass tiring him out? It was close to being embarrassing. Nevertheless, Gasper gave himself an hour to rest on the outskirts of the city, wary of everything around him and the odd noises that reverberated through his helmet. The city... it was so strange. Unlike Yharnam, this place had people walking around, nothing wrong with them, varied in species and races... Gasper gripped the hilt of his sword as he attempted to walk through the crowds, trying to blend in. No one seemed to notice him, which was what he wanted.

    The crowd got more fierce, and the man had to retreat to an alley to gain composure. A heat feeling had started to swell in his chest, looking at so many people and being surrounded... it felt uncomfortable. It made him... scared. Overwhelmed, scared and confused. The alley was far better, at least--no crowds, no people... Gasper sat down once more to collect his thoughts and breathe deeply.

    The more advanced 'carriages' screeched and honked; the clicking and clacking of shoes on the pavement; the chattering of so many people... all of these were so unfamiliar to him. Something about it made him feel anxious inside as his hands shook, still clutching his sword tightly. The urge to remove the blade from the sheath rose, but Gasper refused to let himself do such an act. He knew what it was--the blood lust. It was growing inside of him, and all of the strange citizens around him made it rise more, the need to purge the beastly creatures, the ones that looked threatening and off. His arms began to shake just as violently as his hands, his grip never relaxed upon the hilt, the man sat and curled up, head down as he muttered words under his breath, quickly and slurred.



    Without thought, Gasper had lifted the heavy sheathed sword over his head and swung it at the creature next to him. The greatsword landed merely inches away from the animal, who didn't flinch or even react to almost being crushed. Breathing heavily, hands weak and shaking, Gasper realized what he had almost done. Almost killing a creature that hadn't even done anything... He felt miserable, and he knelt down to the furry animal, letting his blade fall to the side. "... I'm sorry..." he said, reaching a hand out in a friendly manner. The cat sniffed his hand, meowed again, and turned, trotting off down the alley. The Hunter had never seen a cat before, but he already liked them more than most other animals.

    Taking in another deep breath, sighing loudly, the blade was lifted and hoisted once more over his shoulder, and Gasper walked through the city, down the alleyways and away from the people that made him so anxious. It was hard, though, as he needed to cross the streets from time to time, and "looking both ways" was never a concern back home. It would take at least five vehicles almost ramming the confused man to make him understand the importance of looking both ways before crossing the street.


    The day was almost gone, only a few hours of precious light still remained as Gasper found himself in the park. It was far better than most of the other areas he had traversed today, quieter and more comfortable, too. A few people were about, but not enough to cause the man panic. Finding a spot underneath a large tree and brushing a few leaves away, Gasper sat down and sprawled out, taking in deep, loud breaths from under his helmet in an attempt to settle himself down.

    It felt nice, sitting and soaking in the sunlight, whereas he was usually running around like a headless chicken, trying to find his way through the dark of the night, the moon the only permanent light during the hunt.

    Shaking his head at the thought, he pushed it aside and thought about his current situation instead. With no information and no "home base", Gasper became little more than a strange hobo within a day of being here. Not that he cared, honestly. People looked at him strangely, most likely due to his helmet and blood stained garb, but so long as he wasn't hurting anyone or breaking any laws...

    Stretching a bit and leaning against the tree, an unfamiliar sensation of comfort and sleepiness came over the Hunter, and as his body fell limp, unseen eyes barely able to stay awake, Gasper let out one last tired sigh before letting himself fall asleep.

    No dreams, no nightmares... just honest sleep.

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