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    Tedious Inactivity

    Post by Prixlezub on Sat Sep 03, 2016 11:13 pm

    Time: Evening
    Date: September 3rd, 0007

    He had not considered it when he initially was swept to this world.

    The demon prince had seen kingdoms rise and fall, races war with each other and lapse into peace like the ebb and flow of a crimson tide. He had seen countless generations of mortals march into this world, being born, living, and slowly crawling to their deaths. The passage of the sun and stars overhead may as well be nonexistent, fading to disinterest as the world teemed with the vigor of scurrying insects at his talons. All of it grew into routine as histories follies repeated themselves, creating patterns that were cursed to reappear as they permanently worn themselves into the fabric of time, the same structures but different faces and goals.

    Here, however... He had seen similar strife, slept through vast battles that decided the fate of this dimension, all of it occurring within a handful of years, granules of dust between his fiery claws. And now, there was a lapse of peace. A long, uninteresting lapse of peace. It would end sooner or later, he reminded himself, something inevitably would come up that would disturb the peace and this world would trip head over heels into turmoil, chaos that gave birth to all entertaining activity once again. But all the same... What would be the catalyst?

    The kingdoms to the south, hidden within the humid cocoon of dense jungle trees had grown silent, forgotten just as quickly as they were discovered. Ancient treasures and fascinating discoveries passed up in favor of the mundane, or so it seemed. There were no lands to conquer, no politics to meddle in, no more fools who sought to challenge their mettle, even the promising upstarts were tame as kittens within a couple of years... Or they simply disappeared.

    It had been many a year since he had heard anything from either the white-haired mercenary, bent on ruling the ghettos, or the Queen of Avalon in her kingdom of fae-folk, acquired with careful subterfuge and blood. It had been longer still since he had heard of any activity within the darker, more coveted regions of the Outer District. Even the devil that sat plotting within Lochlann was inevitably left to his devices, as the demon prince conceded to let this rival demon lie. Alas, it was the nature of things, people came and left, kingdoms rose and fell. Time built and time eroded, as it had always done and yet...

    The fiery demon prince could not help but find it all so disappointing.

    Smoke plumed in a black jet from his grille openings, his fiery gaze tilted down at the streets below his perch. ruined roof of an abandoned factory bore his weight, as he looked down upon the shadier portions of the city in a way a dispassionate king would look over his kingdom. His vast form was sprawled, lounging about its length with his tail left to slowly sway from where it hung off the far edge of the edifice, the blade of his tail seeming to shimmer as it reflected the glow of the inner city to his back. The demon's crimson hide and blazing mane made him easy to spot should any decide to look up. Though most were too preoccupied with their personal affairs to take note of the stink of sulfur and smoke that mingled with the other unpleasant smells that sat within his grille openings. Though there usually was little reason for the demon prince to linger this close to the city and all of its aggravating sounds, sights and smells... His inactivity drove him to come observe how the lesser dredges of this world lived, and perhaps find some entertainment, if not motivation.

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