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    What Fresh Hell Did I End Up in Now?

    Dominick Comzistradt


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    What Fresh Hell Did I End Up in Now?

    Post by Dominick Comzistradt on Fri Sep 23, 2016 10:48 pm

    Time: 7:48 p.m.
    Date: Sept. 16, 0007

    After appearing through the portal and finding himself in a completely different alleyway in an entirely different city Dominick was completely thrown by what had just happened. Having fallen to the ground after tripping on his own two feet he was quick to get back on his feet and trying to figure out what had happened and realizing what had happened he had tried to get back to the portal that had brought him here only to be a few seconds too late. Being caught off from his world he had fallen to the ground again he was back on his feet once more and unable to understand what was going on once again he had let out a roar that showed how confused and frustrated he was.  Once it was out he turned and punched the brick wall behind him making a good-sized dent in it thanks to his superhuman strength and let out an inhuman growl as he felt his fangs starting to grow out of his gums. Trying his best to calm himself down and not let his vampiric side from coming out and causing trouble for someone that was not needed. Letting out a long sigh once he felt that he had calmed down enough and his fangs had grown back to their normal length he turned to face the street and cautiously made his way out, stepping on the sidewalk and was thrown even more by what he saw.

    It was like he had stepped into some sort of alien world the he had no clue how to operate or even go about. The strangest building unlike he had even seen on his travels, the craziest carriages that ran with no horses whatsoever, and by far the most unusual beings that he never knew could exist outside a horror story, a fairy tale, or the grandest myth ever told. Starting to stumble down the sidewalk trying to figure out what he was seeing there was only one thing that he could clearly see running through his mind: what kind of fresh hell had been dropped into now than other than what he was going through before?

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