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    This IS The Real Life



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    This IS The Real Life

    Post by Gasper on Sun Oct 02, 2016 2:35 am

    September 30th | Year 7 | 06:20

    The mist of dawn was thick across the plains that morning. The grass glistened with dew drops as the sun tried to break through the blanket of fog that overlooked the grasslands. It was a sight not normally seen by the helmeted man who sat along the edge of the forest line, leaning onto his greatsword and spectating all he saw before him. At first, Gasper assumed he had died--lost to the First Hunter--and was broken from the Nightmare he sauntered around so full of pride and strength. Now, he felt miserable, almost as if a portion of his life had been drained from him, and yet...

    Something about the sunlight made him feel at ease.

    He wasn't quite sure what it was, but the way he was greeted with it upon exiting the dense forest was almost welcoming, as if it were saying "congratulations", perhaps in a mocking manner. Whatever the case, Gasper sat on the wet grass for quite sometime until the fog dispersed and the sun shone brightly through the clouds, hitting off of his golden helmet and steathed blade. His mind was thoughtless and empty, lacking any sort of inkling of what to do, where to go... he had no plans. Why would he need them? As if to drive a point home, his fingers suddenly shook as he searched his person for something... something warm... thick... a vial of blood found its way into his hand as he clutched it desperately.

    Fear the Old Blood.

    The thought rang through his mind as he held the vial, like a bell ringing in the distance. At first, it appeared he would drink it, but instead, placed it back where it was originally, his shaking hand gripping the hilt of his blade as he rose from the grass. 'Supplies will be limited...' Gasper reminded himself, taking a step forward and beginning what looked like a long trek towards the city. Perhaps he could find supplies there, if anyone was still alive...

    Such a thought felt stupid.
    This was not Yharnam... this was a place he had never seen nor felt before. It was as if this were a dream; Gasper expected to awaken at any second, finding his entrails being gnawed off by some hungry beasts, seeing this imagery and place as a dying vision. Such a thing would be torment to him, but something told him this was real. Maybe it was for the better... Confusion began to arise in his body as it infused with his anger and fear that already boiled deep within.

    Gasper only sighed deeply with another step, deeper into the field of tall grass and feeling the cold of their dew mixed with the heat of the sun... He felt alive, for the first time in a while.

    But, whether it was a good feeling or a bad feeling, Gasper couldn't tell you.
    He just kept walking forward, determined to find whatever he felt he was looking for.

    Whatever that was.

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