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    *Cue Training Montage Music*

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    *Cue Training Montage Music*

    Post by Anansia T'Ori on Sun Oct 02, 2016 1:16 am

    Date:  Over the course of several months


    It had started with the ability that she was mentally referring to as "Inhibit," for lack of an official term and any better ideas in general.  It took several weeks before she felt confidant enough in her abilities to attempt it on a living being - by which she meant Jeoffery, who was less than thrilled to play guinea pig.  When it became clear that this "inhibit" thing she was trying on him wasn't actually going to hurt, he resigned himself to being a human practice dummy (though he complained he felt like a real dummy for agreeing in the first place).  

    After that, it took a week or two before she thought she had 'calibrated' the power properly to deal with something that was actively struggling against it, rather than just sitting inertly.  But she was fairly certain Jeoffery was mostly just humoring her.  She'd have to attempt it against a real opponent before she would be satisfied that it would hold up in a combat situation.  

    But developing the one ability - and getting back into mental and physical shape again - had sparked her interest like nothing else had lately, and paved the way for more ideas...


    This latest one was trickier.  Possibly because it affected herself, rather than her opponent - which meant her control had to be perfect.  If she got sloppy and accidentally damaged her opponent, it was poor form but, over all, no skin off her nose.  If she got sloppy and accidentally damaged herself... that was, quite possibly literally, skin off her nose, now wasn't it?

    There had been an ability used amongst some types of the more combat-oriented biotics that let them leap across the battlefield and impact into their enemies with massive force.  

    It was called "Charge."  And she was most certainly not trying that.

    Anansia had mentally been calling it "Phase" or "Phase-skip" (or "Phase Skip," "Phaseskip," etc. She'd never had much practice naming things), for lack of a better term.  Like Charge, the ability let her become semi-tangible, and let solid objects pass through her (or visa versa).  Unfortunately, she'd barely managed to "phase" for more than half a second thus far... While it might let her avoid a strike, with such a short window of opportunity, she'd have to really work on her timing.


    Which meant, in the end, Jeoffery was getting a little revenge for the human guinea pig routine.  Armed with a basket of tennis balls, the young man was instructed by the asari to, essentially, stand and lob the fuzzy yellow projectiles at her while she attempted to phase out of the way.  It was an exercise he found more to his liking.  She got hit more often than she dodged.  But there was some small measure of progress...


    "I got a question."

    A tennis ball scored a glancing hit off her arm, and she briefly suspected him of trying to distract her, before dismissing the thought, recognizing it was borne out of irritation.  Anansia attempted to center herself once more and replied, "Indeed?"

    He tossed another tennis ball from hand to hand, a position which - she'd learned - he could turn into a pitch fairly quickly.  "Why're you so... well, into this?  I mean, it's fun an' all, but things have been pretty quietly lately, haven't they?  It's not like you've got this pressing need for self defense lessons, is there?"

    The asari paused, considering his question, though she didn't let her guard down.  He was liable to chuck another tennis ball at her the moment she looked distracted.  As helpful as his enthusiasm for his part in her practice sessions was, she sometimes wished he took it a little less seriously.  (But usually only when she was out of breath and frustrated.)  "It's..."  

    She wasn't really sure why.  She had no notions that there was some impending disaster looming in their futures.  She also didn't expect to raise someone's ire enough to inspire a personal vendetta.  It was simply...

    "Fun."  Anansia inspected the word, after she'd said it, turning it over for a moment or two in her brain (and ducking out of the way of another lobbed tennis ball).  "Yes.  I suppose it's just... fun."

    Her young man grinned.  "You?  Just doin' somethin' for fun?  I don't believe it.  Or, I wouldn't believe it, if I hadn't seen th' stack of romance nov- Hey!"  Ducking out of the way of a biotically-launched tennis ball, Jeoffery spluttered at her. "That's cheating!"

    "Mmm, well, what's more fun than cheating, after all?"

    "Oh, you are gonna get it?"

    From there, things quickly devolved into a tennis ball fight.  

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